Who is Mike Porter?

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me, with my dogs at the Elan Valley - OCt 2008“Hello there!” Mike Porter here!

So, who am I? What do I do? Why do I do it? and why is this page here?

My name is Mike Porter and I was born in the town of Smallbridge, Lancs, which is located between Rochdale and Littleborough in Lancashire (I know its now Greater Manchester, but I know what it says on my Birth Certificate).

For most my life I lived and worked around the Rochdale area, mainly in Heywood, Lancs but I have also lived in Barrowford near Burnley and Akashi City in Japan before currently settling in my present home of Macclesfield in Cheshire, in 1999.

For the past eight years I have worked for myself doing computer and web related stuff. Everybody thinks its easy being your own boss, it aint and if you arent working you arent earning… However Im still here :)

What do I do in my spare time apart from look after this website?

I am currently looking at moving to Cornwall but have yet to find a house which forfills my requirements, I would love to move down near Pendeen, St Just or Lands End. Thats my goal.

Other things I like to do are playing the keyboard, or practicing playing my Guitar and am just passing the extremely crap to very crap phase. Although my keyboard playing is getting better with time and practice.

I am also learning to further my Japanese language. I started learning Japanese is so that I can speak to my in-laws for more than 2 seconds or without the help of my wife.

I have stopped cycling recently after an incident on the roads in Macclesfield which could have potentially left me in a wheel chair or dead, long story short – a mum bus nearly ran me over while the female driver was messing with her mobile phone. Ended up with my bike under the front of her car and me scratched and bruised.

So I have started walking and recently in September/October this year walked from St Ives to Penzance over the period of a week and I am planning to walk along the Hadrians wall footpath from Newcastle to Wigton over the period of a week some time in 2010.

In addition to all the above I am a massive photography fan and where-ever I go at least one of my cameras goes with me. Some of my pictures are here on this site, so you can have a look and tell me how good or bad I am! :) Not that I care! :P

My favourite music is a pretty pathetic mix of New Order, Old School Techno, The Presidents of the USA and Depeche Mode, but generally there is very little I wont listen to at least once. I have also discovered recently that I am a ELO and YES fan! Now theres a surprise.

Anyway, thanks for reading this, but thats enough of me waffling on about myself for one page, theres plenty more stuff on all the other pages in this site, so dont be shy and go read some of it.

Cheers Mike.

One Commentto Who is Mike Porter?

Who is Mike Porter?
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