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Page created on: 28/01/2004 / Last Updated: 07/08/2014 17:41:31

Mercedes A-Class and problems we´ve had

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We have, our Mercedes A-classes. We ve had three of them now and we love them to bits.

We´ll start with our first A-class, an A160 Avantgarde, in Athol Blue, which we bought in 2000.

We´d initially wanted to purchase the new VW Beetle as we where smitten with it after taking a test drive, however we wanted an Automatic and this pushed the price of the beetle up to around £18,000.

At the time this was way beyond our budget.

In the mean time our old VW Golf was busy dying, it was an G reg Golf Driver Auto with all these stupid emission control systems which had really screwed up, it either ran okay or idled at 2000rpm with a viscious gear change and everywhere where quoting us a fortune to replace it.

At round about the time as the Golf was dying our local Mercedes garage where holding a sale so we decided to take a look at the A-class as they had several on offer at the time.

We entered the garage to see a brand new A160 Avantgarde, Auto with all the bells and whistles, the only thing it didn´t have was Air Conditioning. We took it for a test drive, loved it and bought it there and then!

We decided on the A-class over the Beetle on 3 things,

Mercedes Benz over Volkswagen (Bit of a no brainer that one),
Practicality (The A-class is a more practical vehicle that the beetle, which looks nice)
Space (The glove box on the A-class is more spacey than a Beetles boot)

A160 AvantgardeTo be brutally honest the A-class is basically a 5 door van with seats and windows. Don´t get me wrong I like its van like interior which brings us on to space. The A-class is massive inside compared with the VW Beetle which is both handy for my own and my wife´s business as we both need to move large items from time to time.

My wife shifts large pottery items, materials and equipment and I move large amounts of computer equipment.

All the seats come out of the A-class, and with the seats in the Long Wheel Base version has either loads of legroom or you can move the seats forward for loads of boot space. Not as much as some MPV´s on the market admitidly but they don´t come with a Mercedes Benz badge on the front.

I´ve even had two cement mixers in our first A-Class with all but the driver´s seat removed. Quite funny when I turned up at HSS with both cement mixers in the car. The staff at the store didn´t believe me until they saw it. (On later models the removal of the front seats has become an optional extra as the front seats are now bolted in)

We had the A160 for just over a year and did 7500 miles in it driving as far away as Cornwall to John O´Groats. In all the time we owned the car we didn´t have a single problem and all the garbage people told us about the car tipping over when forced to swerve hard was dismissed late one night driving down the M7 at 90mph, when a fox ran out in front of us and I had to swerve to miss it.

We ended up facing the wrong way on the motorway however we didn´t tip over and we didn´t hit the fox, but we did leave some groovy looking skid marks on the motorway! Glad it was at about 2am in the morning though!

After driving the A160 round for a year, we´d only had the sunroof open a few times and began to wish we´d gone for Air Conditioning instead. So we swapped our A160 for a brand new A140 Avantgarde with AC. Same car, smaller engine, and different colour. Mangrove Green.

A160 AvantgardeNow the A140 was a different beast to the A160 as the A140 was a Post face lift model and looked slightly different to the A160. It was also cosmetically different inside. The dials and switches being the most noticable.

We did just less than 7000 miles in the A140 in two years, not because we didn´t want to drive it but because 2001/2002 was a busy period for me and the wife and we didn´t drive very far. My wife was in Japan for 5 months in these two years and if I was away, I was using my Crown as at the time my business was paying my insurance/petrol/etc.

By the way the cheapest I have found for A-class Insurance for our Mercedes has been , we pay under £300 for the A210 Evo.

However we did do some epic trips, driving to Southern Spain and back and Cornwall Twice!

The A140 did cause us two problems though, one major, one minor but extremely irritating. Lets stick with the minor problem first. When we where away in Japan the car sat idle in the Garage for 4 weeks and on our return the car only just started, however it did start. But the engine management warning light came on as it started and stayed on.

A160 AvantgardeAfter driving the car round for about 50 miles, the battery was charged enough to start the car no problem but the engine management light was still on even though the official user handbook says the light should go out within 20-30 miles.

So, off down to the local MB dealer, who informs me that it will cost £43 to reset the computer. What! Okay I part with £43 to get it reset but the dealer informs me that this was because of the flat battery. How can I avoid paying £43 every time I go to Japan for 4 weeks?

I have since found out that you can only reset the engine management warning indicator with additional equipment, but any errors are still logged in the engine management computer and it can invalidate your warranty if anything major goes wrong at a later date because of this error. Anyway I complained to MB head office several time and got a voucher for £100! So not too bad after all.

Next onto what I class a major problem. Mercedes Assyst. (Click here if you want to know how to reset mercedes assyst on your A-class.)

What a pain in the arse this was, as it kept telling us the car needed a service first at 3500 miles and then after the dealer reset it again at 4200 miles, then again after it was reset at 4800 miles. After throwing my toys out of the pram in the dealers they replaced the instrument panel but the assyst went off again at 5200 miles so I had the car serviced. Didn´t stop assist kicking in again just 600 miles later, the dealer replaced the instrument panel again and this sorted it out. However we did trade the car in soon afterwards so I don´t know if this problem continued or not. (I see the car quite regularly as its now owned by elderly couple - if you own Y131 SBN or my old Athol Blue W637 JHE please send me an email)

This brings us onto our last A-Class.

A210 EvolutionThe A210 Evolution LWB

At the time we bought this car we where looking at buying a smaller sportier car but in the end we bought a A210 Evo which is a cross between something sporty and something with a load of room inside.

Now some would say its not sporty, well define sporty. 0-60 isn´t Porsche territory and it´s not as cheap as something like the Honda Civic, but I´ve already stated on this site that I wanted a White Civic Type-R but Honda UK wouldn´t accommodate me. I´ll have one though if the price is right next time I go to Japan. The Jap Spec is a better car anyway!

I have to say the A210 is brilliant to drive compared to the other A-Classes I´ve owned. It´s fast, a little too fast sometimes and it handles miles better than the other two, although it does have a tendency to drive on three wheels when pushed near the limit on the corners as I found out on a recent track day. On the straight and narrow the speedo does have a tendency to climb round to the wrong side of the dial rather quickly. I wont say how far round the needle has been.

Okay its not as quick as some cars for the same money but they don´t have the three pointed star on the front. Plus even though I live in an A-Class hot spot, our A-Class stands out because of its body kit and nice alloys.

Besides, if I´d have bought the Honda Civic Type-R I wouldn´t be able to nearly as much stuff in the back as I can in the A-Class and i d have probably wrapped it round a tree by now!

I have loads of friends who own A-Classes and constantly meet people who own A-Classes and ask me about ours. For those who are reading this and want to meet other A-Class owners then I always point people in the direction of the Baby Benz website, who have regular meetings of like minded people throughout the country.

