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Page created on: 05/06/2003 / Last Updated: 08/07/2013 22:20:25

I hate Cat Shit

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I hate cats and cat shit.

What, why do you hate cats mike?
Those lovable fluffy bundles of fluffyness?
Tame vermin more like!

So, why do I hate cats?

Well, firstly I have a severe allergy to cats, especially fluffy cats, the fluffier the cat the worse my allergy. This allergy makes me itch, then, my eyes water and then I start to sneeze my head off. This continues for several hours after I´ve moved away from the cats or the house which they where in.

However an even bigger reason I hate them is nothing to do with my allergy but more to do with what the little bastards do and leave in my garden.


and yes I can say that, after all this is my website.

If you have a cat, let me ask you a question. If I came into your garden night after night and let my dog leave little piles of shit scattered around your lawn and bedding plants, how would you feel. You´d report me to the police wouldn´t you, or what would you say if I bought a cat and let it shit in your back garden every night?


So all you cat lovers will be saying, “Well its nature isn´t it” or “There wild animals what can you do?” or even "My cats are so nice they dont do that"

Both of my neighbours have more than one cat and some of my others neighbours have one cat so we are in somewhat of a cat hotspot, and I am sick of cleaning cat shit out of my garden everyday.

Now what really annoys me even more is that if this was dog doing this I could take legal action against the owner of the dog, but because there is no legislation for cats I have to put up with it. Theres nothing worse than doing a bit of gardening and finding you´ve either put your hand in “Cat shit” or you´ve nearly put your hand in “Cat shit”

I´ve taken to some drastic measure to stop the bastards shitting in my garden, I´ve bought cat scarers, they work to a fashion but I´d need loads to cover all of the garden and there £35 each!. I´ve tried putting scent down in the garden which is supposed to scare cats away, but when it rains it washes this away. I´ve even put little pointy sticks in the garden to discourage them from squatting down but they just shit elsewhere.

The most effective method I have found is water. A good soaking with the hose pipe usually stops a cat in its tracks but this involves sitting watching the garden all day!

Failing the above what can I do to stop cats coming into my garden? If I even say I´ll harm a cat I´ll have the Cat Protection League beating a path to my door, threatening me with Legal or physical pressure.

Talking to my neighbours about their cats, gets me the typical cat owner responses, see above, so their as likely to do anything about it as they are to clean up the shit their cats leave behind.

Its about time cat owners where made responsible for their pets as dog owners have been made to be. After all if you are responsible enough to buy a pet then you should be responsible enough to look after it and be responsible for your pets actions. What ever they maybe!

Cat shit! I hate it.


It has come to my attention by others who have had the same problem, and there are lots of people if the number of emails I get about this page alone are anything to go by. That your council wont do anything about this situation. Indeed if the amount of Cat shit in your garden becomes a problem and you dont deal with it, YOU, not the cat owners are liable for Prosecution on Health Grounds!

Its about time the law was changed to make cat owners more liable for their pets actions as dog owners have made to be..

Heres a typical Council response. The names have been removed to protect the innocent.

Thank you for your Letter, addressed to *********, dated 3 May 2004, which has been forwarded to me for action.

Unfortunately, there are no laws or bye-laws under which we can take action against the owners of cats fouling in your garden. In fact, if it became a health issue, action would be taken against yourself to keep your garden clear of such faeces. Cats are considered to be "free spirits" and are unable to be restrained. They are excluded from the definitions of "livestock" under the Animals Act 1971 and cannot be held guilty of trespass under civil laws and their owners, therefore, cannot be liable for any damage caused. In any event, it would be extremely difficult to prove that a specific cat had produced any specific faeces.

The only exception where the local authority may take action would be if a single household kept a large number of cats (more than 12) whereby the premises could be considered to be a cattery or sanctuary or breeding establishment and would require planning consent. Under these circumstances, certain conditions may be applied in order to reduce the risk of the cats straying.

The only advice that we can offer is that cat repellant crystals may be bought from local hardware shops. A cheap deterrant is to place lemonade (or similar) bottles half filled with water (lying on their sides) at various places around your garden as the reflection from the water appears to act as a deterrant to cats.

I am sorry we are unable to assist you further with your problem.

Yours Some Council Person!

If you have something to say on this subject or if you think my views on cat are wrong then let me know by adding you comments at the bottom of the page. If there appropriate then they will be approved for other to see.

Tips for keeping cats from your yard, from others

I get quite a few emails from people with suggestions about how to stop cats leaving sh!t in your garden, unfortunately most are unprintable but a few are helpful and I have included them below.

CDs in the garden From Vince
"this is actually the only thing that worked for me, get a cd or a few (any type but must be the reflective side facing towards) place on the ground in a few places facing the beasts (trial n error but i placed inline with my rosebeds adjusting the angles) they really do not like it,hope this helps let me know if this does...v man"

Wooden Meat Skewers from Maria
In the areas of garden you dont want cat scat put wodden meat skewers or sticks sticking upwards our of the ground. These are the type which are used for kebabs.

There are a few things I would like to add to this page as its been a while since it was last updated.

As this page is receiving a large number of hits, over 250,000 since March of 2008, it would seem that I am not the only one with this problem, it would also seem that there are a few cat lovers out there who deem it their mission in life to write abusive, even threatening emails to me. I will not tolerate this type of email or message on my message board and will report any offenders to the police who have already received and acted on two such emails. I have not made any threats of violence against cats on here, and if you, the people who have send threatening emails said the same thing in the street then would you not expect a reaction of some sort?

I have also had a few emails saying, "You own dogs, your dogs shit all over the place" not so! I always carry doggie bags and clean up after my dogs as I dont want my neighbourhood, town or countryside to be covered in dog shit, so I clean up after them. Plus I dont want a £1000 fine, something cat owners dont factor into the equation.

Since I originally wrote this one of my neighbours have moved "Yes the scum next door have gone and taken their four cats with them" My other next door neighbour now only has one cat, as one of them was sadly run over outside the house. So the amount of car shit in our garden has dramatically reduced and since we bought a dog its reduced to zero in the back garden, we get some occassionally in the front garden but its rare now.

I keep this page going as it helps others with the same problems and the comments below is a place for those to vent their anger. For those with cats who let them outside have some respect for your neighbours, I had somebody say "My cat doesnt go in my garden" well I dont know of any cats which spend their entire life not shitting at some point, so ask yourself where are they going to take a dump?

A few people have also mentioned to me the Petition which is running on the Downing street website and if you want to sign it then go ahead, link removed as now dead!

Looks great but I personally think that after the farce that was the congestion charge petition which Mr Blair effectively said "Thanks for signing" and then stuck two fingers up to everyone, I dont think anything on the downing street website will have any effect on any new policy. Sign it by all means but dont expect anything to happen.

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Drowning in cat poo
I cannot believe the messages some cat owners post here. More importantly I cannot believe that although this is a problem for so many people the law asserts that cats can do whatever they want on someone s property. Basically in simple terms someone s cats have more rights on my property than I do.

I have a 6x3 m front lawn that I was struggling to keep tidy as I work long hours. My attempt to do a nice flower bed failed misserably as cats came over night destroyed all my work and left 5 piles of stinky poo.

I gravelled the area and decided to plant some flowers. BTW, neighbours, cat owners have been commenting at times that my grass was too long.

In the morning I found 10 piles of nasty cat poo. When trying to clean it some had disgusting fat worms and the stench was indescribable. With the hot weather I couldn t keep windows open as it stinks like a public toilet uncleaned for ages. Every day there was more poo. My neighbours comment that ""ah yes, that is what cats do"" whilst I am gagging picking up the crap.

I read today that actually if I don t pick up the crap I am responsible for the health hazard!!

What country are we leaving in? We are discriminated against by the irresponsible people who decide to keep cats and not look after them properly. I just can t take this anymore. I come home late in the evening tired and I have to pick up poo, every single day!

I have covered the area now in bamboo sticks which looks incredibly stupid and awful, tried other things too. But again it begs the question, why do I have to spend money not to mention time to have other people deciding that I must have poop, loads of it on my lawn?


mykp says:
I feel your pain and yes there are some very irresponsible animal owners out there who do not pick up their animals poo! My advice is borrow a friends dog for a few days and let it pee all over the garden. My mum and dad had problems with cat crap all over their garden and when my wife and I went away for a few days we left our dogs with them and for nearly a month after the dogs had gone, no cats. Failing that get a cat scarer which use infrared and a high frequency beep to scare the vermin away. I bought some many years ago and rigged them to be on all the time and even now 10 years later they still keep the cats from our front garden.

Posted by: Sarah on 13 August 2014

Cat cull
I am surrounded by the furry little preditors.  The evil little creatures scrap and pee in my garden and kill the birds. I now have a water spray gun which shoots water at them.  I love hearing then squeel and then hit the fence panicking out of my garden.  The only thing I hate more is owner s who can t understAnd why people hate them so much. If only cats would shot on their own door steps.

Posted by: karen on 23 July 2014

Enough Health And Safety
I ve had enough , there should be a law definately , After contacting my MID BED S COUNCIL ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH comedy club , they are not interested even when I told them the sh!t off my lawn goes in the wheelie bin, and the sick  and food off my drive gets washed into the drain. I have lost count of the cost in trying different products , my garden looks awfull with bottles , pegs , sensors . MY GRANDCHILDREN CAN LONGER PLAY IN MY GARDEN, I can t in all honesty let them play out there.  The number of flies has gotten to a point we can t leave the windows open now the summers here . What about useing painball guns to mark the offending animals which will highlight the offending ""pet"" owners. Today I have just thrown all the sh!t and sick into the middle of the road, share and share alike.      Thanks for letting me let off steam .


mykp says:
glad to be of service.

Posted by: Mr Hampson on 13 June 2014

Hire a couple of Chinese they love cats.

Posted by: Mingling on 14 April 2014

cat from 4 doors up got in my house and wee´d n poo´d on my bed
l work in an office and when l am at home l have as many windows open as possible - weather permitting and the bak door.

Two weeks ago l came home from work and found a note through door saying could you look out ofr lost cat might be shut in shed etc. Thought no more of it.

Went upstairs to change, the stench that greeted me was awful, there on my luxury latex mattress (have health issues) was a pile of cat crap and wee stains, the pillows also got soaked, no idea how long it had been on bed as out all day. l took photo s. Went in cleaning hypo drive - whole house cleaned and vacumed through.

That evening pulling the floor length lounge curtains l noticed something move - it was a bloody cat! l shut it in the room and went up the road and said think l have your cat, its in my lounge! (l forgot to take a photo of it as l was so stunned but l do have hairs from it on my laptop bag for DNA)

He came and chased it around the lounge until he caught it, said was everything ok and l said no its wee n poo on my bed, care to take a look/sniff - he declined.

He took cat home and came back down and asked how much bed was l said  £2K - he said cant afford that and by the way we go on holiday tomorrow morning. lasked if he drop his insurance details in before he went but the never appeared.

My husband and l slept on the lounge floor that night as l am very allergic to cats and have asthma and having lost my younger brother to asthma attack l am not prepared to take any chances as l know how dangerous asthma attacks are.

The next day l managed to locate the same mattress. paid for it to and was expecting delivery.

l tried calling both their mobiles but no answer, left vm asking that they phone to discuss. Nothing.

So we continue to sleep on the floor.

The day before delivery l get call that mattress was not the correct one and they dont have one, refund and have to source another.

Another mattress located more expensive, ordered and paid for.

The cat people come back from holiday, nothing, no knock at door to discuss. We put note through door asking to talk to them. They did come down, said in law not liable and no money for new mattress, said what about payment plan as the cost is sitting on my credit card. She went upstairs and sniffed the mattress and said not that bad really. The manufacture has said due to the composition of the mattress it would not be able to be cleaned. They said will go away and discuss, so they have had 3 days and nothing from them.

l have had to go to the chiropractor as a result of sleeping on the floor. l had a facet injection in my cervical spine 2 weeks before this happened and it had helped but skeeping on the floor has screwed that up. l am also cross that l have had to discuss my medical conditions with people l barely know as justification for a new mattress.

l am so cross that they can own 2 cats and a dog and have this attitude. We live in a small close so all the neighbours will be updated with the SAGA.

l am going to look into taking this to the small claims court.

Ok so it might not be the cats fault it got shut in the house - but l would have expected them to have been responsible owners - l was when l had a pet. The t**t is an insurance broker and all he kept saying was you never admit liability............

There needs to be a change to legislation - so that if someone elses pet gets in your house they are liable for damages. Whole system is unfair.

A new petion is needed to go to Parliment. l will sign and l know lots of other people that would too.

Posted by: furious on 11 August 2013

had cats sh!tting  on my garden due to new neighbours having cats.  Lived here 20 years and had none till two neighbours moved in a few months ago(both have cats).Managed to stop one neighbours cats sh!tting, by using olbas oil on tea bags.  Now the other neighbours cat has decided to use my garden despite lots of land opposite!  was just reading this site and decided to have a look! caught it just squatting down, squirted it with water from my ready bottle on window-cill, am now trying deep-heat on tea bags(am reading tips on various sites, wouldn t hurt cats but am fed up of picking up smelly sloppy sh!t, am sure something was wiggling in it!boak!

Posted by: bloobells on 08 August 2013

Cat owners COULD deal with this ...
In some Australian cities, if a cat enters your propery more than once it can be impounded and the owner fined.

It s up to the owner, therefore, to fence their cat in so it can t get into other s gardens. 

We need the same law here. 

Posted by: Andy on 27 July 2013

Throw it back over next door...
I just throw it back over next door.


Its there cat... there problem and they should clean the sh!t up.


The little bastards come round and sh!t outside my KITCHEN door, which means I cannot leave the door open when the weather is nice otherwise my WHOLE KITCHEN is infested with flys.


Absolutely sick, discusting and with young children there is a huge health and safety risk... So why should I be made responsile?


Now Mr Council Person, tell me exactly why this is allowed?

Why cannot Cat owners be forced to keep cats inside?? - I have the answer, its because cats are seen to kill mice and other rodents which keeps the council costs down.


There is no other reason.


I myself have a cat, its been indoors ever since I had it and it does not even want to go out because its not used to it.


So if I can do it why can t everyone else...


