I hate Cat Shit

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I hate cat shit and the cats who crap in my garden.

What, why do you hate cats mike?
Those lovable fluffy bundles of fluffyness?
Tame vermin more like!

So, why do I hate cats?

Well, firstly I have a severe allergy to cats, especially fluffy cats, the fluffier the cat the worse my allergy. This allergy makes me itch, then, my eyes water and then I start to sneeze my head off. This continues for several hours after I’ve moved away from the cats or the house which they where in.

However an even bigger reason I hate them is nothing to do with my allergy but more to do with what the little bastards do and leave in my garden.


and yes I can say that, after all this is my website.

If you have a cat, let me ask you a question. If I came into your garden night after night and let my dog leave little piles of shit scattered around your lawn and bedding plants, how would you feel. You’d report me to the police wouldn’t you? Or what would you say if I bought a cat and let it shit in your back garden every night?


So all you cat lovers will be saying, “Well its nature isn’t it” or “There wild animals what can you do?” or even “My cats are so nice they don’t do that”

Both of my neighbours have more than one cat and some of my others neighbours have one cat so we are in somewhat of a cat hotspot, and I am sick of cleaning cat shit out of my garden everyday.

Now what really annoys me even more is that if this was dog doing this I could take legal action against the owner of the dog, but because there is no legislation for cats I have to put up with it. Theres nothing worse than doing a bit of gardening and finding you’ve either put your hand in “Cat shit” or you’ve nearly put your hand in “Cat shit”

I’ve taken to some drastic measure to stop the bastards shitting in my garden, I’ve bought cat scarers, they work to a fashion but I’d need loads to cover all of the garden and there £35 each!. I’ve tried putting scent down in the garden which is supposed to scare cats away, but when it rains it washes this away. I’ve even put little pointy sticks in the garden to discourage them from squatting down but they just shit elsewhere.

The most effective method I have found is water. A good soaking with the hose pipe usually stops a cat in its tracks but this involves sitting watching the garden all day!

Failing the above what can I do to stop cats coming into my garden? If I even say I’ll harm a cat I’ll have the Cat Protection League beating a path to my door, threatening me with Legal or verbal/physical abuse.

Talking to my neighbours about their cats, gets me the typical cat owner responses, see above, so their as likely to do anything about it as they are to clean up the shit their cats leave behind.

Its about time cat owners where made responsible for their pets as dog owners have been made to be. After all if you are responsible enough to buy a pet then you should be responsible enough to look after it and be responsible for your pets actions. Whatever they maybe!

Cat shit! I hate it.


It has come to my attention by others who have had the same problem, and there are lots of people if the number of emails I get about this page alone are anything to go by. That your council won’t do anything about this situation. Indeed if the amount of Cat shit in your garden becomes a problem and you don’t deal with it, YOU, not the cat owners who are liable for Prosecution on Health Grounds! How crazy a situation is that?

Its about time the law was changed to make cat owners more liable for their pets actions as dog owners have made to be.

Here’s a typical Council response. The names have been removed to protect the innocent.

Thank you for your Letter, addressed to *********, dated 3 May 2004, which has been forwarded to me for action.

Unfortunately, there are no laws or bye-laws under which we can take action against the owners of cats fouling in your garden. In fact, if it became a health issue, action would be taken against yourself to keep your garden clear of such faeces. Cats are considered to be “free spirits” and are unable to be restrained. They are excluded from the definitions of “livestock” under the Animals Act 1971 and cannot be held guilty of trespass under civil laws and their owners, therefore, cannot be liable for any damage caused. In any event, it would be extremely difficult to prove that a specific cat had produced any specific faeces.

The only exception where the local authority may take action would be if a single household kept a large number of cats (more than 12) whereby the premises could be considered to be a cattery or sanctuary or breeding establishment and would require planning consent. Under these circumstances, certain conditions may be applied in order to reduce the risk of the cats straying. 

The only advice that we can offer is that cat repellant crystals may be bought from local hardware shops. A cheap deterrant is to place lemonade (or similar) bottles half filled with water (lying on their sides) at various places around your garden as the reflection from the water appears to act as a deterrant to cats.

I am sorry we are unable to assist you further with your problem.

Yours Some Council Person!