If your interested in an A-Class then there are a few things to check before you hand over your hard earned cash.

The most common faults are listed below,

1. Steering rack. With the engine turned off, move the steering wheel from left to right. If it makes a clunking noise then the bearing which connects the wheel to the rack is in need of replacing. Its an expensive part especially with labour from MB. The A-Class steering rack has been updated three times since the model was released, that I know of, and this has been the topic of many a subject at Baby Benz meetings. This affects all W168 models upto 2005 although Mercedes will dispute this.

2. Rear suspension, Where the spring is held onto the rear trailing arms have a tendency to rust which allows the spring to move. Parts are cheap, labour is expensive. Have a look under the rear, its worth getting your hands dirty for this one. This only affects older models.

3. Rear trailing arms bushes. While you´re down checking the springs check the trailing arm bushes.

4. Rear Wheel bearings, these can go. Check them. Jack the car up and wiggle the wheels. Cheap to replace.

5. Rattles from interior. Its not that the interior isn´t put together well, its just that some bits might not be secured properly, the part didn´t fit exactly or they fit so well the bits touch each other. Common areas to look at are: Rear seats (take them out and put either insulation tape or foam over the securing posts in the floor), headrests (Easy one this, take them out and pull the posts further apart, not too much mind you. When they go back in they will fit more snugly than before). Tailgate (remove the cover and install bits of foam around the door, then screw the cover back on) Any other rattles can be fixed as per the tailgate.

6. Air Mass Sensor. This is £500ish just for the part! However whether or not this needs replacing is like the lottery. I know people who´ve done 90,000 miles and it´s been okay and other with 10,000 miles and it needed replacing. If it worries you get a warranty if you can. Remember that all MB under 3 years old should have a warranty with MB. There are companies now selling re-manufactured Air Sensors but these are still around the £300 mark.

Also bear in mind with this one that you cant just buy another one off the shelf of a breakers as it wont work.

If you buy an A-Class then Join the Baby Benz Club, the people you meet are a nice bunch who share a common enthusiasm the A-Class.

PLEASE NOTE: if your going to leave a comment below, remember:

  • As of 1st March 2011 I will no longer aswer any questions posted below. I do not have the time, inclindation or can I be bother responding to people who never say "Thank you"

    If you want a question answering then Check out out Loftys A-Class info site, he will for a small donation answer your questions:

    But be aware he does require a small donation to provide information.

  • If your P***ED OFF at Mercedes go to the dealers and shout at them, not at me!
  • Post comments by all means but please no questions.


» A-Class Owners Club (Baby-Benz Club)-
» Loftys A160 site -
» Elchfans German A-Class site (Its in German though) -

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Gearbox feels heavy, gear stick is difficult to move
Over the last couple of weeks the gearbox has become increasingly difficult to move into gear when the car is in neutral and you push the gear stick left or right and let go it no longer springs back into the centre, the engine makes a whining noise wether the clutch is in or out.

your comments would be very helpfull




mykp says:
no idea, owned 3 a-classes and all were autos.

Posted by: Steve on 17 August 2014

Poly belt snapped, now need new engine
I ve just been told by a mercedes specialist that the poly belt has snapped on my A210 and that the engine will need to be replaced as the snapped belt has ruined my engine.

How can mercedes build something which is destroyed by a broken belt?

mykp says:
Just a quick question, when did you last have the belt changed? When did you last have it serviced?

The poly belt is a service item and if this wasn t changed a the required service interval then I would say its your fault.

As for needing a new engine, well this is a side effect of a broken belt.

Posted by: Bernie on 11 April 2014

A class choking and jumping
i have a 1998 A160 a class and i have a problem sometimes i when i ll try to speed he goin to choking and jumping before that smells on petrol on first fireing. then changed new auto spark plugs first day was okay than again the same. thats my prob when i step on gas choking and jumping not everytime but mostly. please any help

Posted by: Ekepeski on 05 December 2013

Stalling issues - A180 CDI
I ve had an issue with my A180 CDI stalling when stopping at traffic lights, the car has done 190,000km s.

Spoke to a few mechanics and I found one guy who knew what he was talking about, (other mechanics said it was a gearbox problem) he said it was the EGR valve, the carbon built up and clogged it causing the valve to block.

The other issue I have is a knocking/vibrating sound on the drivers side when turning left on the motorway OR if I turn a corner and the weight shifts to the passengers side (lightening the drivers side). Super annoying, replaced the shocks and the mechanic can t find the issue.

Any ideas?


mykp says:
Sorry no nowt about the W169 A-class.

Posted by: Neil on 28 July 2013


Thanks for the reply, yes it is the mass air flow sensor, I have been quoted around £300 to have it re programmed, does that sound right to you? 

I have already had that problem with Mercedes with my key, I tried everyone and everything get that re cut, and only Mercedes could do it, very clever!!! 

mykp says:
£300 is about right.

Posted by: carina on 07 July 2013

A140 Aventgrande
Hi, I ve owned my a class for about 2 years, it was brought second hand, I love my car, the space and the way it looks, however recently it has developed a problem, when you start the engine it almost sounds like its going to stall, it won t until I drive it and then when you try to slow down it stalls, the engine just cuts out, I ve had a lot of work done thisyear to keep it on the road a bit longer, all the main problems listed above have been done IE the rear suspension problems, etc etc, the problem I m having is it only has this issue when it chooses and never chooses in front of my mechanic, it s just passed an MOT as the whole time my garage had the car it never had this issue, I have it home for 2 days and it re develops its issue, I m not looking for someone to come along and tell me how to fix it but is this a known fault, does anyone know what may work? 

I ve had the garage take another look and attach it to some computer or another and they tell me it s showing faults, and that I have to have this part (the name escapes me) sent off to be re programmed, does that sound normal?

It s cost me a small fortune so far and am trying to decide whether to just take it to MB and pay out and be done with it or whether to quit while I m only a bit out of pocket, 

any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks

mykp says:
is it the mass air flow sensor? If so then there are people out there who do it cheap. Dont be tempted to buy a second hand one as there coded to each car. (so well done to mercedes for that). Mercedes will want you to buy a new one which are about £1000

Posted by: Carina on 30 June 2013



mykp says:
Yeah, whatever. By the way the Caps Lock Key is to the left of the A key on the middle row. Suggest you press it!!

Posted by: P KEARNEY on 15 October 2012

My Wife loves her A Class, but........
Recently our X Reg (2000) A160 Mercedes alarm started going off without warning. We put it down to the heat and thought no more of it. That is untill it won t turn off. We can drive the car no problem, but the Alarm won t shut up. Everything else seems to work fine. I ve been to every forum I can think of, and all advocate removing the unit, even the makers, Scorpion say it s obsolete and to remove it. I thought I would try my luck on here and see if I can remove a fuse or something to at least allow my wife to drive the car to a garage to get the alarm removed. Any help would be very gratefully received. Regards Martin

Posted by: Martin Blakely on 30 July 2012

sound right hand
i have Mercedes Benz 1995 elegance c180 i have a problem, when i start the car a sound for one minute ear me back right site my car, i don t know way this pump machine always start?

mykp says:
this site is about the A-Class. Never owned a C-class so no nowt about them.