Posted by: Nick on 03 July 2013

I can t put up with this sh*t any longer. litterally! my neighbour has 3 cats, 2 of which continually sh*t in garden.18months now. ive had to tear up the lawn and replace it with gravel,still get plenty of cat sh*t. i have tried; orange peel,garlic deterant product,cat sonar, rose thorns.squiting em with water. i have 2kids, one who loves the outdoors and is young! i also have A LIFE and dont have time to pick up sh*t everday. last year one of his cats jumped from my kitchen ext roof,landed on me scratching my alergic to cats hand which was brill, better yet it then helped itself to my kitchen,p*ssin all over it, then sat under my comp desk and shat all over the wires. i tried to scare it off with the hoover (no i didnt hurt it) but it jus hissed at me. its entered my house again this summer.ive bollocked my neighbour plenty nuff times, hes ok about it, but does NOTHING, no litter trays in the garden of F all else. in the winter it snowed ALOT, so he put grit down in his yard, and a small section of it on our patition wall! why was this i ask? because he has no intention of dealing with his cats litter. he has however cleaned it up out of my garden(once). he wanted a key or some way of gaining access to my garden everyday. no way. why should i, an invasion of privacy and hes a creep. too interested in my children for my liking. some cat owners are weird and plain ignorant! ive reported him to the council, but i know they think im the nutter not him. :-(

Posted by: alergic.andy on 28 June 2013

Nice garden but it stinks
I love my gardens and have spent lots of money people Come to visit and tell me how beautiful my gardens are but in turn say that it smells of cat sh!t. how embarrassing is that how do I get rid of the cat sh!t


Posted by: Maureen on 10 June 2013

awwww cats
more eductaion is needed or cat owners...

cats are a serious hazzard and so is their sh##

most cat owners i know only see their cats or a few minutes a day and when the cat owner has had there hit of cuddley flufferley wufferleyness the cats are chucked outside for the day to crap on other people property.

cat keepers have a devasting impact on our little birds, as cat numbers rise our bird numbers fall.

farmers can shoot dogs dead (it happens) if they worry sheep so why no law for cats when they affect they health and safety of human beings on there own property


Posted by: wayne on 08 June 2013

Cats can use toilets
I was a cat owner and my cats were trained to poop in their cat litter trays by the back door and allowed out to roam. Are most cats owners that unsocial that they cant think of their neighbours, and be responsible cat owners? I am fed up of cats pooping in my garden now, and what upsets me the most is the inconsiderate cats owners who just don't care as long as they don't have to clean it up. If you own a cat you should have a litter tray and train your cat.

Posted by: amy on 19 May 2013

my estate is like something out of a Steven King horror movie with the amount of cats there are here, dug over my front flowerbed yesterday and today its full of poo , I am so sick of cat poo in my garden I have a dog and he can keep them out of the garden during the day  but the buggers come in the night when we are in bed. Cat owners cannot have it both ways either cats are wild animals and therefore the owners must have a licence for (and be responsibele for) them or they are domestic pets and the same rules apply to the owners of cats as apply to all other pet owners


Posted by: Joan on 12 October 2012

Really grates my gears.....
I think i am going to shock you and tell you that I in fact have 2 cats however my cats are house cats and this is exactally one of the reasons why I made my cats house cats from kittens.  I dont feel it is right for anyone to be cleaning up after anyone elses pet especially not from their property.  I have recently had a neightbour move in who has bought a cat and of course they are never in during the day the cat is always out but we have just done a lovely rockery in our garden and paid a fortune to landscape it, now we have got their cat coming in our garden dicking our rockery up and leaving their poo all over my garden.  The worst bit is that i have 3 small children and one of those has got a disability and wouldnt hesitiate if i didnt see it first pick it up and put it in his mouth,  i think its apsolutely discraseful that nothing can be done some people just dont give a flying you know what for other peoples property or privacy.   

Posted by: Nikki on 24 August 2012

The Human Rights Act
I wrote once before but since then I have been doing some enquiries and my daughter completed a law degree. She then did a bit of research and came up with the following...

If the situation becomes a nuisance then a complaint to the neighbour first should be made. If this gets nowhere then a complaint to the local authority. They will undoubtedly fob you off saying the usual cats are free spirits and the law doesn t cover the situation the way that dogs are covered . At this point you make a formal complaint under article 4 of the HRA. This is the freedom to enjoy your goods, chattles and life in general. They will probably try and fob you off here agin with the That s what your neighbour is doing... enjoying their goods etc... . At this point you hit them with a breach of article 9. They are making you a subclass and not treating you equally. Article 9 makes it clear that cat owners cannot be regarded as a special case and thereby subjugating your rights under HRA.

Either way, failing to respond positively should be a breach of the HRA. By the way, a general failure to respond i.e. they ignore you should be met by an immediate formal complaint to the Local Goverment Ombudsman.


The irritating thing about this is that, as I walk down my road and pass the first lamp post I see a sign that states I can be fined £1000 if I do not poop scoop after my dog.


A final comment after reading a recent post here. Dumping cat pooh into a neighbours garden is potentially a prosecutable offence even if you have a video of the cat responsible (I do recommend CCTV if this is a problem). There can be some unfortunate knock on effects if you end up with a reported dispute between neighbours. This can be asked about on a solicitors enquiries should you try and sell your house. This in turn can put off prospective purchasers.

Posted by: Jo on 24 August 2012

I don t own a cat, yet I am constantly waking to several piles of crap on my garden every single day, not only is it vile and stinks to high heaven but I have to constantly check my garden is clear before I let my children out on the garden to play, which is really not on when they re not even my pets!! It s so frustrating, not to mention highly dangerous, I am sooo close to bagging it and putting it through my neighbours letterbox!!

Posted by: Lucy on 21 August 2012

Attacked by cat in own home
I was at home asleep on my sofa. When I awoke there was a Neighbours cat in my home sitting next to me. I was attacked by the cat and bitten. I spent 2 Days in hospital and got an operation on my hand to flush out the poison and bacteria from my hand. It was a neighbours cat. They dont seem to care that there cat sh!ts in my garden or that it bit me.

Cats have a right to roam I was told by the owner....................WRONG not in SCOTLAND they don t. Cat owners have the responsibility to clean up there cats mess from a neighbours garden. I was informed of this by the SSPCA. My neighbour tried to tell The SSPCA Inspector that cats have a right to roam and he stopped her in her tracks.

If there cat sh!ts in your garden then it s upto them to clean it up. Hard to prove I know but not with the age of the Mobile phone with built in camera. Take a pic if you see iy or get a CCTV system. Show your evidence to your neighbour and invite them to clean it up. If they dont they are liable for the cost of a profesonal firm like rentokill to clean the mess up.

This little known gem was confirmed to me by my Lawyer. My neighbour has been informed in writing of my intention to bill them everytime there cat sh!ts in my garden. I have started I FECKIN HATE CATS PAGE ON FB have a look on there to see how I get on.

Not putting up with this sh!t any longer

mykp says:
CCTV is definately the way forward

Posted by: David on 16 August 2012

Love cats but fed up
Love cats, have owned cats myself but always litter trained them, crazy neighbour next door feeds all the strays, wont allow them to foul in her garden - chases them off etc.


I am fed up with having to face cat sh!te in my fronrk, every time I return from work etc.  Have tried having a word with the neighbour who will just not do anything about it, she loves filling them with food but wont clean up after them.  I am seriously tempted to use the antifreeze method, not the cats fault I know but I cannot stand it anymore.  The council wont do anything, neighbour wont do anything, what choice do I have left?


I tried sprinkling curry powder and cayenne powder which was ineffective.  Time to go to war!

Posted by: billyjo on 06 August 2012

Cat shit
For the last god knows how long  cats have shat on our garden, have made garden into drive ,  but in the last 2 weeks it got worse. i know whose cats they are and i have watched them. I started  removing it and putting it back into owners garden. Did not remove sh!t this weekend, only to have cat sh!t smeared over car and key scratched and these so called cat lovers think thats all well and good. Have called police will let you know of out come

Posted by: Gedj on 29 July 2012

10 Downing St petition on cat legislation open until 22 Nov 2012
Control of Domestic Cats Responsible department: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Domestic cats have a large impact on the community and natural environment, causing nuisance and damage to property, spreading disease through fouling, and killing local wildlife. Legislation should require:

Compulsory identification through microchipping;

 Compulsory registration;

 and Compulsory sterilisation.

While legislation will not resolve all problems associated with cats, it will provide the mechanism to:

Encourage responsible cat ownership;

Reduce the number of unwanted cats being bred;

Allow for cats found in a public place or on private property to be seized;

and Allow for reuniting of lost cats with their owners.

Such legislation was successfully passed into law in Western Australia on 09 November 2011.

Posted by: Chris on 18 July 2012

Cat Owners Should Be Responsible
Not everyone wants to clean up CATs mess everyday and they should not have to. I am sick and tired of cleaning mess everyday and although I have never really disliked CATs this is a start. 

Owners should keep their CATs in and train them to mess in the litter box. You should not have animals as pets if you cannot train them.

It s easy to say Get a life , because you re CATs messing in someone else s garden and their the ones that have to clean this up. How can they get a life when all they are doing is cleaning POO!

For only the rude CAT owners you should not have CATS as pets if you cannot train them.

My sympaty goes out to all the innocent people that have to constantly put up with SHIT!

mykp says:
exactly, well said!

Posted by: sarah on 04 July 2012

Stop crying you angry lil bitch... its a fuckin garden
Wah wah I m gonna start an entire web page about cat sh!t and my lame ass garden. Holy f**k get a f**kin life you douche bag. It s too bad you can t own pets cuz they are great stress relievers and companions and you sound like you need a hug not a garden. Can t you take some medication or something for othe  allergies or the bitterness (zoloft).


If the cat sh!tting in your lame ass garden is that bad trap the cat and call the pound. Once the owners realized its cats missing they will call the pound. Do this enough times and all of a sudden its a house cat. You sound like an uptight prick... pull the stick out of your ass and enjoy life instead of whinning about dumb sh!t on the internet.

mykp says:
douche bag?!?!?! Up tight?? If your that bothered by whats on the page why did you reply? Do you own a garden? Do you own cats? Perhaps I should just say "Oh, gosh. one of those lovely little fluffy cats has left a little excrament filled package in my garden. Dash, nevermind i ll leave it there!" As for pets I also own dogs, whos shit I dutifully pick up, not leave in someone elses garden for them to pick up.

Posted by: This guys a angry lil bitch on 02 July 2012

We fell out with our neighbours some time ago over this. We got the usual response, It isn t OUR Tiddles . We have a daily stream of cats over our fence (they have 6 cats and she is a member of the local Cat Protection League). The smell is awful, the amount of crap we now have is becoming a hazard. Now, I hate cats with a vengeance, but I believe anyone who owns a cat to be rather strange. They appear to treat their little treasures like kiddies. In my view this is what should happen:

1. Cat owners PAY a fee to the Local Authority so that anyone with a cat crap problem can obtain deterrents FREE of charge. Why should I have to pay £5 each time to treat an area to keep it free from someone else s crap?

2. One dwelling is limited to a maximum of TWO cats, and by law they must be trained to use a litter tray in their own property or have their cats removed.

3. Cat owners should be required by law to take lessons in honesty, as to my experience, they are lying toads, denying the obvious!

4. And finally..... Cat owners should be required to have dietry and psychological advice, as from experience, they tend to be overweight and a bit odd.

Posted by: Dave Williams on 01 July 2012

Cats and the final straw
after 5 years fo taking this sh!t (for give the pun) i have come to drastic craps in my garden (i know which 2 they are as i watch them) i retrieve the sh!t and post it through the letterbox of the owner with a nice letter ""Your cat has forgotten this item when it left my garden so been an honest kind of bloke  i thought i would pop it back safe and warm in your house, can you let your cat know if it forgets it again i will bring it here and more besides, yours sincerely an honest neigbour""

Strange how these two cats dont come out much these days.......

Posted by: nick on 25 June 2012

If I get mole hills in my garden I am allowed to Kill them with traps because they are a destructive pest, I can even employ a professional molecatcher to do the job and dispose of them.Cats are no different, they spread disease kill wild life, birds (etc) and destroy property. Can we therefore cull them in our gardens. Humanely that is, and avoid the law

Posted by: geoff warriner on 23 June 2012

This worked for me...
My neighbor refused to keep her cats inside or on a leash and they were pooping in my kids sandbox. Even with the tarp on! Got a trap from the city and someone (the owner) kept letting the beasts out when we would catch them. I was about to buy anti freeze to leave out for them when I passed by the medicine isle at the store. That is when it came to me LAXATIVES!!! I mixed heavy doses of laxatives in with some tuna and fed the cats. That night I could hear screaming coming from my neighbors house. She kept letting them out and I kept feeding them laxatives. The screaming only got worse. One night I attached a note to the cats collar that said I will stop feeding your cats laxatives if you will keep them inside or on a leash. I have not seen them since. Problem solved. Yesterday I watched my lovely neighbor ripping the carpet of of her home. :)

mykp says:
thats evil! but if it works!

Posted by: Cindy on 22 May 2012

Please let me enjoy my garden
I came across this site whilst looking for a way to keep cats out of my garden. I have tried everything, and despite being a normal rational person, my frustration at not being able to enjoy my own property sends me into a ranting frenzy. I have spent a small fortune on various sprays, sound emitting devices and so on, not to mentions vet bills when my dogs have become ill though ingesting cat poo. I can no longer allow the dogs out in the garden, nor can I sit in or garden. I don t have a problem with picking up poo, after all, I clear up after my own dogs. Its just that you don t always see it until it s too late, and I have trodden in it, put my hand in it, the dogs have eaten it, or my grandchildren have played in it. I woudn t see any animal hurt, but I can understand how some people may have been driven to this. I don t allow my pet to foul anyone else s property. I don t expect any one else to allow their pet to foul my property. It really is that simple.

Posted by: pat on 13 April 2012

cat lover
I have two cats and while one is your typical f you all im gonna do what I want cat the other uses a cat litter tray or my front garden I know this because id let her out she d run under the hedge start digging then come back so not all cays wanna sh!t in other people gardens just the majority!

Posted by: Lucy on 21 March 2012

Typical fluffy minded cat owners!
The stupidity of people like Emma and Jane telling us that we should get a life and stop worrying over a little cat poo.  That s typical of cat owners living in their lovely fluffy free-spirited world where they can deny any responsibility for their vermin; that are not natural in such high concentrations; as found in any street of victorian terraces in England.  Every other house in my street has cats, next door has five, and I m forever clearing cat sh!t from my veg and herb garden.  Don t worry about cat poo?  I suggest Emma and Jane not worry when I come round and take a dump in their fridges!

Posted by: rachel on 19 March 2012



Having tolerated cat sh!tting for many years trying out various products without success, plus the cost incurred: I did some research and found the answer to a cat sh!t free garden for ever! No Cat sh!t for 10 years now in my garden!

Growing Lillys is not against the law! Now should a poor little sh!tting cat eat any part of a lily by accident, then only the stupid cat is to blame!  Remember! Its one thing to know, and another to prove!

