I hate Cat Shit

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I hate cat shit and the cats who crap in my garden.

What, why do you hate cats mike?
Those lovable fluffy bundles of fluffyness?
Tame vermin more like!

So, why do I hate cats?

Well, firstly I have a severe allergy to cats, especially fluffy cats, the fluffier the cat the worse my allergy. This allergy makes me itch, then, my eyes water and then I start to sneeze my head off. This continues for several hours after I’ve moved away from the cats or the house which they where in.

However an even bigger reason I hate them is nothing to do with my allergy but more to do with what the little bastards do and leave in my garden.


and yes I can say that, after all this is my website.

If you have a cat, let me ask you a question. If I came into your garden night after night and let my dog leave little piles of shit scattered around your lawn and bedding plants, how would you feel. You’d report me to the police wouldn’t you? Or what would you say if I bought a cat and let it shit in your back garden every night?


So all you cat lovers will be saying, “Well its nature isn’t it” or “There wild animals what can you do?” or even “My cats are so nice they don’t do that”

Both of my neighbours have more than one cat and some of my others neighbours have one cat so we are in somewhat of a cat hotspot, and I am sick of cleaning cat shit out of my garden everyday.

Now what really annoys me even more is that if this was dog doing this I could take legal action against the owner of the dog, but because there is no legislation for cats I have to put up with it. Theres nothing worse than doing a bit of gardening and finding you’ve either put your hand in “Cat shit” or you’ve nearly put your hand in “Cat shit”

I’ve taken to some drastic measure to stop the bastards shitting in my garden, I’ve bought cat scarers, they work to a fashion but I’d need loads to cover all of the garden and there £35 each!. I’ve tried putting scent down in the garden which is supposed to scare cats away, but when it rains it washes this away. I’ve even put little pointy sticks in the garden to discourage them from squatting down but they just shit elsewhere.

The most effective method I have found is water. A good soaking with the hose pipe usually stops a cat in its tracks but this involves sitting watching the garden all day!

Failing the above what can I do to stop cats coming into my garden? If I even say I’ll harm a cat I’ll have the Cat Protection League beating a path to my door, threatening me with Legal or verbal/physical abuse.

Talking to my neighbours about their cats, gets me the typical cat owner responses, see above, so their as likely to do anything about it as they are to clean up the shit their cats leave behind.

Its about time cat owners where made responsible for their pets as dog owners have been made to be. After all if you are responsible enough to buy a pet then you should be responsible enough to look after it and be responsible for your pets actions. Whatever they maybe!

Cat shit! I hate it.


It has come to my attention by others who have had the same problem, and there are lots of people if the number of emails I get about this page alone are anything to go by. That your council won’t do anything about this situation. Indeed if the amount of Cat shit in your garden becomes a problem and you don’t deal with it, YOU, not the cat owners who are liable for Prosecution on Health Grounds! How crazy a situation is that?

Its about time the law was changed to make cat owners more liable for their pets actions as dog owners have made to be.

Here’s a typical Council response. The names have been removed to protect the innocent.

Thank you for your Letter, addressed to *********, dated 3 May 2004, which has been forwarded to me for action.

Unfortunately, there are no laws or bye-laws under which we can take action against the owners of cats fouling in your garden. In fact, if it became a health issue, action would be taken against yourself to keep your garden clear of such faeces. Cats are considered to be “free spirits” and are unable to be restrained. They are excluded from the definitions of “livestock” under the Animals Act 1971 and cannot be held guilty of trespass under civil laws and their owners, therefore, cannot be liable for any damage caused. In any event, it would be extremely difficult to prove that a specific cat had produced any specific faeces.

The only exception where the local authority may take action would be if a single household kept a large number of cats (more than 12) whereby the premises could be considered to be a cattery or sanctuary or breeding establishment and would require planning consent. Under these circumstances, certain conditions may be applied in order to reduce the risk of the cats straying. 