Posted by: arman on 27 July 2012

Odd knock
This is weird when I put key into ingnition an turn to position 1 there is a knocking sound from under the dash sound just behind  the speedo area

mykp says:

Posted by: David on 27 May 2012

MYKP ,hi i saw your site & thought i would check it out ,& to see what sort of advice was being asked & given ,i was very impressed with your informative answers ,and your patience.I live on Sunshine coast of Queenland AUSTRALIA. I do own a A190,& i have just bought a1985 ,380 SEL gold in colour & in top condition,my wife drives a C180,2001 model.i am not rich just ,lucky on ebay.i am a Vietnam Vet 65yrs old,& love to drive good cars.I hope this little note helps you to keep up the good information & advice that you give and i hope you stay in good health for many years to come.Ken OLIVE

mykp says:

Posted by: Kenneth John OLIVE on 18 May 2012

A170 CDI
hi my cd player got stolen and i when putting in a new one i blew a fuse i replaced that now my car wont start and new stereo is sheleved for now as i now have a bigger problem .please help regards sam. 

Posted by: sambo on 05 May 2012

Our Class A 190 has 177K kms and has run beautifully till a month ago.  We have been told that it has a cracked cilinder and must change block.  We have not had an accident nor has anything strange been done to the car.  We are talking altogether repairs equal to the value of the car.  Has anyone had the same problem.  It is a 2001 made in Brazil.  Regards from Argentina.

Posted by: isabel on 23 April 2012

2005 A150 making a high pitch when accelerating
Any solution for this problem?

High pitch/ whistle sound during acceleration. 

Replaced pulley and alternator but problem still persists.



Posted by: Boon on 14 April 2012

I bought a 1999 A class Mercedes a couple of years ago and for the first year it was absolutely fantastic. Then I had to have it MOT d and took it to a garage just for service and MOT. When I got it back, the engine started stalling when I slowed down, getting worse and worse. I took it back to the garage and they computer checked it and cleaned the plugs. It stopped stalling but started backfiring, sometimes many seconds after the engine had been turned off. I took it to another garage and they changed the plugs, but the backfiring is worse than ever, sometimes exploding 4 times in a kilometer, and nearly always after the engine has been switched off.

Posted by: Madoods on 28 March 2012

hi thanks its a great site and its a shame more grateful people dont give a donation for your chosen charity to show appreciation for your help.I WORK FOR A CHARITY AND KNOW HOW VITAL DONATIONS ARE.keep up the good work we have merc a170 by the way. cheers maggie

mykp says:
Thanks Maggie, yes theres lots of people asking questions and expecting free advice but very few putting they hands in their pockets to give to the hospice.

Posted by: maggie on 26 March 2012

noisy engine
Hi, ive got an A140 classic petrol on a 03 plate, done 62K, the last couple of weeks the engine has got really loud (sounding like a deisel car) it still drives along ok, just realised we have topped up with the wrong oil 40/10, would this cause this, thought i d ask before booking for an expensive service, any ideas would be appreciated!


mykp says:
Get it out and put the right stuff in.

Posted by: vanessa hatwell on 15 March 2012

Clock/temp Gauge Bulb
I have an elegance A160, on an 02 plate, the bulb has gone behind the clock/temperature gauge...Mercedes quote to replace the bulb....£180......they quoted the cost of the bulb as £2!!........£180 to remove the dash to get to the bulb, apparently this has to be done at a Mercedes garage as you need a special tool to remove the dash.....I think I ll just use my wrist watch and my judgement for the temperature.....window up/window down lol......£180? I don t think so.

I m in South Essex, anyone know where I can get the bulb replaced for a resonable parts and labour charge?

Not expecting any help, just letting off steam, THANKS for listening mykp

mykp says:
mercedes labour charge is a bit steep isnt it. Its actually a DIY job though and there is a web page out there with it on on Bert Rowes website:

Posted by: Julie on 12 March 2012

hi I would just like to say many thanks for some very good reading. my wife has bought a 2001 A160 shes chuffed to bits withit although its down to me to maintain it. your articles are going to bevery helpfull many thanks ray

mykp says:
Your welcome

Posted by: Ray bond on 28 February 2012

noisey engine
i have just bought a 140 merc.the engine is very sounds like a clutch release baring noise but its a automatic and the noise is coming from the top of the has been converted to please

Posted by: terence craig on 28 February 2012

Salutory read - many thanks
It would be really nice if those who got your advice posted again if it worked! I just bought an A 160 and already it has stuck in 2nd gear twice. No F showing yet and after stopping and restarting it goes thru the gears OK. Yes -Its an old battery and I will replace this and report back.

mykp says:
Jon most people wont do that unfortunately. most are only here for the FREE information, heaven forbid they give any of the time and information back for FREE!

Posted by: Jon Finlayson on 24 February 2012

Interesting mbkp
my wife as a a160 02 plate,so i thought I would have a read of some pos and cons of the a class I m plesed to say tha she as not expercenced any real problems at the moment. Thanks for the opertunaty to look in.You do some nice work. Regards Chris...

Posted by: Chris Harris on 14 February 2012

sticks in park.
hi, my daughter has a 160 classic auto 2003 with 80000kms. in a morning it takes 3/4 pushes on the brake pedal to release the lever from park. then it is ok, if it stands during the day for a few hours it will sometimes take 2 pushes on the brake to release. otherwise everthing is perfect, NO F ever displays. my garage says he has changed the stop lamp switch. 

Posted by: julian on 13 February 2012

mercedes benz A160

Posted by: ROWENA on 07 February 2012

transmission problems
I have an aclass year 200 and it goes fine until i have to stop on a steep goes into f alert and last time would not drive and I had to get a tow .is it possible that the auto gear box is short of oil and if so can I put oil easily thanks

mykp says:
sounds like you need to get a garage to look at that.

Posted by: Stella on 03 February 2012

A Class
Enjoyed your article! I have had an A-class 160 Avantgarde since 1999. It is the shop having its rear trailing arms bushes replaced. Other than some minor problems it has been a reliable car for over 10 years. I have about 116,000 miles on the clock.

One of my deciding factors in buying this car was that my tennis ball machine fit in the boot of the car. Great for transporting stuff with the seats out as well!

Cheers for the information.