There  are several species of lily which I can recommend, including;

Common Name:....................Scientific Name:

Tiger lily  ...................Liium Lancifolium syn (Lilium Tigrinum)

Rubrum lily................Lilium Speciosum

Asain lily.....................Lilium Asiatica

Stargazer lily............Lilium Orientalis

Easter lily..................Lilium Longiflorum

Posted by: CATTERMINATOR ! on 18 March 2012

I was searching Google looking for a way to train my 9mth old puppy to stay in our garden when I came accross this website. Our (horrid) neighbours have a cat that continually cr*ps in our garden and I have a 3yr old child, so have to regularly do the rounds before he can play out. Ive complained to them about their dog being allowed to roam and foul on our land in the past (we are in maisonettes, but they have a back garden which isnt accessable like ours) and their cat is a big problem too. I started scooping up the cat sh*t and leaving it ontop of their recycling box, but they stuck a notice on it saying to stop leaving our puppys dog s*it on them!!! I am a responsible dog owner with a child, who cleans up my dogs mess IMMEDIATELY and was dsigusted she didnt even realise it was her own cats mess. My guess is that shes probabbly never seen it for herself cause it dumps on other people s propertry - why would she!! Their cat scales my fence and has scratched it to pieces on my side by clambering up it. I have put a spinning wind chime hanging down from that section of the fence and stuck a pole covered in tin-foil next to it from the ground up. This seems to have deterred it from the fence more than without it. Ive also pruchased spikes and these will be going up this summer. I may actually load them with some axel greese too, as recommended above, if not just to deter the cat, but to at least let me have the satisfaction that the stinking cat s carrying the filth into her own house through their patio doors and straight onto her cream carpets!! I have to say, much as Id love to befriend their cat (it won t come anywhere near me, its like it knows I will ring its neck), I wouldnt want the filthy thing in my car to transport it elsewhere. I think the problem will just be offloaded to another part of the country and if we are asll ferrying them around, weve all got the same number of cats, just different ones!! (PMSL). I like the air-gun option myself . . . ,ight look into that. Oh and the anti-freeze. That would be good!!! Kepp up the good work. some of these comments have had me in stitches . . . I can so relate to the frustration. If the government won t do something, then they shouldnt be surprised if more people take things into their own hands and there are a few less/ or missing cats in the UK!!

Posted by: someoneelse on 12 March 2012

Hate cat crap - deterrents
I too hate cats!!! They sh!t everywhere, dig up my plants/bulbs, scare the birds and walk mud all over my car.  I ve spent £ ssss on remedies, green crystals, pepper, chilli& curry powder, pointed sticks and scardy cat plants which stink (they crapped between them), teabags soaked in horrible smelly liquids etc.  I now cut pieces off a really prickly gorse type shrub and put the cuttings all in my flower beds and on the grass where they foul most.  The cuttings die off but are effective. They remain very prickly even after they die and lose their colour and if you stick them in the ground hard enough, they don t blow away.  I m going to get 2 sonar devices to try as well.  Super soaker water guns do the trick in the summer or a good high powered hose. But why should we all have to take such drastic and time consuming measures to deter these horrible creatures? I clear up the crap and throw it back into the cat owners gardens, after all, it is theirs. Let them clear it up as they don t have any.  

mykp says:
The reason youre not supposed to throw the shit back is because you can get fined! Ironic I know but if you throw the crap back into the garden from where the cat came then this is classed as littering. The council wont do anything if the car shits in your garden but they will do something if you throw it back. How crazy is that!

Posted by: Angie on 10 March 2012

Try a little tolerance
Whilst I am sure that most participants on the site are reasonable people who would not take extreme measures and are simply a bit irritated, there will undoubtedely be some less stable individuals who will be take away the idea that it is acceptable to harm creatures unable to defend themselves. All this site does is whip up anti-cat sentiment which is totally unhelpful and unwarranted.

I sincerely hope that people are sensible enough to get a bit of perspective on this and are not encouraged by what they think is safety in numbers to take on board some of the more extreme advice. The reality is that the great majority of people do not share these concerns and would find many of the views expressed abhorrent and some downright cruel.

The garden is not a sterile environment and it s quite unrealistic to expect that it is. There is all manner of pooping, skin shedding, egg laying, reproducing and general mucky business going on with all sorts of creatures including mice, rats, voles, squirrels, foxes, birds and insects. Although the possibility is remote (as it is with cats), many of the by-products of these animals can also cause disease. Unless you re unfortunate enough to be completely overrun by stray cats, the contribution cats make to this overall debris is miniscule.

With regard to catching mice, birds etc., cats are only following deeply-ingrained survival insincts, as do all animals. I don t like this aspect of their behaviour either, but it s ridiculous to suggest they are being deliberately cruel and attributing human characteristics to them. Cats do not have the power of reason that we supposedly higher beings do.

I also think it s ridiculous to even think of falling out with your neighbour about something so trivial. We all create irritations for our neighbours, whether it be dog barking, children kicking balls over the fence, loud music/television, noisy garden machinery, power tools, parking, bonfires, security lighting, high hedges etc. etc. How can you be sure that the neighbour whose much-maligned cat you obsess about, is not equally annoyed by something you do but is too tolerant and sensible to cause ill-feeling? It s far more satisfying to have good neighbours than an impossibly pristine garden.

There are many more serious problems in the world to campaign about. Perhaps people need to exercise some tolerance, develop a sense of proportion, get out of their back gardens and engage with the rest of society a bit more.

mykp says:
Unfortunately people do fall out with their neighbours over this as the owners typical response is "What do you want me to do about it?" or "Its not my little tiddles, my little tiddles doesnt do that" or some other response which negates any responsibility on their behalf. My neighbours response was a torrent of abuse at the very mear suggestion that "her" cats where to blame.

Posted by: Sarah Wilkins on 08 March 2012

All my pets are trained it takes patience /repeated routines and equipment . Litter boxes in my own yard garden inside a large box Cardboard or plastc under hedges works best ...REWARD with treats when they use it.  

eg: My dog knew he couldnot gofor a walk until he had pooed and sprinkled the garden in hisown spot morning and night.   IT WORKS if you put time in.. All I had to say was ...UP GARDEN.   Id be waiting with his lead.   clean up hismess then off we go. 

CATS too use their own garden litter boxes and come home for toilet duty. 

The two cats I have now arehouse cats ,foxes are rife at night.  

Finally ...Rabbit owners in my area leavetheir r\bbits to roamfree often arisk to drivers or becomeill . no hay to eat no enzyme to digest other food..  EDUCATE YOURSELF WITH INDIVIDUAL PET NEEDS. Itseasy to slag off those withpets we dislike ...NO lawto stop rabbitsroaming. Twolivewith ferrals in mygarden ...ferrals use litter boxes now. ..TRY it over and overagain will work. 


Posted by: Gene adelle Adams on 07 March 2012

This can´t go on.
Feel sympathy for those suffering form this awful problem, and sorry for the responcible cat owners who do their best to train their animals. The others just leave me cold with their usual winging about their moggies only doing what nature intended. I really think that the sort of legislation we need is to reduce the number of animals cats or dogs, that can be housed in one dwelling. Any responcible pet owner would welcome this move. It should also be made illegal to feed strays, if people are not allowed to keep so many-and uneccessary numbers without a large fine, then irresponcible people who allow their animals to breed unchecked, thus swamping an area with too many  would become a thing of the past.

Posted by: Maureen on 23 February 2012

Be Careful
The perfect Deterrent!!!! Beautiful AXEL GREASE by Toby ...

What you are doing is deliberatly poisoning a domestic animal, that my friend is illegal.  If you were doing this near me, I would 1. Report you and 2. probably shove a ton of axel grease down your throat to deter you from being such a tit.

Anyway, yes I m a cat owner but my 2 are house cats .. and that to me is the answer, I honestly feel that it should be law for cats to be restricted by owners to either their home or a secure outdoor cat pen.

The problem of cat sh!t, dead birds etc has been going on for years and for the benefit and rights of all people within a neighbourhood this kind of law is only fair tbh.

Where all your cat sh!t problems come from are useless arseholes that (not just with their cats) treat society and other people with utter contempt! it s the way of this country these day s .. nobody takes responsibility for anything these days. 

Best of luck with the methods you use, but please stop intentionally hurting cats because of this problem!  Ultimately they are just sh!tting (i know it s irratating as above) and not causing you real physical harm (and i m not ignoring the health aspect of sh!t btw).  Further to the site owner, you should perhaps be a little more responsible and not allow such posts to appear .. it could come and bite you in the arse someday my friend (should someone follow advice like the grease thing and then where they read the advice etc).


mykp says:
Thanks for the Advice, but thats why theres a disclaimer on the site. Reminder people I take no responsibility for the posts made on this site and i ve said it before and i ll say it again. I do not condone physical behaviour of any kind but perhaps if cat owners where a little more responsible then this page wouldnt need to exist, would it!

Posted by: Red on 23 February 2012

Its a war, not a battle!
Different than most, I am trying to deter my own cats from scratching my vehicles. We need the cats to control mice and need them to live in the garage with a cat door to protect them from our cat hungry dogs. I have tried many things beginning with a net strung over the vehicles. The cats soon learned to walk on the net carefully until in the center of the hood, then they lay down and are comfy in a net type hammock. I then tried a mat with very sharp spikes to deter the cats, this of course did not work at all. I bought an electric mat to lay on the hood but it was a hassle to put it on and off all the time. It used a lot of betteries and actually scratched the vehicle more than the cats do when sliding it on and off a dirty car surface. I have used the SCAT pet deterrent system that uses high frequency sound and an air blast but the air cylinders and batteries are expensive and the cats soon learn where it is safe to stand and not get hit by the air blast from the small device.  I have used cayenne pepper which did not seem to bother the cats but left me scratching and sneezing after turning the air vents on in the vehicle while driving. I then designed my own repellant system using a PIR sensor from a lmotion ight hooked up to a garden leaf blower aimed at the vehicle. This worked so well I considered applying for some type of patent. Within two weeks, the cats learned to sit exremely still while the leaf blower pounded them with 100 km/hr air until the 30 second timer expired. After that they were able to sit on the vehicle quite happily until they moved. My next plan is to create some type of nylon string matrix above the vehicle which will be powered by an electric cattle fence charger. Wish me luck!

Posted by: Tracy Preete on 22 February 2012

Cat shit V´s Dog shit
Hi all, they are in my humble opinion both equal in that they are both sh!tting machines end ex.

I find the Koreans have the best use for cats and dogs.

A good source of nutritian and the pelts can be used not only for warm clothing but fashion items too.

Kind regards;


mykp says:

Posted by: paul di meatinspctor on 21 February 2012

problem solved
neighbour with 4 cats has stated it is my problem to keep his cats out of my garden. as this is impossible, i have reversed engineered the problem. i have bought a water fountain. of couse in cold weather ice will cause the fountain to crack. the answer to this is the addition of antifreeze. being aware of the fatial attraction of antifreeze and cats , i, as a responceable neighbour have informed them .

it is now their responcability to keep their cats out of my garden

Posted by: feline poo hater on 18 February 2012

Psychos Cat Haters
Yes cat poo is unpleasant but so is the sight of a cat badly injured after being shot with an air rifle by one of your psychos. Yes well done to whoever it was that shot my cat. Very mature!

mykp says:

Posted by: Sue Bennett on 17 February 2012

cat poo anywhere
those that have cats should see what a mess it is to clean up. it stinks in the summer. and to clean it up needs to seperate from pebles and wash pebbles with jayes fluid. try that once or twice a day. sickening

Posted by: TOM FINNINGS on 13 February 2012

sweet little birds killed daily in my garden by furry monster
he has just had another blackbird. He had two goldfinches in the last week. I tried Lion Poo which I got from Ebay. It did not work so I asked for my money back, which I got since Paypal helped me. I weep to feed these hungry birds who then are murdered before my eyes.

Posted by: diana on 07 February 2012

Council letter
Below is the reply I received from our local council when I asked for help. Almost makes you think councils are issued with a template for the letter.
I have a water butt in my garden so I m thinking about trapping the bastards and seeing how long they can hold their breath, I bet not long!!

I acknowledge receipt of your email which has been passed to me for attention.  Unfortunately there are no laws or by-laws under which we can take action against the owners of cats fouling in your garden.  

Cats are considered to be “free spirits” and are unable to be restrained.  They are excluded from the definitions of “livestock” and “cattle” under the Animals Act 1971 and cannot be held guilty of trespass under civil laws and their owners, therefore, cannot be liable for any damage caused.  In any event, it would be extremely difficult to prove that a specific cat had produced any specific faeces.

The only advice that I can offer is that cat repellent pellets can be bought from garden centres or d.i.y shops.  A cheap deterrence is to place lemonade, or similar clear bottles half filled with water, lying on their sides at various places around your garden.  The reflection appears to act as a deterrent to cats.

I am sorry that I am unable to assist you further with your problem and I understand your disappointment at this response.

Yours sincerly


Environmental Protection Team Support Officer Community Safety Sustainable Communities

mykp says:
Seems familiar that doesnt it. Wonder if the councils are saving money by using the same email/letter countrywide.

Posted by: Mark on 31 January 2012

Cats and the Law
I am a cat owner and I find it ridiculous that I cannot get 3rd party cover on my pet insurance - I do sympathise with non-cat-lovers who get plagued by other peoples cats crapping in their gardens - I was told a good hosing down often works and is considered safe by the animal welfare people as well. The big worry is that I would hate for my cat to get onto a busy road and cause an accident with injuries, etc. I do believe that in the highway code it says (or used to say) that if you swerve to avoid a cat in the road and cause an accident you are liable for driving without due care - believe me there are loads of good cat owners out there who pay for pet insurance and would be delighted for it to cover 3rd party damages like it does for dogs!

Posted by: Mr C.J.Swinnerton on 27 January 2012

It is very simple, KEEP YOUR CAT INSIDE your own house. My dog is NOT in any ones yard bothering anyone, so I dont see why your cat has to be in my yard.

I hate cats and 2 of my neighbors are constantly feeding all the cats in the neighbor hood. it is ridiculous.  if you have a pet YOU should take care of that pet.  I tried calling for the stray cats to be picked up and I was told there was nothing they could do, but now if they were dogs running around they would pick them up asap.

Posted by: barbara Contreras on 25 January 2012

Natural remedy
Major poo probs here. I recall reading on a wild camping blog that peeing ( ie human pee) round your pitch would keep unwanted wild animals at bay during the night. Has to be male pee for the testosterone content, it said. Has anyone tried this to keep our furry friends out of their flower beds? Easy enough to do, although if a little weird if the neighbours are watching.

mykp says:
i m pretty sure if you started peeing in your garden everyday i m sure the Health & safety fairies would be round saying its a health risk.

Posted by: P. Markwith on 23 January 2012

Cat lovers and owners-- get a grip!!
Ive read some commnets on this page saying things like ""its only sh!t"", ""you can just pick it up"", ""its no big deal"" etc etc.

You just dont get it do you??

How would you feel if my dogs came into your garden every day to take a dump and then your children played in it and came in covered in dog sh!t??

What would say about that?

""Oh, its ok, its only dog sh!t, nothing to worry about""

I dont think so! You would go absolutely mad would nt you!

Next you l be saying its ok because cat sh!t smells like bloody roses or summin!

Get a grip you bloody idiots!

Its unexceptable, end of!!!!!!