The only advice that we can offer is that cat repellant crystals may be bought from local hardware shops. A cheap deterrant is to place lemonade (or similar) bottles half filled with water (lying on their sides) at various places around your garden as the reflection from the water appears to act as a deterrant to cats.

I am sorry we are unable to assist you further with your problem.

Yours Some Council Person!

If you have something to say on this subject or if you think my views on cat are wrong then let me know by adding you comments at the bottom of the page. If there appropriate then they will be approved for other to see.

Tips for keeping cats from your yard, from others

I get quite a few emails from people with suggestions about how to stop cats leaving sh!t in your garden, unfortunately most are unprintable but a few are helpful and I have included them below.

CDs in the garden From Vince
“this is actually the only thing that worked for me, get a cd or a few (any type but must be the reflective side facing towards) place on the ground in a few places facing the beasts (trial n error but i placed inline with my rosebeds adjusting the angles) they really do not like it,hope this helps let me know if this does…v man”

Wooden Meat Skewers from Maria
In the areas of garden you dont want cat scat put wodden meat skewers or sticks sticking upwards our of the ground. These are the type which are used for kebabs.

There are a few things I would like to add to this page as its been a while since it was last updated.

As this page is receiving a large number of hits, over 250,000 since March of 2008, it would seem that I am not the only one with this problem, it would also seem that there are a few cat lovers out there who deem it their mission in life to write abusive, even threatening emails to me. I will not tolerate this type of email or message on my message board and will report any offenders to the police who have already received and acted on two such emails. I have not made any threats of violence against cats on here, and if you, the people who have send threatening emails said the same thing in the street then would you not expect a reaction of some sort?

I have also had a few emails saying, “You own dogs, your dogs shit all over the place” not so! I always carry doggie bags and clean up after my dogs as I dont want my neighbourhood, town or countryside to be covered in dog shit, so I clean up after them. Plus I dont want a £1000 fine, something you cat owners dont factor into the equation.

Since I originally wrote this one of my neighbours have moved “Yes, next door have gone and taken their four cats with them” My other next door neighbour now only has one cat, as one of them was sadly run over outside the house. So the amount of car shit in our garden has dramatically reduced and since we bought a dog its reduced to zero in the back garden, we get some occassionally in the front garden but its rare now.

I keep this page going as it helps others with the same problems and the comments below is a place for those to vent their anger. For those with cats who let them outside have some respect for your neighbours, I had somebody say “My cat doesnt go in my garden” well I dont know of any cats which spend their entire life not shitting at some point, so ask yourself where are they going to take a dump?

I hate cat shit and if you cats shit in my garden don’t expect me to shrug my shoulders and say “ah! there just doing a nature intended”

4 Commentsto I hate Cat Shit

I hate Cat Shit
  1. SP says:

    I agree with you totally, whilst I would not condone the use of illegal methods to harm cats, they are IMO an “introduced predator” and I cannot understand why I dont have the right by law to ask “owners” to keep “their pet” away from my garden areas.

  2. Kathleen Pickering Pickering says:

    i have a complaint about a tenant who shares a communal garden with 6 other residents these are communal flats we have a communal garden which we pay for he uses our garden as his private cat lavatory and does not clean up after it ever so we are forced to sit in it or clean it up footing the bill.its impossible to sit there surely we can take action against him he has a responsibility to clean up after his animal .

  3. Chris p says:

    I have boundaries on three sides with cat owners. My dog is elderly and no longer looks after the garden for me . I have counted ten different cats using my garden as a toilet. I am so cheesed off now that any poop I find goes back over the nearest fence into the cat owners gardens. Hav’nt been caught yet. It gives me great satisfaction doing this. I am really bad!!

  4. masie says:

    I don’t hate cats just the poop I have to clean up every day. They are the dirtiest animals on the planet. There should now be a law that cat owners have to look after there animals as dog owners do.we are surrounded by cats all my neighbours who are not owners are sick of cleaning up cat poop and replanting in flower beds. Come on MPs look into this.

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