Posted by: Mogambo55 on 28 January 2012

is there an easy way to repair a disconected aerial point in the rear window of my wifes a140 avantguard

mykp says:
Only soldering it back on

Posted by: Frank Hunt on 26 January 2012

A170 power steering & F problem
Dear mykp, you are doing a fantastic service on this site. I bought a 51 plate A170 auto diesel couple of weeks ago and had problems with power steering when turned to extreme left/right and also when coming off the motorway, got F on the dash. I was looking around lots of different sites on what this could be and bumped into you and lofty.. I have to say, you guys are very informative and helpful in your information.I ll replace the battery with a new one and see if that resolves the probs.

I just leaving a comment only to say THANK YOU.



mykp says:
You are more than welcome, glad it sorted it out.

Posted by: Shiva on 24 January 2012

I have an A200 CDi Elegance and was helped by knowing that another person has trouble getting out of Park .


Posted by: perdidoray on 01 January 2012

A class 160 car not starting

My A 160 was working fine untill two weeks ago whan i stopped for a moment, when i turned the key to start it again it was dead. Lights are fine, battery is good and relay all changed but still not starting. HELP ANYONE??? SOMEONE??? PLEASE.........


Many thanks



mykp says:
Mina, it might be that the immobiliser needs resetting. How you do this depends on the year of your car, earlier a-classes had a little dongle (usually black or red) and there will be a port somewhere on the car, either by your foot on the drivers side or inside the glovebox. Newer models done have this and you need to look in the manual for the procedure but it involves using the remote control. I dont have a manual any more so cant advise any better.

Posted by: Mina on 30 November 2011

buying a190 but theirs a problem with gearbox 1st gear pops out when reving to hard also warning indicates F on dash besides this cars fine can u explain what could be the problem and how much it coasts

Posted by: killer kino on 27 November 2011

changing head lights on a ´03 A160

do you have any idea how to get to the lights so that I can change them myself or do I need to go to a dealer/garage. I have the car second hand and do not have a manual.

Thanks in advance! I had a look and am totally lost!



Posted by: Tabs on 21 November 2011

Thank you
We are thinking of getting an A-Class and I was just trying to see if they have many faults. I found your web page informative and funny.

It made me giggle. Just wanted to say thank you!!

Kind regards,


mykp says:

Posted by: jenny on 11 November 2011

when running from cold hesitates for a couple of seconds but only just had the ecu recondition but fuel seems to go down quick after hestitaeing anyone no why thxs paul

mykp says:
no idea, sorry!

Posted by: paul mcguinness on 08 November 2011

Strange Beeping Noise
Hi - A great site, please advise if you can - i have A160 classic 2000 reg - a lovely car with no problems, but recently a strange beeping sound comes on even though no symbols on dash flash up - it happens about 3 times when dring for 30 mins and cannot understand what this means? the beep noise just beeps once then goes off and the re-appears 10 mins later..... any idea?

Posted by: jo neaves on 30 October 2011

Door locks

I have a a140 and the locks dont lock from the remote key or from the button in the dash, but when i break the car locks lock them selfs then unlock, could u tell me y that is please.

I also have an issue with my wing mirrors, they dont move into the position i would like them to be, iv checked the fuse and that is fine.

mykp says:
no idea, have you consulted a mechanic?

Posted by: Ataf Rehman on 10 October 2011

thank you
the imformation you posted was very helpful and i am looking forward to the arival of my a160 next week


Posted by: emma morgan on 26 September 2011

Mercedes A Class problem
My daughter has an A 160. The problem started to occur when the car was put into reverse gear. The engine just stopped. It was perfectly OK in forward gears. This happened over several days. We then went away for a week and the car was left standing on the drive, when we came back the car worked perfectly. I  wonder if you can explain why this happened. The car is a W reg. thank you.

mykp says:
hmmm, let me look into my crystal ball!!!! Seriously mate I have no idea

Posted by: Ken Sykes on 26 September 2011

Mercedes A140 starts in third gear

I m looking into purchasing a Mercedes A140. After test driving I found that it starts in third gear without stalling. In other cars this is indication of a weak clutch, that will probably need to be replaced in a few months time. Is this the same for the A class? 


mykp says:
if your looking at buying and arent happy. Walk away, plenty more out there to look at.

Posted by: Tan on 14 September 2011

engine problem
i have an 02 140 a class just bought and car will not go above 60 miles per hour and when climbing  a slight hill drops to about 40 .it also sounds a bit rattly from engine.can the ecu cause this or do you think i have a problem with the top end of the engine ie-valves or seals ect.just your opinion please as iam an auto spark

mykp says:
it sounds like its either not firing right or its in limp mode. If limp mode the check engine light would be on! other than that without seeing it I have no idea?!!?!

Posted by: kate on 14 September 2011

esp/bas light
esp/bas comes on no engine power replased mass air flow meter still same if put on diognostic runs fine till it rains

mykp says:
???? is there a question in there?

Posted by: norman ratcliffe on 30 August 2011

Problem with ChildLock A190
Hi does any one have any advice.


The back door on my car has locked with the child lock but not only that the car door will not open at all prompting me that the cable in the door has come apart and has caused the door not to open inside or from outside any idea anybody?


Asked Mercedes Garage who quote £300 !! but saw many videos of slim jim sets opening cars but ant find them anywhere in UK.


Posted by: BobM on 30 August 2011

A class w reg avantgarde170 tdi auto
hi av had my car 4 2years and no probs til now lol.  last 2 months when driving at 60 -70 rev counter use to stay at 3000  but now seems to stay at 2000.  also wen going up hills not as much poke unless u get a gud run up first also there is a smell of diesel at the start of journey which does go after a while. wud b very grateful if u were able 2 help a damsel in distress, as i luv my car and hope its not on its last legs . thanking u in anticipation. gina

Posted by: georgina wharton on 23 August 2011

A200 Elegance (Auto) Gets Periodically stuck in Park
I have a A 200 Elegance Auto that occassionally gets stuck in park. I m doing all the right things ...foot on the brake etc. Eventually after turning on and off it seems to free itself. Any suggestions what the problem might be ?



mykp says:
Sorry cant help as yours is a W169 model and I only know about the W168

Posted by: Tony on 20 August 2011

Mercedes 170 A Class Diesel 2000
My A Class keeps mis-firing on low revs but is fine on full throttle.

It has had a full service recently and new fuel filters. I have also just paid £200 for a new Air Flow Meter.

Can anyone advise me please.

Many Thanks


Posted by: Alison on 05 August 2011

hi when i put side lights on things are fine but when i turn my main lights on the blue head beam comes on any help would be great thanks

Posted by: john melly on 20 July 2011

Hi Mykp,

I have a 2004 A170 diesel. The alternator has been changed and it started on the button. I switched it off, started again although it took longer to start this time. I tried to start it again but it wouldn t start, so I applied some easy start and it started and ran for approx 3 mins. i switched it of and it wouldn t restart. I tried it with easy start again, it started ran for a few moments and then switched off. I can t get it to start since. I would really appreciate your advise as I am all out of ideas right now.