If you have something to say on this subject or if you think my views on cat are wrong then let me know by adding you comments at the bottom of the page. If there appropriate then they will be approved for other to see.

Tips for keeping cats from your yard, from others

I get quite a few emails from people with suggestions about how to stop cats leaving sh!t in your garden, unfortunately most are unprintable but a few are helpful and I have included them below.

CDs in the garden From Vince
“this is actually the only thing that worked for me, get a cd or a few (any type but must be the reflective side facing towards) place on the ground in a few places facing the beasts (trial n error but i placed inline with my rosebeds adjusting the angles) they really do not like it,hope this helps let me know if this does…v man”

Wooden Meat Skewers from Maria
In the areas of garden you dont want cat scat put wodden meat skewers or sticks sticking upwards our of the ground. These are the type which are used for kebabs.

There are a few things I would like to add to this page as its been a while since it was last updated.

As this page is receiving a large number of hits, over 250,000 since March of 2008, it would seem that I am not the only one with this problem, it would also seem that there are a few cat lovers out there who deem it their mission in life to write abusive, even threatening emails to me. I will not tolerate this type of email or message on my message board and will report any offenders to the police who have already received and acted on two such emails. I have not made any threats of violence against cats on here, and if you, the people who have send threatening emails said the same thing in the street then would you not expect a reaction of some sort?

I have also had a few emails saying, “You own dogs, your dogs shit all over the place” not so! I always carry doggie bags and clean up after my dogs as I dont want my neighbourhood, town or countryside to be covered in dog shit, so I clean up after them. Plus I dont want a £1000 fine, something you cat owners dont factor into the equation.

Since I originally wrote this one of my neighbours have moved “Yes, next door have gone and taken their four cats with them” My other next door neighbour now only has one cat, as one of them was sadly run over outside the house. So the amount of car shit in our garden has dramatically reduced and since we bought a dog its reduced to zero in the back garden, we get some occassionally in the front garden but its rare now.

I keep this page going as it helps others with the same problems and the comments below is a place for those to vent their anger. For those with cats who let them outside have some respect for your neighbours, I had somebody say “My cat doesnt go in my garden” well I dont know of any cats which spend their entire life not shitting at some point, so ask yourself where are they going to take a dump?

I hate cat shit and if you cats shit in my garden don’t expect me to shrug my shoulders and say “ah! there just doing a nature intended”

28 Commentsto I hate Cat Shit

I hate Cat Shit
  1. SP says:

    I agree with you totally, whilst I would not condone the use of illegal methods to harm cats, they are IMO an “introduced predator” and I cannot understand why I dont have the right by law to ask “owners” to keep “their pet” away from my garden areas.

  2. Kathleen Pickering Pickering says:

    i have a complaint about a tenant who shares a communal garden with 6 other residents these are communal flats we have a communal garden which we pay for he uses our garden as his private cat lavatory and does not clean up after it ever so we are forced to sit in it or clean it up footing the bill.its impossible to sit there surely we can take action against him he has a responsibility to clean up after his animal .

  3. Chris p says:

    I have boundaries on three sides with cat owners. My dog is elderly and no longer looks after the garden for me . I have counted ten different cats using my garden as a toilet. I am so cheesed off now that any poop I find goes back over the nearest fence into the cat owners gardens. Hav’nt been caught yet. It gives me great satisfaction doing this. I am really bad!!

    • Big Bad D says:

      Is it illegal to “return” the cat poo to the cat’s owner? When I catch my neighbour’s cat doing his business n my front lawn, I promptly return his deposit to the cat owners new astro turf front lawn. Despite the small sense of getting even this brings, I do worry that I am breaking the law?

  4. masie says:

    I don’t hate cats just the poop I have to clean up every day. They are the dirtiest animals on the planet. There should now be a law that cat owners have to look after there animals as dog owners do.we are surrounded by cats all my neighbours who are not owners are sick of cleaning up cat poop and replanting in flower beds. Come on MPs look into this.

  5. Vicky says:

    My neighbours cats keep crapping in my garden, I also own 2 dogs (one is a rescue and HATES cats) Ive told my neighbour that if my dog gets hold of one of her cats she will kill it but now she’s moaning I let my dogs out on purpose to get her cat (which I don’t). It’s my own privately secured garden but apparently I have to check my garden before letting my dogs out.I pick up my dog crap and I’m sick to death of picking up her poxy cat mess.What do we need to do to get the law changed?
    I’ve really had enough!!!