Posted by: Gary on 22 January 2012

Health hazard
Have had this problem for years, don t garden any more although it was my hobby :(( It s beyond disgusting and anti-social, actually a serious health hazard. Cats don t even bury their stuff any more (which is bad enough if it s your flower or vegetable bed!), they simply crap everywhere on top of everything. Unbelievable how many people have this problem. 13 out of 14 immediate neighbours I have asked, the only one without a problem a cat owner. I have often seen piles with worms in it, God knows how many are infected and not yet visible. Am even more furious and very seriously worried now since I read on the Internet about fox tapeworms (which cats get from mice). A potential fatal condition. Can remain infectious for years, you can inhale the eggs (lawn-mowing an ideal way to get infected), fleas also spread worms. What right have cat owners got to do this to everyone, banging on about free spirits and the right to roam? Hello? Am sick of the misery of this problem, my garden looks like a tip now because I simply can t face going out and working and finding yet more piles of cat sh!t. I m more exposed than the neighbourhood cat owners, even though I don t have any pets. There really should be laws against it. Any maybe my neighbours would like to pay me compensation for not being able to use my own garden any more, and also compensation for the health hazard?

Posted by: C. Clark on 16 January 2012

Cat owners should be responsible

This site reads “I hate cat sh!t” not “I hate cats”. We are not all cat haters but we do not want other people’s pets to come into our gardens kill the birds we feed and sh!t in places we need to dig and weed. The bunny huggers of course do not understand how anyone could possibly dislike their lovely cuddly pets and think it is perfectly OK for us to be blighted by something they have decided to do (own cats). There is no need to antagonise your neighbours as there are cat pens available to buy so that your cats are safe and not a nuisance to anybody else.

All those wanting cats to be kept more responsibly please go to the governments e-petitions website and sign the “Control of domestic cats” petition and lets see if anything can be done, it’s got to be worth a try.

mykp says:
Well said, its Cat shit I object too but what you suggest will never happen mate, after all this is the country that has the "Cats protection league"!!

Posted by: Peter Garnerg on 02 January 2012

Cats are not dogs.
Firstly, you should try to understand this: Cats are not Dogs.

Therefore, based on the statement above, Cats should therefore not be treated like dogs. Cats are free to have a sh!t where they please, all you have to do is pick up a bit of sh!t out of your garden. Its not exactly hard is it? Who cares its not your sh!t to clean? Someone has to deal with your sh!t when it goes down the toilet.

I don t understand why you re all complaining, I have four cats and I also have a dog. They re vastly different, and therefore should not be viewed the same legally. Based on what you re saying, unless an animal can be taught not to sh!t where its not wanted then they should be banned?


You re all selfish, you can t put up with a pile of crap for your own selfish reasons. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS PICK IT UP? ITS NOT LIKE WE RE ASKING YOU TO DONATE AN ORGAN OR SOMETHING?

mykp says:
Another car owner missing the point. I have 2 dogs and i m quite happy to pick their shit up, there my dogs. But if my neighbours dog continually shit in my garden i d expect him to pick it up when asked. But cat owners dont seem to get this, they think that because there cat doesnt shit in there garden - it doesnt shit!

Plus if you dont have animals why the hell should you pick up after your neighbours animals because your neighbours are too fecking lazy to either 1. train their cat to crap in a tray or 2. have the common decency to pick up their animals shit.

Posted by: Emma on 02 January 2012

Cat Haters
To all you cat haters you need to get a life,have you not got more in your life to worry about than cat poop,they have as mush right to be here as you.You all talk a load of poop.

mykp says:
So you wont mind Jane if we all come round to your house and throw all the cat shit in your garden?


Thought not!

Posted by: jane on 27 December 2011

Totally Agree! - and a way to stop them........

Found this site by accident as I was looking to identify what left a nice present on my back path – it was a very large pile of !!!! Which I would have said was dog but my garden is not accessible from anywhere a dog can get in

I am presuming cat but it had to be big from the size of the ‘pile’ – best description is it would fill a large mug or bowl!!


Anyhow – we used to have a problem with cats using my front area as a toilet – it was originally just soil so I put sharp gravel down and that didn’t stop them – they just stopped digging it in so actually worse! ….. And people passing started to complain about the smell!!!


I then concreted it all over and – they just carried out but now straight down so even worse still


I tried everything including as some one told me Jeyes Fluid (it worked but the smell from that was as bad!!) and it eventually washed away so they returned


Then I found out one by accident – rose cuttings – I have a very large rose bush and I did an extensive cut back one year – left the cuttings scattered around the front area to dry out so I could then burn it and guess what – no more cat problem


Been doing the same ever since and they have never come back – now do the same in my back garden where I get any cat problems and its the same result – you can just move the cuttings when required and plants grow through


Obviously no good on a lawn (we have an ornamental so no grass) but I did hear of some one who stretched a net abut 4-5 inches above theirs over night and when not in and this stopped them




Posted by: Adrian Wakefield on 29 November 2011

Cat Shit
I had two neighbour cats sh!tting in my garden.  I went to the zoo and asked for some tiger sh!t.  I spread it around and it worked!  They didn t come back again.

Posted by: Sue on 17 November 2011

My Solution to keeping cats responsibility
I have three cats and we have cat-proofed our back garden so that no neighbourhood cats can come in and our cats can t get out. My three beautiful cats can spend as much time as they like outside and I know that they are happy and safe and not effecting anyone else. I take the same amount of responsibility for them as I do my dog. Our front garden is a different matter, it is not suitable for cat-proofing and I hate the fact that our neighbours cats are free to poo and wee all over it. I wish I had the guts to ask them if they even own a litter tray and where they think their cats are relieving themselves. I hate the fact that people build up an intolerance of cats because of their irresponsible owners, but I can understand it too. What did help us a lot was one of those motion sensitive water squirters (called a Pest Patrol, I think), when it detects any movement it sprays water in that direction, it takes a couple of batteries and is hooked up by a hose. That certainly keeps roaming cats off a decent sized area, if not the whole garden, depending on the size.

Posted by: Cat Lover, Kent on 05 September 2011

The ´Perfect´ cat?
I have read all the comments and totally agree!  However my partner decided to adopt a kitten 6 months ago and I can gladly say to this day she has never taken a crap anywhere except her litter tray.  She actually comes in from outdoors to go upstairs to use her litter tray for both poops and wees!

I dont know why she does it but Im glad because we dont mind cleaning out the litter tray and im happy that im not responsible for my cat leaving deposits in other peoples gardens.

If I knew the secret I could make a fortune!



Posted by: Timmy on 02 September 2011

IM A CAT OWNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hi, im a cat owner and to be honest, i would know how you feel as i have kids myself! i know my cat fouls in other peoples gardens and trust me i want him to stop aswell!! the only problem is i dont know how. i have tried him on the lean but his collor comes straight off, he wiggles out of a harnes (belive it or not my cat is a crafty little tw*t). i would honestly go and clean it up myself but there is also other cats on the street and the problem is im not cleanin up there mess aswell. one neighbour pulled me up and told me my cat goes in her garden but what can i do??? like in the reply from the council above, they are free sprites and will go where they please. any other suggestions (apart from getin rid, killin or keeping it in) then feel free

Posted by: karla glynn on 01 September 2011

All the deterrants in my garden - a list
Most of these are probably mentioned elsewhere but after our problem with the neighbourhood cats has got worse the last few weeks here is a list of everything I m now trying:

Sonic deterrants: 1 in front garden, 2 in back. Good but don t deter all cats and expensive on the 9v batteries

Garlic deterrant spray

Repellant granules and gel

Black pepper, cayenne pepper around lawn edges

Teabags soaked in Jeyes fluid and mounted on wooden stakes that I ve hammered into lawn

Toy rubber snake as cats are meant to be instinctively fearful of snakes

CD tied to a stake to reflect in the wind

Half-filled water bottles

String across the fence on the places they most likely enter our back garden

Rose bush cuttings in the borders (always wear gloves when gardening so as not to accidentaly hurt yourself, something all gardeners with a cat poo problem will do anyway!)

Plant Geraniums as they apparently hate the smell. I ve also just got some Coleus canina (Scardy cat plants) and going to pot them and move around the garden.

Avoid any bare patches of earth - keep flower beds well covered with plants

Am having quite good results with the flower beds, the lawns are our main problem and when I clear the mess and end out taking up a big clump of grass with it to make sure I ve got it all. I never see the cats doing it so it must be at night. If cat owners could keep their cats in at night (and have a litter tray indoors) I think that would solve a lot of problems.

Posted by: War on cats on 01 September 2011

stop that cat
catch the cat in a simple trap.a box and a stick will do. when u have it rub it all over with its own sh!t. havent seen it since

Posted by: david james on 31 August 2011

The perfect Deterrent!!!! Beautiful AXEL GREASE
Dear all.

I despise cats. I despise cat sh""t. But I reserve particular contempt for the owners of cats who feel that they have no responsibility for their animals actions. Utterly selfish and irresponsible. nuff said. Payback time.

I have tried all deterrents that one finds on the internet. None of them work. My neighbour (and fellow cat hater) has come up with one that works perfectly and causes cats severe discomfort for one time only (call it payback!). I feel i must share it with you.

AXEL GREASE, lovely beautiful AXEL GREASE.

You must have a garden with a continuous fence or wall. (no gaps). Buy a pot(s) of grease and slap on the top the fence/wall. LEAVE NO GAPS. Cats will always find a gap.

The lucky feline will make its usual toilet run and get blessed axel grease in its paws. When the cat cleans itself, no amount of licking will get the grease out. In fact, cleaning spreads the grease over the fur. The grease will make the cat sick. (YES!). The cat after one mild (and hopefully deeply painful) poisoning, will never go near axel grease and your garden again.

I went from 1 -2 sh!ts a day to nothing within a week. I m a year in and still no sh!ts.  Come rain or sun, axel grease survives the elements. I top the grease up once every three months or so to replace the stuff that cats tread in.

This is perfect deterrent. Try it and enjoy the lack of turd and the quiet satisfaction that cat got ill by sh!tting in your garden.


Posted by: toby on 23 August 2011

I dont believe it
I have two neighbour has just got two cats, I politely asked her to keep them out of my garden as the dogs may kill them, she said I had dogs and hens so why shouldnt she have cats. I said my animals dont run round your garden killing things. I put fence spikes on so the cats wont be killed. She reported me to the RSPCA for wanting to hurt her cats. I tried to explain it was to protect her cats. She said cant allow your dogs to run around your garden if they kill things. F.....g hell 

its MY garden, she seriously wants me to keep my dogs on a lead in my own f.....g garden forever in case her cats invade my space. She said she was worried my dogs could kill her cats....well what a surprise KEEP THE BLOODY THINGS IN YOUR OWN GARDEN THEN. YOU CHOSE TO OWN THEM SO YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP THEM SAFE

Its like living next door to a Motorway , getting two cats, letting them out and then demanding someone pays to fence the Motorway in case they get mashed

My dogs have now become ""official"" protectors of my flock of chickens which I have a right to protect...from roaming Cats !!!!!

Posted by: Kath Penton on 16 August 2011

I love birds I love birds oh how i love the birds,now i must go in and stick the chicken in the oven

I love how people pick and choose which animals they happen to like because it pleases them,i understand about the crap issue persoanlly i would like to shoot every dog owner in the head when they let their dogs crap all over the place,you wouldn't take a sh!t in public but letting your dog do it thats fine


and all the hpocrites who love the nice call of the birds which are actually sayig to each other get the f**k off my territory


i see your point abou the cat sh!t

Posted by: nick on 04 August 2011

My method
I too am allergic to cats (it s the histamines in the feces of the mites that live in the cats fur). I also have a problem with them sh!tting in my garden.
I found that owning a paintball gun and some out of day paintballs helps to get rid of them.
Why should I waste my hard earned money on scents, peppers, sonic deterrants and so step, my air rifle, a swivel chair and a flask of tea!!

Posted by: Freefall on 24 July 2011

after reading a few comments on this page im so glad im not on my own where cat sh!t is an issue, ive got a few tips of this site like the greese on top of the fence. thaks

Posted by: none cat lover on 11 July 2011

We talk the talk but do we walk the walk.
We had a neighbour who was part of the cat protection league. She had 3 then 4 then .... cats. For that 5 years we never saw a bird (other than dead ones) in the garden. We had a dog. 17 years old deaf and almost blind. He became lame so we took him to the vets. He had an infected leg which on closer examination had been caused by a cat bite. He had been attacked in his own garden and couldn t defend himself. As you may imagine, my wife and I are not that fond of wandering cats. Well cat lady has gone and I now enjoy birds in the garden and birdsong though I live in fear of another cat lady moving nearby.

The point is, what should we do about it? We could petition but then you need people to sign it and the petition on the government site was signed by fewer people (57) than have written comments here! The truth is we are going to bitch but in the end do nothing.

A lot of that is down to a feelling of futility. What can we do? Reading around clearly shows that cats appear to be in a class of there own. I have searched and cannot find anywhere else such that you can be responsible for a nuisance and disclaim any liability.

What we are left with is a lot of chat from cat lovers teliing YOU how to defend (inadequately) YOUR garden from THEIR nuisance.

Isn t life a bitch. 

Posted by: Jo on 05 July 2011

Cat poo where my kids play!
I like cats, but my neighbour has 3 and she feeds strays too.  At least one of them must be coming into my gardens (front AND back) and taking a dump (or several).  They don t even bury it!  Seriously, they just crap in the grass at the side of the garden, or in amongst my plants ON TOP OF the soil.  But the absolute worst thing, the main problem I have, is that they crap in the back garden(again NOT burying it) where my kids play.  I have to go out in the morning, and several times throughout the day, to check for poo and clear away any that I find.  It is unhygienic and dangerous for my kids, and I m sick of it.  I have tried different things (repelents, lemon peel, pepper, etc. etc. ad infinitum) but so far NOTHING has worked.  My next step is a water pistol or low-powered BB gun (just to ping-and-sting, not to hurt or maim cos as I said, I like cats I just don t like their poo where my kids are playing).  But it s catching the bleeders in action in order to soak/ping them so they associate their crapping with a shock!!!  Grrrrrrrrrrr!

Posted by: Anne on 29 June 2011

Lions and Cats
It s about time cat owners took responsibility for their adorable little killing, sh!tting machines. Why should the responsibility and expense fall on others. Surely as a pet owner you should be responsible for keeping your pet safe and secure within your own property. Lions are free roaming spirits too, but hell, they keep them locked up in a zoo. So, as a pet owner, you should be made by law to secure your property, at your expense and keep your pets safe within it.