Posted by: Donna on 15 July 2011

Rattles underneath A210
To everyone asking about rattles underneath the A class it has something to do with the gear box if you place the car on an inspection pit stick it in neutral not park and have someone rev the car while your standing underneath you will hear clink and clong noises as if something is broke, its nothing to do with exhaust or suspension but it has something to do with the box or lack of transmission oil. Also i have noticed the car wont go up hills even though all gears work any ideas anyone :)

Posted by: Marc Price on 24 June 2011

fails to start-sometimes
I am writing from Christchurch New Zealand. Have a 2002 A160. Has been very reliable-have had it for about 7 years. Just recently, when key turned to start position-Absolutely nothing-lights all on dash,no warnings, everything else works, have had battery checked. Gears show up as normal. Have replaced batteries in key. So far if you give it a rest-anything from ten minutes to a day it will just start. Have had the AA out twice-nothing to suggest except the key or the immobiliser. Perhaps it doesn t like earthquakes either. If anyone has had a similar problem could they please let me know so I can act knowledgeable as opposed to blonde when I take it in. Cheers.

Posted by: Catherine Walker on 18 June 2011

A CLASS 150 2006 MODEL


mykp says:
said it before and i ll say it again. I have never owned a W169 A-class and know nowt about them.

Posted by: george on 14 June 2011

A140 not starting
Hi,apologies if this question has already been asked. My Merc A140 automatic (10yr old) is not starting up after my 2 week break (during which the car was not started). The display on the dashboard is not coming up and also the lock-unlocking from the car key is also not working. Could you please let me know where the problem might be and how much it might cost to get it fixed? Thanks.

mykp says:
flat battery!

Posted by: Sap on 16 May 2011

does not take the gas
i have a 2006 A180 a class and i have a problem sometimes i when i ll try to speed a little bit and put the peadel to the ground the car does not take full troutel and it only goes to 30000 rev . any idea what is happening

mykp says:
its a W169 a-class and I know nothing about them, 30,000revs might be the problem. Joking aside it sounds like the ECU is in limp mode. get it checked as there might be something serious wrong.

Posted by: 2006 a180 on 07 May 2011

mercedes a200t run flat inoperative light on how to turn it of

mykp says:
A200 is w169 and I have no idea

Posted by: max on 02 May 2011

Mercedes a 140
I bought one in 2003 brand new. with the finance costed me 16.600. plus every year I had to pay Mercedes garage £720 for servicing every year for the 1st three year otherwise my 3 years man. warranty would have been void.

This car is a disaster. PAIN IN EVERY SINGLE PART OF MY BODY NOT ONLY IN ASS. Mercedes should ashame on itself by making such a rubbish cars.

I feel I flushed my money in to my toilet.

waste of money.

After 6 month it stopped starting. starter has been changed twice. tyres whistles. managment light went off , nobody knows why.

Interior is very narrow. visibility is zero . Shape is funny . VANS are much nicer .

It seems that this car s shap is designed by a child at reception still.

I believe purchasing this car is one of the sicklish mistakes I have done in my life.

mykp says:
You need to shout at mercedes mate. I ve already got this t-shirt.

Posted by: falwas on 21 April 2011

start fault merc a 190
hi could anyone hell my mums A190 2002. was left in the garage for a some time . when she in hospital. when she was well we went to the car but she would no start. we charged the battery. but still no start all dash light are on. but will not turn over . even put jump leads on just to make sure. but no look..

Posted by: john on 14 April 2011

A Class people...
My first merc, an A160, has brought me into contact with the few sites that cater for the A class. I ve had every make of car under the sun, and joined a lot of forums, but i must say the average A class owner is raving nuts! It seems the car attracts people with no mechanical savvy at all who pay through the nose for work that generally doesnt stay fixed, so for all those struggling without a clue and a faulty benz, just go to a reputable small garage, NON MB, and get it fixed there. Its not rocket science, just a normal car except for the stupid engine position, and any mechanic worth his salt can fix them. Oh and the level of stupidity in some of the questions asked is mind boggling! ""my car is making a noise what can it be"" etc etc - jesus christ on a raft! How do expect someone to answer that? Do you people dress your self in the morning without help or do the nurses do it after your meds? lol

Sorry mykp, but its all true ;)

mykp says:
Scott, love it, that comment has made my day. I think the "problem" here is no one wants to spend any money. lots of people asking questions, no one leaving a charity donation.

Posted by: Scott on 04 April 2011

a140 handling probs
recently bought 2000 (w) a 140 when accelerating it pulls righr and if you lift your foot off accelerator quickly it pulls hard left. if you go over any uneven road surface it bounces all over the place, please help ??

mykp says:
you need to take your car to a mechanic immediately, something is wrong with your suspension.

Posted by: jack on 01 April 2011

Auto Gearbox
My wife has a A class 1700 CDI diesel 04 model, it seems to have shown on the dash a F = fail I assume, it seems like the auto gearbox is in limp mode? where do I start? MB say on the phone that it will probably need a new gearbox.

thanks for any help

Yours in anticipation


mykp says:
battery off, charge overnight. if problem goes away but then comes back its cos your battery needs replacing. Low battery power will cause F on the gearbox.

Posted by: Lez on 09 March 2011

Starting Problems - Not Turning Over
Dear Mykp, I have recently incountered an issue with my partner s A class. I typed into the well known web search engine which brought me here. It seems you make considerable efforts on here and I do think that being able to ask a question to a non Merc dealer/official is of great benifit. When you go to a garage; it sales/damage limitation for them, not a help at all. Any how, I do hope you may be able to throw some light on the problem we have: The car frequently doesn t start as it should; rather it gives out a strange noise; quite high pitch, almost as if it was blowing it s nose. Some days it will do this three or four times in a row before relenting and doing what it s suposed to and starting. Any suggestions will be welcomed, thank you for your time. Carl

mykp says:
From your description it sound like the starter motor is either not engaging or is not turning. I would get this checked asap as if it is the starter then its gonna cost a lot to replace it. Have a look at this web page to find out why:

Posted by: Carl Metcalf on 06 March 2011

Cabin Air Noise - 10 Seconds, then stops
Bought an A class 140, 2003 plate. Great/Fun car. Pressed the Air Recirculate button and this initiated a kind of muffled clicking from behind the dashboard. Turned it off immediately, however, now each time I start the car, the muffled clicks return for 10 seconds, then go away.

Love my little car, just want the my noise-free start-up back! Its a long shot, but can anyone help me here? Thanks.

