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Page created on: 01/06/2012 21:07:03 / Last Updated: 02/06/2012 18:27:43

How to turn off Trending in Facebook

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Switch off Trending Facebook ArticlesI noticed the other day facebook are now pushing "trending videos" in my news feed! er why?

Anyway I was looking and thinking, how do you turn these off and after a little playing found they can be.

First of all move over one of the videos or new items on the trending list and in the top right hand corner of the article (not the trending list) and X will appear. Clicking on this will present you with a drop down menu a number of options, click the one which is right for you. Block all will prevent them from re-appearing.

Switch off Trending Facebook Articles

PLEASE NOTE: theres are various feeds from the Guardian, Yahoo, etc. So you may turn the trending articles off today and tommorow more will appear, but once you have selected Hide All they will not return.

Hope this helps.

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