  6. Jules says:

    Just found this page and have to say i totally sympathise. As a keen gardener myself, i have had cat problems. I’m surrounded by them. And those that don’t have cats have dogs so the cats only go in the one garden where there are no pets…..mine.
    I have made the choice NOT to have pets. This is because i work many hours and i feel this makes me an unsuitable pet owner. No matter the animal, pets need looking after and pet owners need to remember that. If you make the choice to have a pet then keep that pet to yourself and family. Your neighbours don’t want anything to do with it but too many people get a pet and in one way or another, this pet affects the neighbours. Be it a yapping dog, squawking birds or a cat crapping in someone elses garden. These days no one actually gives a toss about anyone else.
    Sorry this post is so long but i feel so strongly about this. And before anyone witters on about me hating animals, i consider myself a real animal lover. I haven’t eaten one since 1987 and regularly volunteer with animal charities. I don’t hate the cats that used to come into my garden, i don’t hate the 5 yapping dogs that disturb my weekends, i don’t even hate the large parrots that scream at over 87 decibels every sunday morning. But i really hate the arseholes who are supposed to be looking after these animals.

    Until January this year, i’d been plagued with cat shit in my garden. But last year was a turning point for me. I put my hand into my potato beds to dig up some spuds for dinner and put my bare hand into cat shit. It’s not “natural”. It’s not ok. I don’t have pets so tell me why i have to put up with their shit in my finger nails?? I declared war. That was the last straw.
    Since then i’ve made my garden cat proof. I have spent £2000 ish and many many hours of hard work but since January of this year, nothing other than birds has got into my garden. My raised beds are open, all my flower beds are freshly dug and undisturbed. I have dug a special area away from humans on some waste ground especially for the neighbourhood cats and regularly leave food for them. i have done what their idiot owners should have done and given them somewhere to go. And i make sure their feline needs are provided for. Which is a hell of a lot more than the owners do. Everyone is happy. I can garden without shit on my hands, the cats can go to the toilet and the lazy bastard owners don’t have to get off their fat arses and actually do anything.
    I tried all the hints and tips on discouraging cats from shitting in a certain area but nothing worked. The only way is to make sure they never come into your garden in the first place.

  7. Linda K says:

    I just don’t like being shit on whether that’s dogs or cats and I have been an owner of both. When I had a cat many years ago it was kept indoors and Never went out! It used a litter tray and was a very contented animal to the end. I am surrounded by ignorant mindless and thoroughly selfish neighbours and their ruddy cats and now have several coming into the garden. They are even eating the mealworms I put out for the birds!! It should be no less an offence as dog fouling and as for damage then the owner should be held liable because they should be held to account for the actions of their pet(s). We need to push our MP’s to take this seriously. It is no less serious to catch a disease from cat shit as it is from dogs. I guess the only time government will take the matter seriously is when a kid loses it’s sight from cat shit..this may sound harsh but pity it doesn’t happen to one of their own kids then just maybe they will change the law.

  8. Claire R says:

    My husband and I have just been in fits of laughter reading this. We feel totally the same way! They ruin my front and back garden. Also, we have 2 small children, and I am totally fed up that I have to go round the garden to check for cat crap before I let them play in the garden. Even then they come back having trod in any that I missed. Their health is at risk also due to toxoplasmosis. Very annoyed!

    • mykp says:

      Its a health risk the same as dog shit is but one law for one set of owners and another for cat owners.

  9. John wright says:

    Mate,just to let you know that every cat owner who buys a cat knows full well that it will wander and shit at will wherever it likes . The owner does not care one bit and you can go to hell as far as they are concerned . They have got a cat and you will dam well put up with it .my father years ago ,who is no longer with us threw a garden fork at a cat and should be highly congratulated that he scored a direct hit , should l feel sorry . My dad was cock a hoop .