Posted by: Joe de Luca on 04 March 2011

A140 classic
hi i have a A140 and just drove it for the first time has my partner drives it and noticed that there is no instrument light on the dash or radio checked fuses all seem fine can you tel me wot might it be thanks mick 

mykp says:
it might be they have been dimmed. try pressing the + button on the instrument panel and see if the lights get brighter?

Posted by: mick johnson on 23 February 2011

hi i just bought an a class 140 garage did new mot for me but i thin its facke  what should i do any advice please it was done 4 days ago

mykp says:
if you think its fake go here and check:

Posted by: khan on 11 February 2011


I bought mercedes A class yesterday,indicators were working fine,but today no matter which side indicator you turn on the right ones work but not the left.even if you turn the left indicator the right one flashes!hazard lights work fine though so i know its not the bulb.

any ideas before i part with cash at a garage?!

mykp says:
sorry no idea?

Posted by: abby on 07 February 2011

A210 Steering rack and pump
Reading your informative site, tells me I need a new steering rack and pump.  Any ideas for good (read cheap) source?

Thanks also for the light reset tips.


mykp says:
cheapest is going to be your local motorfactors, you could get a price from Mercedes, always good for a laugh but some parts are actually quite cheap. Example is brake discs

Posted by: tim morris on 31 January 2011

spare wheel
i have 2006 a class 150. it has a space saver spare wheel which is useless, can anyone tell me what wheel is compatable.for a spare. thanks

Posted by: leslie dainty on 23 January 2011

A170 Diesel ´02 Auto Starting problem
my a Class starts reasonably when cold, but is reluctant when warm. Been to garage several time, fuel line has been bled and it starts OK for 2-3 weeks.
Started on second turn after standing for 2 weeks in snow!!!.

When running it is fine, but difficult to start when hot & sometimes have to resort to magic ether spray (Starts OK with that.)

There is no black smoke or loss of power. Ist started when Hubby was out with car and heard grinding noise. Then when he stopped the car, could not get it going untill fuel line was purged.

But garage keeps saying about injectors and lots of £££s.
I am slightly cynical about that, if it goes ok when running, how could it be injectors?

I think it has something to do with fuel lift pump in fuel tank. Or air getting into the line.

Any thoughts, I love my car, 85K and counting.
Thank you
 Linda B

mykp says:
Have heard a few people mention the fuel pump connectors corroding or even the fuel pump packing in.

Posted by: LindaB on 14 January 2011

srs light
hi, i have an a class 140 2003, problem is the srs light it comes on  then goes off and then stays on, can it just be switched off at a garage and would that alone fail the mot..thanks

Posted by: lee on 30 December 2010

F Light
Hi mykp

I am hoping Rambo can help me with my wife s car, I have the same problem with our A160, it has broken down a few times while my wife has been out in it, we have not driven the car for the past two days even though its going into gear at the moment....can you please get Rambo to recomend the guy that helped him with his car the last time he had a problem. or do you think is just the battery. Please help before we star wasting money.


Posted by: Alex on 28 December 2010

mercedes a class 160 petrol 51 plate
it makes a whistling noise and sometimes ur driving the car cuts out is it the air mass and if so are they easy to put in and how expensive are they thanks

mykp says:
dont know about the noise but air mass sensor is in the same unit as ecu and is £1200 plus labour

Posted by: s singh on 14 December 2010

ive got a 160 error start can any one help me plz

                                     cheer s

Posted by: maher demain on 05 December 2010

F*** on gear display
I had this ""baby merc""(as i call it) for just over one year.Is A class 1,7diesel from 2000 with low mileage.Recently an F appeared on the gear display and wouldnt go in any gear.Pulled the car on the side of the road and tried again it wont even start.Took it to BM garage and they said the cluch pomp is faulty.They inspected it ,cleared the pump as they said the brushes inside are stuck,had a test drive and called me to pick it up as it was ok.i have paid £135 and i ve managed to drive it for 20 min when the same problem appeared again.When i called them they said the clutch pump must be changed and it will cost £1200 just the part+labour on top of that.I had a look around to other garages and asked lots of people and somebody recomended me a good and experienced guy who few weeks ago fixed one A class with the same problem.Went there and he said that BM will change the whole clutch pump that s why so costly but he can just change the worn out brushes from inside for £230.I did this and now hopefully everything will be ok.I will keep you posted in the future anyway.

Posted by: rambo on 02 December 2010

Orange Engine Light always on
Last year we have the clutch and gearbos changed on my wifes 10yr old A Class 160. Since then the oprange light, engine shaped, has been on. The car has been running fine for the whole year without any problems with performance of economy. It is now due for an MOT and I am concerened that because this light is on it may fail. I did think that it had come on because the gearbox and clutch had been changed and maybe the EMS picked up the earlier symptons and registed them, ie could not get 1st gear and then no reverse gear. Plus high pitched noise from front nearside, (clutch I believe). Is the light on going to be a problem?

mykp says:
no idea for mot, but its the check engine light and you need a compatible computer or box of tricks to switch it off. You can either goto Mercedes Benz and pay upwards of £43 or buy a box of tricks off fleabay for peanuts and do it yourself. as for the high pitched noise, no idea.

Posted by: Colin Doyle on 19 November 2010

Hey there - great site! My friend bought a Mercedes A Class 160 2000 last night - awesome car so nice to drive... only one slight concern...well, two actually!


 First one is that whent he engine is running there is a slight whislte/whine that increases in pitch with the rev s - much like a turbo, but obviously not :P


 The second one is that it s VERY bouncy at the back end.


 I d really appreciate any idea s/views anyone might have as it s a beautiful car (a blue A160 Elegance) and we don t want to have to get another (plus I liekd riving it!)


 Thanks Very Much




mykp says:
back end sounds like springs or suspension mounts whine?? how loud, could be poly belt or even electric interference from the stereo!

Posted by: Ian on 04 November 2010

I have a mercedes sl 320  replacing the hard top for the winter the front locke in before the back was lined up now it won t releace? any ideas ?

mykp says:
no idea, never owned an SL, i m not rich enough :)

Posted by: Dean on 31 October 2010

A Class Rattle
I have just bought an A140 classic, it is 10 years old, and when iam driving on un even road surfaces there is a ratterling sound coming from underneath, i have had both rear suspensions changed, as was told this was the problem but it is still making the noise.

Is this general road noise as i have been told this, but iam not sure myself.


mykp says:

Posted by: Kirsty Russell on 10 October 2010

a class 2litre cdi avant guarde fuel gage problem
the car was very low on diesel so i put 30 pounds in and the gage wont work and its saying very low on the dash plz can u help

mykp says:
sorry no idea

Posted by: tina turner on 03 October 2010

a class 140
1 hi my benz makes a clank noise at the rear left wheel every time i go over a could it be a bush in the rear swing arm as all my suspension is new (one week old) .

2 and also the car struggles to idle sometimes it idles under 1 on the rev counter is that the norm?