Posted by: Felix Detest on 15 June 2011

irresponsible cat owners
I am a 45 year old ex police officer who had to retire due to a back injury sustained on duty and have only justhad a major operation to resolve my severe physical pain! It may seem that I am rambling here ,but since this accident I spend an awful lot of time in our garden wether it be tending to the seed and flower beds or even tending to our vegetable patch.This is unfortunately the only real pleasure I have left!This is i feel not a thing that should be restricted by the whim of irresponsible idiots who in plain terms don t give a flying sh!t where their cats crap!!!!! Consistantly every day I have a stroll around the garden and am consistantly clearing up cat crap and damage caused by the bloody raiding party from next door!!! which I find difficult as I am not that mobile and am restricted heavily in movement! Discussions have taken place with neighbours concerned and a blank expressionof ignorance and a ""who gives a sh!t attitude"" seems to reer its head. I have always upheld the law and do not condone the breaking of it but as of today my actions will be that if I find anything on my property namely sh!t! that does not belong there I will do the law abiding thing and re distribute it to the owner concerned and any damaged property caused by their felines will be promptly bagged up and presented to the owner for them to replace and replant, also I will do everything in my power to Eradicate anything tresspasing on my property as it is causing willful damage! Does my dog jump their fence, dig a hole and have a sh!t in it??? NO IT DAMN WELL DOES NOT (because we are responsible people who train and take ownership)and even if it did I would have the decency to clean up and apologise! So therefore I would be obliged if their crap scatterers would refrain from doing so!!!

Cat owners are like a gang culture!!! They believe that they are a law unto themselves and are above the law!!  Well lets change that culture and either eradicte the offending cats or punish the offending owners! If this were dogs then we would be punished in an instant! CAT OWNERS!!!!!! GROW A SET OF BALLS AND START TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE DAMAGE AND CRAP THAT YOU ARE CONDONING AS ACCEPTABLE!!! otherwise accept any consequences .

Well must go as it is sh!t patrol time in the garden .

Posted by: A Tait on 29 May 2011

Wanna cup of tea?..... no thanks!
I d just like to add that anyone who keeps cats are a bit filthy. They are happy to let their pet sh!t in a litter tray (scraping up sh!t laden litter) then walk off around their home (including food preparation areas) with sh!t all over their feet, NICE!! Toxoplasmosis on toast anyone?

Imagine what their houses smell like after kitty has just done a massive crap too? Oh dear, no shame!


Posted by: Cathater on 26 May 2011

About time we used Human Rights Act
This states:

You should have the freedom to live your life the way you want and to make your own decisions, within reason. This includes the opportunity to do what you want in your private life, to meet and develop relationships with other people and to participate in essential economic, social, cultural and recreational activities of the community. You should also be able to enjoy your property and other belongings without unnecessary interference. Its about time this act was used for us for a change.

Posted by: Mark on 11 May 2011

Getting my own back
I also have the shi**ing machine problem, everyone around here has cats - not just one each but two s, three s and even five of the little b*****ds.

I have spent money on sonic scarers which do work to an extent, I had the joyous view of one jumping over my fence a while back and almost breaking the world jump record when it was picked up on the sonsor and jumped back again, I have tried all sorts too, garlic, skewers, scent, carpet gripper just under the dirt, gel pellets and jeyes fluid and still I get the mess so I have now changed tack, I painted just the top of my fence all round with thick black grease (available from all good car accessory shops), the cats walk along my fence to transit one garden to another or at least they used to, cats hate anything being stuck in their paws and this grease sticks like sh*t to a blanket, they cant grip the fence to walk and I have seen one slip and get this stuff on it s fur, the cat then goes home and goes to bed - generally the owners bed - which by now is also covered in grease from their nice cuddly pussy, our neighbour two doors away told my neighbour that one of her cats had brought something into the house only last week and had to throw away a quilt set - VICTORY in the way of pay back. I don t know what on earth that could have been LOL.

Another good idea is to entice the nice pussies to you and then put them in a cat basket without the collar and take it to a local cattery telling them it s a stray, they will neuter it and ship it off to the far east - hopefully - yum yum yum! 

I remember in the early 70 s there was a cat cull, it s now time to do it again! There is enough unemployed people to sort this problem, pay £1 a time for the little gits and the problem will be over in no time.

Posted by: catscarer supreme on 28 April 2011

cat pooop
hi , i have 4 cats of my own ( all have been done ) i would like to think my cats dont poop in other peoples gardens, and to try and prevent so i have never trained them to go outside to the loo. i have two litter boxes inside that are kept clean ( as cats like a clean place to go) and find they need cleaning every day so they are using them ( i have even seen them come inside to use them then go back outside to lay in the sun) i know i cant be 100% sure they have never pooped in someones garden but i do try and prevent it. i wouldnt have a problem with cleaning my cats poop up in someones garden if my cat was the dirty bugger to put it there ( after all i clean up after my dog in public). my problem is a local tom cat spraying my house outside. i went to the car the other day with a bin bag of stuff, put the bag down next to me as i opened the car and the dirty little so-in-so sprayed it right next to me.  i also own a dog and have found this hasnt stopped it coming around having a go. so my action was a super soaker water gun ( i wouldnt do to a cat what i would tell a neighbour to do to mine, if they bothered them) everytime it came over the fence and i saw it i sprayed the area around the cat with the gun, so far its worked. what annoys me is i know the owner of the cat is on benifits and can get the cat done for free to stop the problem .... why dont they .... it stops them wandering and marking. if i can provide a toilet and have my cats done at a cost to myself surely they can make the effort to go along for free.

Posted by: kerri on 23 April 2011

Post it to them
What would happen if we posted the cat crap back to the people owning the cats. Anon of course. Would we get done? Ill bet the authorities would even take the trouble and cost of fingerprinting to catch you.

Maybe all cat owners should be made to pay say a £100 per year license fee for each cat. Then everytime a cat craps in our garden we call the council to come and clean it up. The £100 would fund it, After all it is a health hazard. This would also provide employment. They could even waive the £100 if the cat owner agreed to clean up 1 lump of cat crap per £ based on a request from council. The owners of the cats need to be made responsible it some way. Its about time they got their hands dirty.

mykp says:
Any kind of license would be useless as those who care not for their pets, would not care to get a license. Sadly!

Posted by: Paul on 15 April 2011

Evil Garden S**ting Machines
Cats are awful dirty animals, I m sick of the horrible things dumping in my garden, driving the dog mad.

They come in under the cover of night like stealth ninjas to harass and dump on our grass.


Posted by: cat culler on 27 March 2011

I genuinely feel for anyone who isn t a cat owner who has to clear cat faeces from their gardens and lawns. I have always had cats and consider myself to be a cat lover. Luckily, my cat always uses my own garden but unfortunately so do the other cats in my neighbourhood. I hate clearing the faeces from my garden and the smell is awful, especially when guests are present. However, the saddo s who go out of their way to harm/kill peopls cats are truly evil. To the Sad ex squaddie (who has a bad temper) shame on you. If you lived in my street and shot my cat, I d kick your arse! To Mike who runs this site, you re as bad as any of the people posting such things, as you re condoning it by keeping these types of posts on your site. Very sad man. I feel for you fella....

mykp says:
as stated any views expressed are not mine, but perhaps I should be selective and not put any posts which others might find offensive, distasteful or rude. but thats censorship. I might not like or disagree with what people say but I will defent their right to say it. Just as I have posted you opinion and your comments about me! If you dont like whats here stop reading it.

If people who own cats took responsibility for the actions of their cats then this page wouldnt be here, there wouldnt be a need for this page and it wouldnt have had over 1.6 million hits. There are a lot of people out there looking for the same information and this isnt the only website which has information like this.

I also find it amusing that you condone violence towards cats by threatening violence! tut! tut!

Posted by: MikeH on 20 March 2011

poop poop all over grrrrr
my neighbour has five cats the one after tht has two and the one after that has three and they all seem to want to sh!t in my front or back garden .. i have a little one year old grandson which i would love to let him play out in the garden but alas due to the amount of sh!t thats deposited there every day its not possible..the cats dont even bother to bury it and its to runny to just pick up and throw over into there gardens... i heave and i am sick after cleaning it up about 5 lots daily.. i have a little rabbit in the garden who does poop but they are dried and can go in my composter with my grass cuttings... i cant see why owners cant be made to have there cats use a litter tray as lots of people do .although this would be difficult to inforce if the majority did it then there wouldnt be such a problem ..its coming to summer and i am not going to be able to enjoy neither of my gardens due to the stench ..obviously its not going to be a problem for a cat owner as there cats dont sh!t in there garden 

Posted by: missgail on 28 February 2011

dirty horrible things that should be culled
Everything you have said is so dam true , i m not garden proud as such , but because the cow next door to me with the 6 cats kept moaning about my garden been abit untidy , few car s about (show cars might i add) all garaged etc , but i had a few wheels and tyres stacked up and a few other car bits about , she kept moaning , which really annoyed me as her cats crap everywhere in my garden , and not to mention the damage to the cars if i ve got one out and i turn my back there all over it with that mangy claws scratching the paint

So i took it upon myself to tidy the garden up abit to shut her up,  then she wouldn t have anything to moan about , i got right into i did , nice gravel all over and little fancy half moons with brick round and some bark to break it all up , i was right proud of myself been a really anti gardener type , this was just before xmas , now its a total ruin as her cats have dug all all my bark and ruined it , the garden stinks , i have a phobia of things like that , so i have to leave it to just rot ,  and my 3 kids have never been able to play out as you never know where it will be its just not worth the risk , we dont have barbacues in the summer cause of the smell , and guess what when i reported it to the council , i got told if my garden is a heath hazard and someone complain s because of the smell i could get done , ""unbelievable""  agh cats make me so angry , infact i m sat here now in a complete rage as there s 4 in my garden right now and there that hard faced there s no point in even trying to get them out , and guess what i get the same resonce as you , my cats are clean my cats dont poo in ppl s gardens , YEH WHATEVER

Posted by: amanda on 28 February 2011

tried and tested method
I used to have alot of problems with neighbours pesky cats. I tried the normal methods....talking with the owners, putting down chili etc but to no avail. So I purchased a plastic bb air gun for £20. A couple of shots at each cat over a 2 day period and Ive not seen them since and the gun has been put away and not needed. I assure you it wont kill or hurt the cat as the gun can barely pop a balloon, it just scares the crap outta them so they dont come back. May sound harsh but alot of people have serious problems with pesky outdoor cats which need to be dealt with..I suggest the cheap air gun 20quid ive spent in a long time!

Posted by: mush on 07 February 2011

Responsible or Hypocritical?
So called responsible cat owners who have their pets doctored yet allow them to roam freely are, to my mind, just hypocrites.

They argue that it is the cat s natural instinct to roam, but deny the cat one of the most basic of instinctive animal behaviors, that of reproduction.

They can ask ""Well, would you want to end up with a house full of cats, or try to find homes for them, or have a male cat spraying in the house?""

My response is ""No - so I don t have a cat!""

What it comes down to is the cat s freedom of expression versus the owner s convenience. If it ain t convenient to the owner, well, sorry moggy. However, if it s only inconvenient to other people (like getting crap on their property) then that s OK.

So how about responsible owners putting up cat-proof fencing and giving their moggy its freedom to roam on their property? Hmmm.. well... that costs money. Cheaper to say ""My cat - your problem!"".

Posted by: Katzoff on 29 January 2011

cat and dog poo
in my front garden in one week over 30 lots of cat or dog poo with wee as well. the uk local council said if i do not start cleaning up this mess on a regular basis they are going to prosecute me for hygene reasons this is after i contacted them for help for this problem. wheres the justice.

Posted by: allan berry on 27 January 2011

i am a cat owner and i am a quilified gardner 1 point i might add to the lovly people of this site is GLOVES  these are safty items when gardening they help protect you from harm such as sharps, infection, cold, cracked skin oooooooooh and yes nearly forgot foregien soft objects such as cat sh!t as a gardner i often wear these as part of my PPE and when cat sh!t is on my hands due to not wearing these things called GLOVES i tend to wash them  also a cat burrows its sh!t thus when your small children are playing in the garden IE grass, play area they are less likly to tred in it and bring it in the house. 

now dog sh!t is a world of sh!t how many times have you stood in the stuff taken it through your house, car, buildings or your child is playing and fall in the stuff also the damage it does to the garden might i say also a dog could be an agressive animal and should alway be on a lead unless in your own garden




mykp says:
thanks for that, but I think the point most people are making is that they dont want other peoples cats crapping in their garden. As for the arguement about rabbits, foxes, etc. Last time I checked foxes, birds were not domestic pets. If you want to own an animal you should take responsibility for its actions, I just dont want other peoples cats crapping in my garden..

So there you have it folks wear gloves, make your kids wear gloves and then you dont have to worry about cat shit in your garden!!!

Posted by: paul williamson on 23 January 2011

neighbours cats, dirty interbreeding stinking worm ridden mangy.........
my neighbour started with 2 cats about 5 years ago. never got them sorted so as not to breed and did nothing to stop the subsequent litters from interbreeding. each new generation of kittens are born with more being blind ornot right in some way. at last count she had over 30 cats and kittens, all of which use my garden as their toilet. i fill a carrier bag half full daily with worm infested often runny cat faeces, have to scrub the males spray off my paths and outside wallsand fence posts. my daughters cannot play in our garden and letting our guinnea pigs out on the grass\had to stop because of the dirty cow next door. she herself stinks like my garden so is so used to the smell she doesnt notice the stench from my garden. after lifting all the sh!t i put jeyes fluid in a watering can and soak the garden with it, doesn t stop the cats doing it all again the next night. i don t have much money so i am thinking of the only permanent measure i can take, it s the owner i blame so making her life miserable might be an option to make her move but then the law would chase me. Help me someone, i can t open my windows in summer for fresh air as there is a 50 meter radius of foul stinking cat sh!t ,piss and spray rond my house. It,s embarrassing when people visit and have to stand on a doorstep which makes their eyes water  at the sheer overwhelming stink. cats are vermin in this case and many thousands more and should be treated as such. someone in the neighbourhood has poisened a few of her cats but she just keeps letting them breed, even after being given vouchers to pay for them all to get fixed. DIRTY,UNHYGENIC,SELFISH,LAZY,EXCUSE MAKING, FOUL WOMAN. I CANT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE IF ONE DAY I TOTALLY LOSE IT AND DEAL WITH IT MYSELF. The environmental health , local council and sspca and rspca and cats protection have done nothing to help me and i have no where left to turn other than deal with it myself before my two wee girls are are struck with some sort of illness or infection from the fouling. time i made a stand and my kids are important enough for me to take whatever measures i have to to get this vile situation sorted. glad i found your site, great to see i am in a large group of cat hating people and who share my views. thanks. v thomson

Posted by: val thomson on 19 January 2011

Why hate cats?I love them. So far Ive even have lived with cats every DAY OF MY LIFE andHAVE LOVED THEM.

Posted by: Molly coker on 06 November 2010

Effective deterrent
I m glad someone has taken a stand on this subject.

I have the utmost contempt for these people and their filthy pets. I find cat (or dog) fouling as offensive as if the feckless pet owner were to drop their pants and foul in my garden themselves.