  10. Angel D says:


    I absolutely agree with what you say. We used have a vegetable plot in the front but now is being used as a litter tray so I no longer can grow vegetables. But it started in the back garden since we lost our dog. Whatever I do they come back I’ve talked to the person who owns the cat and she said they do it in my garden too well they should and not do it in mine I’m so frustrated they ruining my garden and why should I have to pick it up. Especially as it is highly dangerous to humans. Thanks for letting me vent my anger.

  11. Pete Green says:

    Having just washed yet another stinking mess from my slippers I think it is time for my favourite cat repellent. after wasting lots of money on sonic, granules, peppers and other guaranteed cat stoppers I at last found the Cat Water Spray repeller. It works, shove in four batteries, hook it up to the garden hose and watch those little bastards run. It costs just over £21.00 and only lasts one season due to the battery compartment getting corroded, but it is worth it. The added bonus was the cat owner who poked his nose over my fence to swear at me for upsetting his pussy, the motion detector put the jet of water right in his face. Laughing whilst receiving death threats may be a trifle silly, but! boy oh boy it was worth it.

  12. billy says:

    i spent £60 pound on spike stripes for my back garden now they just shit in the front.this is not fair on my grandkids who play in the front garden in summer

  13. billy says:

    and over the year i have spent lots of money on things that dont work next door said we will get u a water pistol yes like i’m gonna sit up all night with a fucking water pistol.rant over

  14. billy says:

    is there any law stopping me putting rat traps in these shitting spots(help)

  15. maryhall says:

    I am thoroughly disgusted, they drop faeces all over my garden. I have so many of my troughs/hanging baskets etc up high now. I put pine needles and holly leaves off my plants between my trees and bushes. They have clawed the trunks of our trees. I pick up all my dog dirt immediately, never leave it even in my own garden. I am so mad.

  16. Eric says:

    We have spike strips all around the back garden fences and they are working. Out front we use a sonic sound box. It’s a small battery operated gadget that emits a sonic noise that only cats and dogs can hear if they come near. Watching the cats scatter is hilarious. Revenge is sweet.

  17. Matty says:

    I don’t even know where to start with my feelings on this issue. My bone idle, unemployed, benefit grabbing next door neighbours own at least 4 of these disgusting pests that crap all over my garden. Dig up my flower beds and piss all over my grass. The neighbours don’t give a damn about it. They’re perfectly happy with their shit free garden and with me cleaning up their pests mess. The fact that there is no legal support for people in this situation is disgusting and as there are such a large number of people who feel the same something should surely be done. If in any of the many complaints I’ve read the word “cat” was replaced with “dog” there would be uproar instantly but for some reason cats are exempt from disapproval. I was once told that they are clean animals. Well they roam all over my property withoit my permission leaving damage and stinking piles of shit everywhere. So bollocks to “clean animals” They are a nuisance and the owners should be responsible for them and face consequences for failing to do so adequately.

  18. Keith says:

    I was in fits of laughter reading this. Have copied my freinds in on it too. Completely agree, and have had the misfortune of having the argument with cat owners time and time again. I cannot understand why its deemed perfectly responsible for a cat to shit wherever it feels like it, without any requirement for the owner to a) know where their cat is or b) clean it up. Dogs in exactly the same circumstances carry a 1000 fine (i think, might have changed), legal action and a requirement to clean it up. If i did it, i would face action in court (yeh I won’t be but, just for the sake of this post), yet cats, who are, after all, PETS, can do whatever the hell they like. I hate cat shit I hate cats and I cannot stand the owners who deny all responsibility for the actions of their pets (cats or dogs or any other animal causing shit ridden streets and gardens).

  19. Jo dawson says:

    I created a memory garden after loosing by brother last year and it is repeatedly used as a litter tray, only last night a lady was walking her new cat on a lead and allowing it to spray outside my property where another 4 cats had gathered. I was very cross and lost my temper but have been told here’s nothing I can do as law protects cats and until the law is changed There is nothing we can do. I have spent over £100 on, gels, crystals, sprays and have an electrical high pitched noise machine in my garden but they still come, kill the robins in my garden and crap where they please. I don’t hate cats I just think the owners have a duty to pick up the crap and keep em on a leash. Time the law was changed to end the misery of others….