3 and in the week the abs/esp lights came on. and went off after i switched the car off.




Posted by: adam on 18 September 2010

A160 Wont start
Hi , Just want to start by saying this is a great site for us A Class owners.

Ok the problem i have is that recently the car wont start, all i hear is a click from the steering column. The lights and gauges are all off but the other electrics are all fine. For a few days it would jump to life after arount 10-25 attempts but on the 3rd day i had no joy . 4th day the battery was dead. My A160 is a 1998 modelwith miles of 76k showing - i think this has been doctored and is over 100k.


Posted by: Alan on 12 September 2010

merc A140 52 plate
I have A class 52 plate ~ 45k miles. I parked the car for 1 hour and then can didn t start, like battery issue. I have pushed the car to turn on engine and now I do not have problem, at least the last 5 times that I turn on engine today, but management system (yellow light) is still continuosly on.

Any possible cause?

Why the car didn t start?

PS this happen the day after service at Mercedes Dealer who changed: spark plugs, fuel filters, brakes, tyres.

mykp says:
take it back to mb, sounds lie they fogot something after the service.

Posted by: tiziano on 11 September 2010

A170 Mileage/Clock not Lit up

I have a 2001 A170 LWB. The illumination on the mileage/clock display seems to not be working. If you strain your eyes you can see the writing is there but its just not illuminated. Have tried + and - buttons, which change speedo lights but not clock/temp display.

Not sure if connected, but when I indicate the light behind rev counter goes out. Once indicator has stopped it comes back on??


Thanks for your help in advance!

mykp says:
no idea on that one, might be a loose connection, or it might be on its last legs

Posted by: Daisey on 08 September 2010









mykp says:
cheers for that bill

Posted by: bill scott on 29 August 2010

MB just love changing your steering column.
The steering column clunking noise mentioned under the list of most common faults is easily rectified by adjustment to the jacket tube position that puts correct pressure on the Bearing (see Bertie s web site) or take it to MB and pay through the nose for an unecessary expensive repair. 

mykp says:
car to elaborate on the web address rob?

Posted by: Rob on 24 August 2010

fuel smell
hi there i have a merc 160 a class petrol  and in the morning when i get into the car it realy smells of fuel has anyone had this problem ?  but the smell goes after you have drove for a time.

mykp says:
needs the fuel filter changing by the smell of it.

Posted by: tim hulse on 18 August 2010

mercedes A140 elegance
just purchased my mercedes yesterday...drove home a journey which was approx.70miles..fine no problems,however today ive noticed my engine management light has come on..and whilst driving the computer displayed an F instead of D whilst i was driving..does anyone have any idea what this problem is??? im a woman on my own and dont want to be ripped off...the car is a 2002 model...thanks.

mykp says:
Typically this sounds like the battery, open up the battery compartment which is under the right hand side floor and have a look at the date on the battery (if theres one on it) and if its old change it. Otherwise seek professional help.

Posted by: EAW on 12 August 2010

Mass air filter?
I had to call recovery as my mercedes a160 had no power when accelerator full down, going about 5 mph...eventually came to a halt....garage replaced mass air filter £445...then they said it still wasn t running right and replaced fuel filter £150 plus labour...was it fuel filter all the time? or am I being paranoid?

mykp says:
could have been either but fuel filter might have been best to change first

Posted by: Virginia on 20 July 2010

i have an a class v reg runs well  starts ok runs ok . when its been running aprox 15 mins .driving that is u can hear a rattleing souns from under neath the car its becomeing rather anoying is there  any one who has any idea what it can be as i would be great full.

Posted by: andy on 19 July 2010

Fab site
This site is fab- i am about to buy an A160 and this has really helped! thanx

mykp says:
good oh!

Posted by: Alisha on 15 July 2010

tried to start my car and it wont even tick over, a message comes up displaying start error and my milage and petrol gages moved anyone???

mykp says:
no idea!

Posted by: louise on 14 July 2010

drinking too much petrol and misfiring at times
can anyone please help, my car is drinknig way too much fuel, also i can smell petrol when driving, it occsionally misfires too, does it need an air mass filter? and how much am i looking at to rectify this problem? Thanks

mykp says:
sounds like your fuel filter.

Posted by: khamal hussain on 18 June 2010

clock light
hi clock light wont go bright?its very dull a class 2000 plate 140 elagance

mykp says:
keep pushing the + button when the lights are switched on and it will get brighter.

Posted by: derek stenstrom on 12 June 2010


mykp says:
no idea!

Posted by: DERICK ULPH on 22 May 2010

A Class 1400
Recently purchased 2004 A Class motor, when parked & locked at night , the right front  & back light ( head on facing the vechicle) comes on , tried resetting lock, but remains on for hrs.   can this be fixed, will it run my battery down??

mykp says:
you need to look the manual as its the night light and i m not sure on this but the switch is with the headlights

Posted by: Lex on 19 May 2010

noisy air con
we are looking at buying one but on test drive doncerns regarding a noise which is worse with engine gear changes (semi-automatic) but been told it is AC.Anyone any advice?

Its a 2005 model and 1700 engine semi-automatic

mykp says:
move on to the next one, plenty more to view and if something doesnt seem right, it probably isnt.

Posted by: jackie knowles on 14 May 2010

Avangarde A160 semi-automatic
I was driving my car and it started having problems shifting through the gears and an F appeared on the dash. It then just cut-out as I came to the traffic lights! Called the AA and after about 10-15 minutes waiting, I tried starting it again - it worked! I the acceleration was a bit laboured but it worked. I went out again that day and all was well - until I was ready to come home in the early hours of the morning! The car just would not start and the ignition just clicked! After the 5th try, the car started, but would not go into gear! I ended up leaving it parked outside a friends! Any clues about what s going on (by the way, the F appeared on the dash again).

mykp says:
sounds like your battery is knackered. How old is it?

Posted by: Carol on 03 May 2010

A160 utomatic transmission problem
On our A160 Diesel the gear jumps from D to second or third gear a couple of times a year. Thre different drivers has experienced this. The MB dealer finds nothing. Can anybody help?

Posted by: Einart on 27 April 2010

starting in first gear
I recently passed my driving test and can drive any other car fine, I learnt in a Seat Ibiza 2.0, in my A140 i have a real problem moving off in 1st gear, especially when going uphill. Does anyone else experience this? Also the A210 looks amazing!

Posted by: Alex on 11 April 2010

a class 160 auto
just bought a class 160 02 auto. not very familiar with automatic. every time i shift from P to R,N,D, 1,2,3 and 4, sometime it change and letter F appear on dash instead of D or P,R etc. can anyone help me as i have no idea whats the hell is that....thx

mykp says:
how old is the battery. whenthe battery is getting old and not holding power this can happen.