My simple solution - a home-made electric fence about 15cms above the earth (so birds can walk underneath without getting zapped) surrounding their favourite toilet. 20,000 volts appeals directly to their central nervous systems. Low maintenance. Switch ON and forget. Just remove cat hair from the fence occasionally where they have bolted.

Furthermore, fence energisers are sold for the purpose of keeping animals awawy from fish ponds etc. and are endorsed by various animal welfare groups - a commercial unit will be within EU limits.

Suitable mains-powered  fence energisers are regularly sold on EBay - you just need a roll of wire and some plastic insulating posts ( I cut up PVC trunking, drill a small hole through it near the top and plug the top with epoxy .)

Don t waste your time on diplomacy with cat owners - they are locked into their own fluffy self-serving mind-set and have already justified their actions to themselves. They know exactly what they are doing and that the law is impotent in this matter.

Turn this depressing PROBLEM into a SPORT and have some FUN at their expense for a change.



Posted by: Tony Frazer on 30 October 2010

i have always been an animal lover, and remain so, with the exception of SOME WILD ANIMALS.   several months ago  i invested a good sum of money in adding organic meat production (chicken, quail, and rabbits) to my organic gardening method of sustenance, because i prefer to drastically decrease the number ofchemicals that enter my body.  along the way, i bought a total of 20 quail,  only 7 remain, of which only 2 are hens.  the WILD ANIMAL seemed to prefer hens.  i tried a number of deterents to keep whatever WILD ANIMAL WAS EATING MY QUAIL AND POULTRY CHICKS, away.  i would come home to find quail pulled halfway through 1"" x 2"" wire, WIRE, not poultry netting.  whatever was eating them was pulling them through the wire, while they slept, as far as possible, and eating them to the wire.  i also lost atleast 10 fancy poultry chicks to the same WILD ANIMAL/FREE SPIRIT.  you might say well you were going to kill and eat them anyway,  YOU DAMN SKIPPY, i purchased them, put my $$ and time into raising them, have bought 1/2"" x 1/2"" hardware cloth, which is quite expensive, when you consider i have double wired all of my cages, AND NOT TO KEEP THE BIRDS IN.  i also do not slaughter all of my poultry and quail,  i have breeders, pet chickens, and relax from my high stress job by sitting on a stool  in my backyard feeding bread to my chickens.  i do not get angry if i lose a free range chicken as that is my choice to take that risk.  thus far the only birds i have lost have been those caged and incapable of getting away.  i still was not sure what WILD ANIMAL was killing my birds, was it a raccoon,  an opossum,...  so i borrowed a humane animal trap, and what, to my surprise, did i catch, a DAMN CAT!!!!!  following what i have always heard, and even seen on ANIMAL PLANT, i relocated the WILD CREATURE in a galaxy far, far away.  noi did not kill him.  i am certain i nabbed the WILD ANIMAL, because i have not lost a bird in a month or so.  also in my extensive experience in handling animals,  i have been bitten by far more cats than dogs.  my daughter has 3 indoor cats and she is a responsible cat owner because she like many cat owners keep hers indoors, they are all spayed, and bother no one other than those who choose to come to her house.  i also have a large dog and i am a very responsible dog owner.  I HAAAAAAAAAAATE CAAAAAAATS!!!!

Posted by: janet st. romain on 20 October 2010

Why own cats if people can´t look after them?
I have just found this website whilst searching for cat deterrent ideas and can see I m not he only one who suffers. New neighbours moved in last spring with 2 tiny kittens.  I don t know why the neighbours have them because they have never been let in the house and have always been left outside in all weathers. The only litter tray I have ever seen was full of water with cat pooh floating in and it was left during the hot weather stinking the gardens out and attracting flies for weeks.  The cats are fed but that s the only human attention they get.  As soon as I saw them near my garden I started to squirt water at them to put them off jumping over but this only works when I am home. As well as the mess in the garden the most disgusting thing is that that they crap on my conservatory roof and in the drainage shute that runs along one side of it. There is no dirt or gravel there for them so I can t think why they would do this. I have started to squirt cheap pine or lemon toilet gel over these area to try to put them off and it seems to be working at the moment. Mind you the owners are also the sort of trash who throw their cigarette ends out of the upstairs window over onto my conservatory and even heard one teenage lad peeing on it too, so the cats are the least of my worries I suppose!   

Posted by: winny on 16 October 2010

Im sick to death of cats now. We have had a problem with them for some time.   But due to owning a dog too we cant use sonar .

We have a gravel front garden/drive and these cats love it!  and to make matters worse.   You cant see the poo in  it!   I stood in some yesterday as i was getting in my car and now its in the carpet.   Ive tried all sorts to get rid of it and it still stinks. So now im walking everywhere as the smell makes me want to puke.


Now for the cat owners saying its instinctive and natural (that wild animal bollocks)  Its just doesnt fly with me.   These cats are just as inbread as most dogs!  And the only reason they are a problem is because cat owners buy them!  Its supply and demand!!!! 


If you want to buy a cat you should keep it indoors or train it to stay in the garden like my dog. It poo s in the garden but i clean it up,   Its my dog that i chose to buy and my garden.


Why in hells name should i be out spending my hard earned cash, buying cat repelants or sitting in wait for a cat i dont know.   You chose to buy it and cause the problem yet im the one who has to deal with it while you just get the cuddly effectionate cat when it comes home from sh!tting everywhere.   Going fishing for koi in my pond, killing baby birds (real wild animals!!!!)


Its not right and its TIME the law was changed so that cat owners have the same laws on them as dog owners do!


On top of all this ive also had to repaint the roof and bonnet of one car due to a cat stretching on it!  Something i actually caught in the act  But upon confronting the owner was told his cat wouldnt do that.  Its a nice cat....   argggghhhhh

mykp says:
sympathise with you. You should see the bonnet of my Subaru. Cats seem to thing the intercooler scoop is a great place to lie in front of on a cold winters day.

Posted by: D on 08 October 2010

Concerned and sympathetic cat owner
To Cat Owner (March 7, 2010):  You were very reasonable and your neighbour s behaviour was egregious in the extreme.  I am a cat owner (I m British but live in Canada) and we have a neighbour whose FIRST action was to bring a bag of cat faeces to our door, insisting our cats were responsible. His next action was to report us to Animal Control (that was two years ago and he has recently done the same thing again).  No fines were assessed, however - just an ""advisory note"". Here in Canada, cats have to be leashed if they are outside and there are bye-laws regarding letting animals run at large.  I do sympathise with all the people on this site who have had to endure others cats going to the loo on their gardens.  Obviously, that s not fair. We have three cats in an enclosed back yard (garden) which has a high fence.  We put (soft) wire mesh at the top of the fence and this prevents TWO of our cats from leaving our garden.  However, the third is more adventurous.  He climbs a tree in the garden and gets onto the fence that way.  From there, he will explore around the neighbourhood.  We have five very clean litter trays indoors and all our cats stay in when it gets dark AND take an afternoon nap indoors.  They are all vaccinated, etc. and are quite healthy.  We do not WANT our adventure-loving cat to go out of our garden.  We do not WANT others to be bothered in any way by our cat. So now, until our dear cat is no longer inclined to leap up the tree and over the fence, we will keep him indoors.  Our cats have the run of the house, numerous toys, and I clean out the litter trays regularly.  So it s really not a hardship for him to be indoors (he will be safe and others won t be harassed).  Bye-laws here in Canada are quite ridiculous in some ways, but people should be able to enjoy their gardens without having to encounter cat faeces.  I was quite surprised to read that the U.K. doesn t have any bye-laws relating to cats.  To all those people who contemplate cruelty to cats, you are absolutely vile. Any cat is superior to you people.  Those of you who simply want to be free of cats on your property, I sympathise and agree with you. Every country would be far better if we all considered other people s feelings and behaved with civility when dealing with problems. 

mykp says:
sounds like canada is quite sensible re cats on leads.

Posted by: Angela Newton on 08 October 2010

It´s not the cats, it´s their selfish owners
I politely called my neighbour about is cat vomting on my landing, he simply told me the besat way to clean it up, not to let it get hard as that s really tough to remove. He also insited nothing was wrong with the cat. My whole front yard stinks, the cat sh!ts everywhere. I ve read every blog and info on how to deter the cat. Yes I mplanting lillies. I ll be doing a full on asssolt. Lemons, mothballs, chillie powder, vinegar the works. What upsets me is the owner. Not the cat. I live on the edge of the wilderness in Australi and the cats are killing everything that moves. It s so so so very sad. Legislation needs to to be put in place to make owners responsible. It s the only way, but what to do, how to get this moving, where do I sign up?

Posted by: Sharon Berlet on 22 September 2010

Cats & Their Owners!!! don´t get me started!!
I think there should be laws and regulations about keeping a cat. The owners should get heavily fined if there is a proof that their cat has been fouling in someone s garden. I have been spending my money in cleaning their fouls and preventing cat get into my garden.I don t think this is fair. Why should I spend money & time cleaning their fouls, preventing them to re-offend and mental stress when seeing wild birds getting killed by them. I am considering of sending an invoice of one of most expensive gadgets I can find to one of the cat owners along with photographs of their lovely cats fouling in my garden.  any idea, anyone? I loathe the flaming cats & their ignorant owners!

Posted by: Do Little on 20 September 2010

Cat owners and victims of cat shit
I hate cat owners for letting their pets sh!t in other peoples gardens, if it was a dog they would recieve fines in excess of £100 or more. I hated them before but now my 8 week old puppy is interested in the effluent they leave all over the place. I always catch them just after the event if I see them at all that is and they always have this look saying, what ya going to do about it!

Owners need to take responsibility for their cats as we have to for our dogs. Otherwise one of these days the rocks I fling at them will be better aimed.

Posted by: Alfie on 16 September 2010

i hate cats too!

Posted by: Jimmy Clarke on 14 September 2010

The most overrated animal in history
Hello.  I just want to let off some steam.  I have utterly loathed and detested cats with every cell in my body for many years.  I do not have any pets (I would love a dog but cannot give it the life it deserves at this time in my life, nor would it be fair on my neighbours) and I have tried to make my garden a place for wildlife to flourish.  I don t use chemicals etc.  I feed the wild birds.  I try to enjoy my garden BUT I CAN T BECAUSE OF F***ING CATS!  Not only do they sh!t and p!ss everywhere, and I mean everywhere, they break my plants and kill birds (or more usually half kill them so their insides are hanging out and they die a slow painful death).  I have had to throw garden furniture away because cats have sprayed all over it and cleaning wouldn t get rid of the stench.  Just as irritating are cat lovers; I have yet to meet one who isn t ignorant, selfish and disrespectful to others.  The only thing that matters in their tiny narrow-minded lives are their stupid cats.  They say ridiculous things like, ""cats are clean, you ll never see them going to the toilet.""  Even when I tell them that cats regularly sh!t on our patio etc., they are completely in denial.  There s nothing I d like better than to beat a cat to death with a wooden club.  They are causing me huge amounts of distress on a daily basis and I am powerless to do anything about it, even on my own property!!  Absolutely ludicrous.  It s time the law was changed.  ps. Just looked out of my window and saw a cat with a bird in its mouth. A wild bird s life is hard enough without having to deal with overfed cats who will just play with it until it dies a terrifying death.  Cat lovers turn a blind eye to this horrible death, sh!t and everything else. I say to them - wake up to reality - cats are just animals and should be treated as such, not put on a pedestal. Oh, and the cat with the bird in it s mouth was wearing a bell, so don t think you can sleep with a clear conscience if you attach one of those to your stupid cat s collar.

Posted by: ALJ on 13 September 2010

Response to cat owner 2432
Cat Owner2342,

what you said just proves how ignorant you are and makes cat owners look even worse. This is the problem, cat owners dont care about theyre cats pooing in other peoples gardens, but how would you like it if it happened to you? I guess you would be feeling just the same as the rest of us who have to shovel the crap out of our gardens every day. Dont be so ignorant! wow, what an ignoramus you have proved to be

Posted by: margaret25 on 08 September 2010

to all cat haters
There is a lovely little phrase id like to inform you of


if cats are sh!tting in your flowers who gives a crap (exept the cats)  get a real hobby and to anyone laceing milk with anti freeze or planting lillies you are sad you are killing a living breathing animal and for what to save your grass to stop your little brat from standing in it 

Also for those of you who like cats but hate there sh!t get a maine coon they are perfect they are like a cat and a dog mixed together they are expensive but they are great i walk mine all the time (i dont let them crap in gardens ) before you ask how i can prove that - i walk them lie a dog and then they are inside for the rest of the day


Posted by: Cat Owner2342 on 03 September 2010

re cats crapping
Yes,it is annoying when cats crap in your garden.We are a multi cat household and do all we can to provide places in our own garden for our cats to toilet including nice deep beds of shredded garden waste which they like,gravel and ,of course two litter trays indoors.This still does not prevent them from going elsewhere.Our neighbour has started shovelling cat crap on our drive.I do not complain.If our cats have produced it I am happy to clear it away.However,the old arguement still applies.My cats are not the only ones in the neighbourhood so don t lay the blame all on my door.Just as dog owners have a right to own dogs,I have a right to own cats.Cats are not trainable other than to using a litter tray.Mine do use a litter tray but still toilet outside.Nothing I can do about that.I am very concerned about some of the ""questionable"" emails on this site advocating killing or harming catsespecially ones about feeding antifreeze.This is an excruciating death for a cat and is not deserved for simply answering the call of nature.

Posted by: Catlover on 24 August 2010

HOORAY, its great to realise that I am not alone!
HOORAY, its great to realise that I am not alone! The  other morning I work-up to find that a cat had sh!t right outside my front door. Despite putting down curry powder the little f****r still poohed a few days later. We have several cat owners on the street and I would love to resort to many of the more haines tips mentioned :). Thanks for the many tips, this cat willllllllllll be going down!

Posted by: The Macclesfield Avenger! on 01 August 2010

how to stop cats shitting in your garden
for year i would get up in the morning and clean up the cat sh!t in my garden , then one day i read an article in a local paper about how to get rid of cats pooing in your garden. you get grey pepper and sprinkle over the spot were the cat sh!ts . it worked ! i don t have cat sh!tting in the garden anymore ! 

Posted by: mick on 28 July 2010

Calling all cat owners
Okay firstly like most of the people on here I consider myself to be a normal rational, law abiding citizen who has no interested in hurting any living creature. In saying that I have not been a fan of cats since I saw what one did to it s owners face when she tried to cuddle it and it didn t fancy it (50 stiches and permanently disfigured)

CAT OWNERS UNDERSTAND THIS we will not put up with your cats making a mess of our gardens putting our toddlers health at risk and destroying the wildlife.

You have made it quite clear that you will not listen to reason when it comes to litter trays and keeping your cat indoors (for the most part) and having bells on collars. If you want to treat your cat like a wild animal and let it be a ""free spirit"" then soon you and your cat shall be parted.