    • Del says:

      Hi to all you hard working gardeners and garden lovers out there! Just to share with you I have completed a masterpiece of a rockery that took several weeks to complete, alot of blood sweat and tears and time, not to mention the amount of money I have spent on materials plants etc to create this tranquil colourful space a place where I can sit and relax after a hard days work a beautiful safe haven for birds and butterflies to feed , where flowers can flourish! Well the reality is I can’t enjoy my own garden due to one useless destructive domestic animal they call a cat! My garden that I lovingly created is being shat and urinated on and dug up on a daily basis. Its owners happen to be my next door neighbours . I have approached them and told them about the constant hole digging the crapping the crap I keep putting my fingers into ! The cost of each plant replacement only to be adviced to spend my hard earned money on expensive cat repellents! So I asked them ( very nicely of course) if they would contribute towards the cost of these cat repellents or if they would consider at the very least keep the cat in doors and train it to use a litter tray ( like all good responsible cat owners do!) ” their response “not my problem”
      So My lovely irresponsible cat loving neighbours (put a cat first before a child’s health ) also told me that they had “adopted”this nuisance moggy 2 yrs ago and is now 9 yrs old..( makes me wonder why it was got rid of in the first place!) well let’s hope (fingers crossed)that this little useles fluffy bird killing plant destroying health hazoudous shit machine has already used up 8 of its nine lives! .. The little bastard!..Sorry for ranting on but I Feel much better now . Not much I can do about ignorant thoughtless selfish cat owners unless the law changes but Thank you for giving me the opportunity to get it off my chest! X

  20. Cora says:

    At last I found a page of like minded peeps. I have a nasty little fecker of a cat who insists on pissing like a buck cat even though it’s a neutered she, all over my back door and if I happen to leave the door slightly open, (3 fingers wide that is), the dirty humped back little bastard comes into my house to relieve it’s self. That’s only part of the problem, 4 houses share the entry and nothing does but for it to shit on the concrete and that’s nasty when leaving bins out. Not only that but the stench is stomach churning. I have tried so many deterents, all to no use. Mind you the owner is a complete twat, carries the dirty kitty as if it’s a baby! It’s not a hard job training them to use a litter tray, and I really think it’s time the so called powers that be, apply the same rules to cat owners as dog owners.

  21. Jane says:

    After spending on various sprays, lion dung to put on borders and then £140 on electronic sonic animal repellers to cover every angle on our garden, including spending a fortune on batteries we still have a problem of various neighbours cats fouling the lawn as well as borders and around our shed, if the mess is not cleared up daily then the stink is unbearable. The squiggy excrement after lifted still leaves traces which you have to wash away with soapy water on our lawn. We don’t have any pets ourselves because of allergies to cats fur and dander and are a busy household anyway and feel it would be irresponsible to have pets . My neighbours are likewise busy households working full time and yet have pets and are out all day which is another issue, people keeping pets when their pets are left outdoors all day to their own devices. The law is not there to protect us yet this is clearly a health hazard and a nuisance. There is no law of trespass of roaming animals either on our private garden! . On the other hand if we did anything to scare or harm the cats we would be breaking the law . I agree with everyone here that the law needs to recognise that cats excrement is a health hazard and should not be tolerated . Pet owners need to take more responsibility for their pets care and that includes clearing up after them after toileting . Dogs are not allowed to roam and domestic cats should be treated just the same.

  22. Jason says:

    I dont have a garden so I dont have to put up with cat shit, but I still think it’s wrong that people have to deal with other peoiples pets crapping in theor gardens. My mum, who is visually impaired used to get cats crapping in her garden, which she liked to grow fruit on, and she feels around with her hands so its not pleasant when she discovered the cats mess, and her guide dog had a rather unpleasant habit of eating it , yuck! I know it annoys my friend as well, he does have a garden and cats constantly crap in it, he has 2 young daughters as well, cant be nice to have to check for shit before you let your kids play in the garden. My biggest concern about cats is the fact they kill wildlife. I am very passionate about wildlife and hate to see it being killed by a non native animal that is only here to amuse and entertain certain humans. And I get really wound up when they use the excuse that they are just doing what is natural, NO! they dont belong here, they are pets they are not wild animals they have never lived here until we introduced them. Our native wild animals should have more rights than someone’s pet. The Scottish wildcat is the only exception.

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