Posted by: muzzy on 06 April 2010

Nice site.
Interesting read thank you.

I too have an A class; an A140 Elegance on an 02 plate.

The good things about it are the space, the thing is like a Tardis!  I have literally had a full-size sofa bed in it when helping my son move digs.  it is also comfortable and easy to drive (especially as ours is automatic).

The bad things - A pillars restrict visibility way too much.  Reliability has been very poor.  The engine management light has been on now 6 different times - it is on right now.  Mercedes have changed all the sensors and the EMC; at a cost to me of over 2500 quid!  It seems pretty obvious they don t know the root cause and are just going through everything.

Now the front offside wheelbearing is on it s way out.  I will change that myself but I would have Mercedes do it if I still trusted them.

All-in-all I am very disappointed in my first Mercedes, I will not buy another if I can avoid it.  My next car will be a Honda, maybe then I can finally get the reliability I am looking for?

Posted by: Pedro on 02 April 2010

noisy pump
when the engine is running it sounds like there is a noisy pump that increases with engine speed. It appears to get quieter as the engine warms up. Any ideas please

mykp says:
fuel pump. when was the last time the fuel filter was changed?

Posted by: Alan on 30 March 2010

Mercedes A Class

  i recently bought the used mercedes A Class 160 Avangarde, but when i drive and press the acceleretor, it making a sound, i donno whts tht, plz can u help out...thanx

mykp says:
no idea!

Posted by: teesha on 15 March 2010

flat battery
a garage removed the battery when is went in for body repairs recently. since then the engine icon warning light has come on and after a few days the battery has gone flat. are these two things connected? what s the cure? thanks.

Posted by: Frank on 02 March 2010

no milage display
just got a second hand a160 1999. there is no milage display or colck. please help . caroline

mykp says:
Only way I know how to fix this is to take it to Mercedes Benz!

Posted by: caroline on 16 February 2010

re: A140 elegance
I have a A140 and the petrol guage only shows about a quarter no matter how much i put in, seems like its the in tank it a know common fault with this model ???? anyone...?? thanks

Posted by: steve on 03 February 2010

my a class ont start
has anybody encounterd this problem

my car starts fine in the morning then if i stop for petrol etc it wont start i have to leave it for 10 min then it starts up fine i m reluctent to get a new starter motor a garrage sugested because i think its just imboblizeing itself

any ideas many thanks julie

mykp says:
sorry i have no idea.

Posted by: julie on 31 January 2010

miss firing
my mb A140 sounds like its missfiring it just happend one morning ive checked the plugs there fine it sounds like a fuel problem does anyone no wot this mite be thanks. mark

Posted by: mark on 19 January 2010

My engine will not hold
Hi I have A140 2001 plate, my question is that why it is that the engine refused to hold as the engine was turning fine, new battery and new key which was programme by MB. Please can someone show me what to do? Thanks.



mykp says:
when you say hold do you mean run?

A trip to MB might be in order.

Posted by: Phil on 09 January 2010

bleeping computer
hi have a mercedes classic A140 runs perfectly but since cold weather computer has been bleeping every 30 seconds there are no warning lights on - any ideas?

mykp says:
nope sorry!

Posted by: Emma on 08 January 2010

2000 A 160
Got my A 160 today second hand. Do not want to idel properly. Smell petroll and have a miss, like miss fire. Engin picture appears on instrument pannel (yellow picture ) Can you help????

mykp says:
If the engine light is on then your gonna have to pay someone to switch it off, so you might as well get them to check the error in the ECU! There is no way of switching it off without a diagnostics computer. It sounds like the fuel filter though and fuel starvation.

Posted by: Willem on 22 December 2009

A Class
hi i have a 160 elegance  plate 2003. i have had no problems with it till it hit 50,000 this time last year. this yr has been a nightmare! central locking broke, heating not working and now one that no one can fix it seems! it hs been off the road for 6 weeks now as it just wont start, and if it does i cant get back. they have changed the starter motor - (£££££££ s) but it still dont work ............... has any one got any ideas please? or does anyone know where i can get a manual? im desperate as MB are charging me a fortune and the money has run out - but i know a man who can with a manual! cheers Denise 

mykp says:
Denise, if its out of warranty i d find a local independant as MB charge way to much in my opinion. My local MB charge over £100 per hour, my local independant (who also get the job done quicker) charge £45!

Posted by: Denise Smith on 25 October 2009

a quick question
We have a 2001 a140 classic, we just got the engine service light sorted but now and again (whilst drivin) the letters ""HI"" will appear on the mileage screen followed by beeping, it stops after 5 seconds but its enough to get us concerned, any idea wat that is?


thanx :D

mykp says:
This is indicating you have too much oil in the engine.

Posted by: alex stevenson on 12 October 2009

Rattles on A Class
Mine is an A190 and ok that makes it 10 years old.  Its a lovely car to drive but it s always had rattles on it that sound a bit like a loose exhaust on any other car.  I ve even suspected that at some stage a MB mechanic has left a spanner or something in the sandwich floor but I ve had every mechanic at every service look for something and none can find anything wrong

I think it s just that MB don t put things together as well as Ford which is really disappointing.  Bits do have a habit of just falling off (inside I mean).  Still I ve kept it for 10 years despite the auto gear box packing up after 5 years (25,000 miles) and MB refusing to accept any liability (that cost just under £5,000 inc labour) and I ve just had a new wheel put on it it £200.  Oh how I hate those low profile tyres - You feel every bump in the road.  

Having said all that it accelerates well and has lots of space and all the bells and whistles you would expect.

I bought it in 2000 and actually went out to buy a Ford Focus but they didn t do an auto at that time so here I am with an A class with red Maclaren racing stripes.  I think I ve kept it longer than any other car I ve had so I guess that must say something.      

mykp says:
You might want to take a look at the Baby Benz website as there are loads of tips and tricks to cure rattles and squeeks.

Where are these noises coming from? If it’s the floor then my advice is to take out the seats and then put insulation tape round the bars which the seats fix to in the floor. Once round should be enough. Then put them back in. this should prevent the mounts moving too much.

If its coming from the back seats then it might be the head rests, again easy to solve. Take them out, pull the legs further apart then put them back in.

If its from the rear it could be the parcel shelf or the rear tailgate. My second a-class rattled and I took the rear door cover off then put little blobs of silicone sealant near to the areas where the clips hold it in place and copper grease on the clips. I then put the cover back on when the silicone was dry and this stopped it.

Posted by: John Ashfield on 26 September 2009

a class,
I realy like this site. I own a a class 170 06 plate. the warranty is run out. I have knowedge about cars. not very hi tec. service oil change etc iam going to do my self. I would like to join baby benz club.


many thanks.


mykp says:
to join baby benz club goto

Posted by: Danny Dhanasiri on 23 July 2009

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