If your cat really is your pet then I advise you to stop leaving it to it s own devices 24/7 and start looking after it. Otherwise WE FED UP NEIGHBOURS WILL TAKE CARE OF YOUR CAT.

Posted by: The on 23 July 2010


Have you tried lemons?

I had the same issue and all i did was get some lemons, slice them and put them all over my garden. Never had cat sh!t again.

Saying that though i do have a cat now but a house cat and i make sure i clean every ounce of her crap up because theres nowt worse then cat sh!t.

Or you could go to your local zoo and ask them for some lion or tiger poo and scatter that around your garden (its good fertiliser too). Because the cats will smell the lion/tiger poo they will think ""oh sh!t that fella has a bloody big cat and if we turd on his garden were going to get batterd"". Although it sounds wacky it works as my friend has done this in his garden.

Posted by: Tom A on 23 July 2010

@Angela Ridiculous Comment and we need some coyotes over here!
I have just read your ridiculous comment. The stupid cat owners always come out with these excuses `id see it as a natural instinct` and other pathetic excuses like that. So you are basically saying that its okay for these vermin b*stards to go and spread theyre toxic crap in someones garden and do what they please? Cats are horrible, nasty sly animals. Im fed up of seeing a cat in our garden trying to catch innocent birds, it will be sorry if i get my hands on it! And im getting VERY fed up of seeing these nasty vermin in my garden. I love birds and im fed up of banging on the window every time i see this cat trying to catch birds. I think you cat owners are the ones who are ignorant and selfish. I wish we had coyotes in this country. I would get a few just so they could kill them all!

After reading all these comments i think the best solutions are using traps or air guns.

Posted by: Cat_Hater on 22 July 2010

Shit in your own gardens!
There does seem to be a typical mentality that cat owners have... that it is acceptable for their pets to sh!t in other peoples gardens. People that have cats are the type of people that like part-time pets and I question why they feel the need to have such a pet in the first place? We are constantly reminded that cats are free spirits and should be allowed to roam (and sh!t) where ever they like. GET OVER YOURSELVES! It is NOT acceptable to let your so called pets FOUL in other peoples gardens, exactly the same as if a dog fouled in gardens other than the owners... It is about time that the law is CHANGED and the responsibility is held on the owner of cats... And if you don t like it, maybe think about owning some other sort of pet that does not cause so much anger in todays society. Don t even get me started on the number of our diminishing bird population that cats kill each year... Cat owners are SELFISH and have NO RESPECT for anyone but them selves. Change the law and give homeowners the right to defend their private property against pig headed cat owners and their cats...

My neighbor has just got a cat ONLY to stop other cats fouling in their garden. It is shut out all day and all night and probably sh!ts in my garden now... Not only do I think its CRUEL have a pet that you shut outside, my neighbors CLEARLY intend for it to sh!t elsewhere! 

I am just waiting for the time when some child gets some awful disease from cat sh!t (if they already haven t!)... Only then will something probably be done... in the meantime, I guess us cat sh!t haters will just have to put up with SHIT!


Posted by: Neal on 21 July 2010

Surely This Infriges On Yor Human Rights!
I can t believe the moronic attitude displayed in some of the Pro Cat comments above. Cat Shit is dangerous end of! If some child were to be playing in the garden and accidentaly put there fingers in it where does that finger usually go? Yep in the mouth! As cautious a parent as you might be you cannot guarantee you are going to spot this in time. There s a law for dogs and so there should be for cats. Not to mention the swathes of wildlife these animals kill in a lifetime. Free Spirits my arse! They are domesticated pets period. You own one you are responsible for it. I commend the owner who said they were willing to pay for deterent items for their neighbours. This has been aproblem for years and it s about time it was addressed legally. I counted 6 cats pass through our garden in the space of 2 minutes! It should be 1 per household and even then they should be visibly tagged so that they re owners can be made to come and clean up after them. Let me know if you re getting a petition together and I will sign up! 

Posted by: David Cowen on 16 July 2010

Its time things changed in law. Cats either need the same status as dogs in which case the owners are responsible for the mess and destruction they cause or they are wild animals/vermin which can be dealt with by professional pest controllers. I have at least 20 cats living directly around me owned by just 3 households and they all do their business in my garden. I m so sick of tidying up after these selfish lazy irresponsible people and their Satan spawn animals. If you can t/dont want to look after an animal dont get it.

mykp says:
exactly. have you been and talked to the neighbours I bet they all say its not their cat!

Posted by: Splat the cat on 14 July 2010

Perfect Solution
i have had the same annoying issue too after relentless searching of trying to find answers these are my top 2.
1- if you dont have a small dog yourself get a sonar device, very effective, but not adviseable if you have a dog as they can hear it too.
2- my favourite and chosen method is to mark your own territory, pee in bottle and sprinkle on effective area, i got up today to a catsh!t free garden :-) and it was free !!

Posted by: jean on 14 July 2010

****ing cats
dogs are the solution. you may not like them but they can be easily trained to crap in only a small part of the garden i know i have done this and it keeps cats out of the back garden.

also my dog is a whippet so it is very fast and because of this i have started to train it to hunt :) so far it is very good it catches bunnies and pigeons, now i know you will probably hate me for this but the amount of pigeon sh!t on our trampoline is imense so..... and the bunnies was an accident but as the dog was wearing a muzzle and a noisy collar what else could i do?

at this point you would ask how did it kill the rabbit well it jumped on it till it died, not nice i know but what can i do anyway back to the cat issue once your dog can stalk cats wont be a problem a few narow escapes and the wont want to come back or you will just have to remove what is left of little puddy tat ;).

origonally i game on this site looking for  solution about our front garden and found this web page a wealth of knowledge thanks guys!

last resort in the dead of night sh!t in the offenders letter box se how they feel the ignorant owners.

anyway thanks for letting me get that of my chest and i hope you all find a solution.

Posted by: Robert.s UK on 13 July 2010

Ignorance is not a virtue but compassion and understanding is
I would like to reply to the majority of people on this forum who says they hate cats due to them leaving poops in their garden or because they re allergic to them(!)

I first of all have had the same problem with our neighbour s cats who used to poop in our garden. Our own cat always comes in and does his crap in his litter box every day so not all cats crap outside. Even if our cat did, I d see it as a natural instinct and I d try to SOLVE the problem in a respectful and kind manner. 

You have a choice. You can either go and speak to the neighbour and ask them to keep a litter box accessible for their pets which they can empty on a daily basis or if they re not responsible owners (as so many dog owners and parents aren t because it is the owners/parents fault and not the pets/kids...) and if they re stray cats then do the research and find a good and kind solution to your problems. Because most of you have obviously not tried everything... So simply read up about this issue first before you start complaining. 

I think it is foolish to think that the cats themselves can t wonder into someone s garden and follow their natural instinct to have a dump on some soil on on the ground. 

I find most of your comments selfish and ignorant. Remember that WE are the biggest polluters and the number of times that I get my other neighbour s cigarettes ends flying over to mine and kids throwing sweet wraps into our front garden... These are people you can reason with... but they re still just ignorant, what can I say?

Who hasn t walked into dog poop in the parks and on the streets...

Just get a bit of perspective really and find a humane (funny word that since so many humans aren t) and respectful solution to your problems.

@ June Staples: Human s kill for pleasure, we re the biggest and most cruel inhumane animals in the world so it s better to think before making ill judgements.

Also, just a little note to the person who said they hate cats because they re allergic to them. It sounds like your hate is pretty misguided... which is a shame for you really. A therapist should be able to help you overcome it.

 All the best!

Posted by: Angela on 11 July 2010

I hate cats too!
I hate cats too.  I think it is bang out of order that we have to clean up after them.  Not only am I cleaning up their crap, I also have to dispose of the dead birds they leave lying around.  It is really distressing.  Why are we the ones that have to deal with this.  All it takes is a bell the birds can hear and they are safe.  I m sure my neighbours think I m mad because I throw water at them and stuff to keep them out hoping they will become trained like Pavlov s dogs and understand that my garden is not a good place to be.  It borders on racism!  I haven t read everything but has anyone came up with a good idea to keep them out of the garden?


Posted by: Mel on 08 July 2010

For a long time, next door s cat has been using our garden as a toilet and killing ground.  I grew sick of it.  I tried talking to them about it, but they wouldn t accept it was their cat.  I ve tried everything... cds, water bottles, pepper and repellants, plastic spikes on the walls and even a fake cat!  Recently, I lost it when I saw their repulsive creature fouling up my vegetable patch that I had spent a lot of time, money and effort on.  More than that, I love gardening and why should I not be able to garden in MY OWN GARDEN because of irresponsible neighbours?  So I bought one of those motion sensitive sprinklers.  Completely humane, although I must admit I had a good laugh when I saw the cat set it off and run off like a crazed animal.  But my neighbour s have now taken issue with it.  They came around this morning to complain about it upsetting their cat and about their cat coming home soaking wet!  I told them that if they were willing to keep their cat in then sure, I d remove the sprinkler.  I told them that I have just as much RIGHT to enjoy my garden as they do to own a cat and that I ll take whatever humane steps needed to stop their cat fouling my garden.  Unbelievable!  And so rude!

mykp says:
typical cat owner response in my experience, I am sure some cat owners think their cats crap nothing more noxious than "essence of digested cat food"

Posted by: Ryan on 02 July 2010

Too Stupid to own a cat ????
I confronted a neighbour about their cat messing on my lawn.  First she gets on about it s not her cat.  She didn t like it that I have managed to get photographic evidence.  So next she said what can I do about it.  This is where it gets interesting.  I asked if she put a litter box down for it either indoors or outside ?  Her reply ""we don t need to"".  No i suppose as it craps in my garden she doesn t as I clear it up for her.

What does she thinks happens to her cats crap, she must realise it s doing it somewhere else.

This isn t the odd occassion, it s almost daily.  A few others have complained about the same cat.  Someone decided to give her back her cat s mess and put a large pile near her car.  Not me.  She was upset and disgusted that her child could of stepped in it.  So what about  my kids stepping in it in their garden. It s been trod in our car and our house, clearing it up once made me physically sick.  

Nothing seems to be a good deterent and anything you put down they get use to.  The law doesn t work for none cat owners, and you are powerless dispite the nusance and health risks. 

 And her profession a ""NURSE""

Posted by: S on 17 June 2010

i hate cats
i hate the devious evil little bastards , im surrounded by them one neighbour has 6 ,another neighbour has a couple and another neigbour over the road has a disgusting tom cat that keeps spraying on my car , i have 4 cars which i take to shows and these horrible creatures just keep peeing on them and sh!tting all over my garden , one attually jumoped on my garage door and the door fell onto my car bonnet ,  my children just dont play out full stop as i have a very queasy stomach and cannot clean up there mess , there really should be a law against these things

Posted by: manfy on 11 June 2010

Solution: Growing Lilies
I have taken up a new hobby: growing lilies.  These are perfectly legal plants that just so happen to be poisonous to cats.

Posted by: Payback on 09 June 2010

My son has 4 cats in the 3 houses next door to him.1 got shut in the house and pulled down and broke ornaments etc then went upstairs and p****d and cr***ed on their duvet and ruined books.Cats are disgusting and should be kept in their owners gardens.My grandparents had a cat which was fastened to a lead that ran the length of their garden and it lived in a hutch in the garden. Last week our neighbours lost their kitten and it was under our dresser even though we have a dog. WELL,it s daddy came to get it out as it s growling terrified us and our daughter,all cat-haters anyway. He dangled a toy and enticed it with ham we d been trying to tempt it out with,saying come on Tiddles.Come on son,come to Daddy !! So very funny,almost worth the horror of having a growling cat hiding under our dresser.

Posted by: Susie on 06 June 2010

Shoot Them
I hate cats. They are disgusting. We dug a vegetable patch and one of our neighbours vermin crapped in it. They also did it for a second time on the vegetable patch. Also one of them crapped in one of our plant pots, and did it again after. They also did it in our front garden several times. Seems you cant have anything nice in your gardens because of cats. I hate them so much. We have tried putting pepper down and using silent roar pellets but they only work for a very short amount of time. I think the best way is to get an airgun and shoot them. Why should we have to clear up someone elses cat mess? They are sly, nasty animals and they all need to be wiped out.

Posted by: Cat-Hater on 23 May 2010

Change the Law
It s Proven that cats can be trained to use littler trays so why cant the law be changed and stop people letting them roam around and crap everywhere. One took a swipe of my dog and left him blind... if he had killed the cat it would have been a different story but no the owners have no responsibility over the cat.... this would be the equivelant of me getting a small wild cat and letting it roam around... if a cat is wandering around free spirited then it is wild and not domesticated and therefor should not be classified as a pet. I know people who have house cats so why cant all cat owners be expected to keep them as house cats. You wouldnt be able to have a load of dogs and let

Posted by: Goatboy Uk on 11 May 2010

get the bastards
The North American Marten looks like a weasel but eats domestic cats!

bring it on

Posted by: daz on 08 May 2010

All Cats are Useless Vermin
I hate Cats and Dogs due to their foul habits. They have become dependant on us but are actually a drain on resources We should begin an extermination programme of all pets and life could be cleaner for us all.

mykp says:
dont worry the way we re going as a species we re already doing this and it wont be long before all animal life is extinct!

Posted by: Kat De Spizer on 25 April 2010


i have been trying to tackle the problem of cats sh!tting in the garden for the past 4 years now and some ideas work to a certain degree but the little bastards still manage to crap in the garden.

i have three boys quite young and everytime they want to go into the garden i have to clear it off sh!t before they are allowed . this makes me see red mist everytime and it is getting to the point where im even losing the plot when i see a cat wether it be in my garden or out in the front street . if i see one i suddenly start chasing and spitting and its become quite embarassing if im spotted in the street lol.

my neighbour has six my neighbour next door but one has four and in total i would say there is at least 40 cats in the street .

firstly i tried the cat repellent pellets no joy then i tried lion dung no joy then i bought a scarecrow which has a sensor which shoots water but my garden gets waterlogged and the cats seem to be clever enough to dodge carefully . then i put cds dangling on fishing line around the perimeter no joy then i bought plants which cats are supposed to avoid but didnt work after finding several sh!ts next to them .then ive tried water bottles half filled which are crap no joy then i bought a bb gun for 100 quid which the cats obviously dont like but i cannot man the garden 24hrs a day so the cats just creep in around things so i cannot see them . ive also purchased the fence spikes and put them all around the garden fence but they still jump on it .im now purchasing carpet grippers as that will peirce there skin so hopefully will work if not i am looking at the idea of getting a cattle fence which will be supplied with a 24 volt electric wire but these cost over 200 quid which i cannot afford really . i have already spent over 200 quid which i havent got but i am trying every idea before i collar the little tw*ts and kill them with my bare hands which is the cheapest and easiest option im trying to avoid ,i will up;date you off the outcome

Posted by: adhaswell on 17 April 2010

Need Training..
Dear all,

some of guys like kittens some of them not. To me its all about the love you have with your kittens, If you like you kittens deep 4rom u r heart than even u will not feel bad if they poops. By the way if you get train ur kitty she wil not poop around infact they need a little training. I have seen so many cats they got a litter training and they do poop in comode :).

Posted by: kamran on 10 April 2010

Why are non cat owners expected to pay
For cat owners to have a pet? 

I have two children - one is less than 2, so will make a bee line for anything that looks interesting, so despite having a patch of grass the size of a pocket hankerchief, I have to worry about cat faeces.  Cats are thrown out at night here, to yowl and fight, they poo in everyone s gardens - cat owners state the ""it s nature"" thing.

Should I buy a large, aggressive dog, which kills their cats, I am sure I would be up on some sort of charge. Why should they get away with it?

Why on earth should people think they can have a pet and not have to look after it, in some other countries, it is legislation that if you allow your cat to go on the property of others, they are entitled to trap or kill your pet.  I take it the idiots in charge here are cat owners, hence our weak wristed ruling.  It s a shame they are not mothers of toddlers blind through toxiplasmosis, due to lazy, ignorant cat owners.

PLEASE start that petition up again, I ve only just been made aware it was there, I shall spread it around so that many others can vote that real legislation to stop cat owners shirking their responsibility is put in place.

Posted by: Angela Hunter on 09 April 2010

cat mess
if you trim a neighbors trees that overhang your garden I understand you have to give him the clippings as they belong to him. It should be the same with cat mess.

Is it acceptable to collect it and hand it back to the cat owner?

Posted by: roger coleman on 06 April 2010

Dont tar us all with the same brush
I wouldnt say im a cat lover, yes, we have a cat, but im a lover of all animals not just cats.

I heard the nieghbours talking about cat sh!t in their lawn yesterday, we recently moved in and it does nt take alot to work out its our cat who is responsible.

We are finding the whole situation highly embarrasing and plan to go round and discuss the situation next time they are around(they are renovating the house and living elsewhere)Im thinking of buying them one of the sound emitting devices, i will also mention a good soaking with water wouldn t go a miss

What im trying to say is not all ""Cat Lovers"" are care-free and ignorant to their pets actions, after all i wouldnt want other peoples pets sh!tting on my doorstep, on the contrary i would rather our cat sh!t in our garden than theirs.

But what can a cat owner do to stop this happening, i would be happy to know. We have a cat litter tray but we cant keep the cat in so the tray stays unused.

Posted by: Grant on 28 March 2010

i have cat dog and rabbits. they are all pets and loving. they are far better and nicer than any human i have ever met. if you can get so wound up by cat sh!t then i think you might just have too much time on your hands. humans are far messier

mykp says:

Posted by: karen on 26 March 2010

Please don´t drop off cats in the country!
They make their way to our barn... and turn into feral cats with lots of kittens, year after year. It is impossible to get rid of them, as soon as some disappear, more new ones show up. Barns need two or three well-behaved mousers, not 18 homeless town cats. Take the cats to the animal shelter, pay the $20, and let the animal shelter take care of them some way. Once a cat becomes feral, it is almost impossible to catch. Humane cat traps are a joke and cats hide their litters. I sympathize with all of you with the disgusting disease ridden scat covering your yards but it is not responsible to drop cats off in the country either. We grow most of our own food, so we have a huge garden, too large for most of these solutions .... .

Posted by: Suzanne Price on 24 March 2010

I ve tried many options myself. Tried chemical repellants that didn t seem to work at all. Cleaned up the lawn and washed it completely. Then sprinkled loads of ground pepper all over as well as plenty of vicks vaporub all round the fences. This worked for a few days until it was all washed away.  Got myself an ultrasonic repellant off amazon for £15 and that worked for a couple of weeks but it seems that they are now used to it and are back with a vengeance.

I spoke to the neighbour and mentioned that I am planning to install some plastic spikes on the fences. Her response was the typical my cats poo in my garden and also how will my cats get out of the garden with the spikes to which I said any of the other 2 sides as long as it is not my garden. She said she will speak to her husband and get back which she never did. I haven t chased up on this as it was winter and I plan to do it when it is a bit warmer. The neighbour on the other side is happy to let me put the spikes and even offered to share the cost even though it was only on my side and he wouldn t gain anything from it, which was very kind of him.

Now my wife is pregnant and I don t let her go in the garden because it is full of cat crap. The garden stinks now and they have ruined the lawn and the plants.

Time I have a chat with the neighbours about the spikes and take action. Other options I am looking at are water repellants and as a last resort an electric shock repellant. I am tempted to use poison and an air gun though. I don t want my baby to be unable to use MY garden because the neighbours cats think it belongs to them!!

mykp says:
have a word with karen above, she think its her cats right to shit in your garden!

Posted by: MVP on 22 March 2010

Owners should train their cats
I have recently bought a property and have been amazed at the amount of cat sh!t deposited on my grounds. Owners should take responsibility for their animals and litter train them. I am trying out a motion detecting sprinkler and seems to be promising. I do like the idea of trapping the cats and transporting them hundreds of miles away. Maybe a better idea would be if local authorities gave people traps and emptied them when cat was caught, desexed the vermin and then charge a large fee to be released or be destroyed within a few weeks. I bet it would weed out the irresponsible lazy owners who have no concern for the property or well being of others.

Posted by: Marc on 10 March 2010

Cat Owner
I am expecting from my title to get quite a few responses!  I have 2 cats which stay in of a night and are allowed out of a day.  One neighbour complained about the cat poo whilst the other neighbour put carpet grippers all around their fence and seen as they have not came and spoken to us about ongoing probs I can only assume this has prevented our cats from pooing in their garden!  When the first neighbour complained we went round and picked up all the cat poo from her garden and bought repellent which we put down for her and told her if you see them spray with a hose, advised her that they dont like citrus and if there are any more problems let us know!  two weeks later after hearing nothing I asked her if the problem was solved, she said no so we bought 2 litter trays and kept our cats locked in for over a week, within this time we saw how many poos they were doing we again assumed the problem should be solved as if it was only our cats they would be no poos!  However when I saw my neighbour and asked her how it had been going she informed me that she had not been in the garden to check but dont worry we ll sort it out!  This annoyed me as I was concerned over this as obviously you dont want to fall out with neighbours and at this point we had done everything we could bar get rid of the cats to resolve the problem -do you agree?  It also annoyed me that she had been saying about her children and the poo, but obviously she was not that concerned as she had not been out and cleaned her garden in weeks - assume she thought we should go round on a daily basis and do it for her??  Anyway thought all sorted as cats still use litter trays (we collect the same number of poos and they dont eat extra food since we counted them in our experiment!)  also they still dont go out in the night only in the day so no probs until 2 bags of cat poo came flying over our garden wall this afternoon!  Husband went round and asked why this was explained our situation and we were told it had to be our cats anyway! we also tried to explain that the other cats in the area are tom cats and so could be marking their territory to our two female cats and unfortunately the area they re marking is their garden!  It was also the fact that they hadn t had time to clean their garden so this poo had been there since january! so couldn t establish whether there were new poos or whatever which would of proved if our cats were or were not doing it and if they still were we could have moved onto the next step of sorting it?  The thing that really gets me is that we asked them to speak to us and they havent we ve been the ones checking if things were improving or not and the first thing they ve done is this!

Basically after a long winded story I want ppl s opinions over whether they feel we have been responsible cat owners as now feel our only option is to keep our s in but seen as neighbours wont come and see litter trays etc they will still keep throwing the poo over whether it is our cats or not!  I appreciate that a lot of ppl from the comments on here dont like cats and I would be annoyed if as my neighbour pointed out her child pooed in our garden but I would go and speak to her about it rather than throw it back over the fence as a solution! 

p.s also initially cleared part of our own garden before we got the trays so they would go there!     

Posted by: Cat Owner on 07 March 2010

Little sh*t Machines
In October of last year, I had my front lawn dug out, (about 12"" down), re-soiled and turfed, at a cost of £150.  The intention was to leave it till spring to let the new lawn bed down properly.  This morning I sharpened my mower and went to give the lawn its first light cut.  Guess what I found?  Yes, you are correct.  I had to spend half-an-hour de-sh!tting the lawn before I could cut it.  Bloody cats.

Does anybody have a viable, effective method of keeping these Little Shit Machines off my lawn?

Posted by: Peter D on 05 March 2010

furry feckers
I have now gone past caring, the only good cat is a dead cat, dont care how or why, then delivered to the neighbours front doorstep complete with an envelope posted through the letter box, full of its sh!te

so, all of you dont delay start today

Posted by: barry on 01 March 2010

I am in total agreement with all the comments ,the owners don""t give a sh!t,its their cats that do,all in our back garden,some of the comments have made me smile,i love the idea of flinging it back in their garden,pity the neighbours was""nt in it at the time.we was thinking of buying a sprinkler,see if that works,they are constantly sh!tting in our back garden,the lawn has yellow patches all over it now,it has spoilt what lawn we had,we are also contemplating to slab it.its unfair that we have to go to these measures,and cannot have our gardens the way we like it,the owners have no thought,for other people,they want the pests,but we are the ones who have to clean up after them,i must add to this my daughter has a cat and she always burys hers,to my knowledge thats what i thought all cats did,till we moved here,where the neighbours on both sides own cats,we went to the expense of buying a six foot fence,but they still clamber over it,we also put this fence up for privacy,and now the neighbours on both sides are not speaking to us,just shows how pathetic they are,to all cat lovers you should have some consideration and respect for your neighbours,why should we have to tolerate sh!t from your loving pests

Posted by: marilyn on 21 February 2010

Sweet Revenge
My neighbor allows her cat to sh!t all over my garden, she knows it does and complains when I chase it away mid poo.

I heard that cats hate the smell of curry powder so I bought a huge bag of HOT curry powder and used a flour shaker to dust it all over the garden. It works very well, and a day or so ago I was asked by my neighbor to change a lightbulb for her. When I went in, I noticed a distinct whiff of curry. Making a curry I asked , no she said I hate the stuff, where do you think that smell is coming from? I have no idea I chirped do you think it might be the cat? She looked at me strangely as if to say do you know something I don t?

Now thats sweet revenge!

Posted by: Mr Curry on 12 February 2010

The two plonkers who have moved in next door have now bought two cats, that constantly sh!t in out garden. We have very little space and have fence off a small patch so our daughters can have a trampoline. BOB AND MARLEY( can you comprehend anyone calling a animal that) aswell as sh!tting everywhere my husband picked up half a carrier bag full of cat sh!t, they have destroyed the netting on the trampoline so they cannot use that now. The reaction from the owner it is my right to have a cat and yes it is my daughters right to be able to play without going blind or getting sick not to mention £40 for a new net. The owners should br fined like dog owners after all they are fouf legged pets !!! We are seriously talking about getting a dog. its just the sheer disregard for anyone else cat owner who own more than one cat are selfish. What a world when cats take priority over children.

Posted by: julie hartshorn on 08 February 2010

Defending Against Cats

     I couldn’t possibly agree with you more.  I am beyond fed up with cats and their owners.  They’ll try to tell you that it’s “natural” for their foul beasts to murder sweet song birds, but can’t comprehend that it’s also “natural” for my dog to defend his territory against their nasty cats.  A cat hating dog is a pretty good defense, although the nasty things usually wait until he’s in the house so they can come into the yard and excrete all over everything.

     I did get the better of some cats where I used to live.  The place was overrun with the things.  The only way they could make it in to that yard was by jumping up and walking along the top of the privacy fence.  I lined the top of the fence with snap type mouse traps.  It wasn’t long before I heard lots of snapping and lots of yowling as a cat kept trying to jump out of the way of the traps and landing on more.  Then there was a clunk, which must have been Old Filthbag hitting the ground.  The next morning, I reset the traps and put them back up for the next cat.  For a while there, I was resetting and replacing the traps at least once a day.  Occasionally they ran off with the traps, but mouse traps are cheap and I just replaced them.  The down side of this is that all that snapping and yowling interfered with my being able to sleep, since the nasty things usually run around fouling yards at night.

     I also have a cat trap, and have found that salmon flavored cat food seems to work best.  Of course, the trap has to be kept out of sight of the owners, who will trespass on to your property to rescue “pwecious puddytat” from the big, bad cat hater who doesn’t like the little “pwesents” he leaves in her garden.  Of course, they lack the brains to understand that.

     Oh, and telling one cat owner that her little snookums would make a lovely fur collar for my dog worked for nearly a week.

Posted by: Christine on 05 February 2010

damn cat´s and the owner´s
i live in a peaceful street and the neighbpours only had 2 cats they was never a nuisence then new neighbours moved in with 3 cats now the 3 cats keep breaking my garden ornament s and pooping every where so i went next door to the neighbour and she said that it is not her cat and baceuse i said i was going to the council to see what i can do abou the cat s she said she was going to go to the same council to complain about me threatning her when i was not threatning her i was only going to seek advice  

Posted by: steven on 03 February 2010

Insult to injury
I live in a block of four flats for independent living. We are all ill to some degree. We have a shared garden, in which I have a shed. My neighbor s cat recently decided to start using the area at the front of my shed and directly opposite my kitchen window, as it s own private toilet. 

Yesterday, I needed to get some items from my shed and I stepped into a pile of putrid faeces, as I tried to stop myself (too late) I inadvertently trod in another with my other foot. When I washed the stuff off my boots, I wanted to HEAVE and have been gagging all last night and could not sleep.

What really galls me is that I often get a few items of shopping for that neighbour and what do you think is on the list every time?   You guessed it BLOODY CAT FOOD!

Posted by: MIster Blister on 03 February 2010

Keep livestock
you have the right to protect your livestock, the same right farmers and any smallhold landowners have... for example if cat(s) upset your chickens or attack them... then you are allowed to use any appropriate force or method to remove the threats to your livestock. also you get nice fresh eggs everyday ;D

Posted by: katkiller on 31 January 2010

Chasing my chickens
My neighbours bought a cat after I got 3 chickens to free range in my garden, and now the cat comes and chases them. As it is the next door neighbour, I cannot deal with their cat in the way I dealt with a previous threat. I sat waiting in the garden as soon as I had let the chickens out, caught the cat by the tail, and tried to smash its head against a concrete post. Unfortunately I dropped it, but it stayed away for weeks, and is now a rare visitor. Judging by comments on your site, my action was illegal. Time for another petition.

The lady who built a huge cage in her garden has the right idea. Cat owners who have valuable breeding stock do not let them roam.

Posted by: Diane Gledhill(adressees wife) on 28 January 2010

Cat Prevention League
The problem is cat owners not cats. It s the same with dogs - owners letting dogs sh!t everywhere gives dog owners a bad name and who hasn t been unlucky enough to tread in a load of dog sh!t at some point? Isn t it about time a national pet licence was introduced? Say, £100 per animal? The licence fee could be used to help recoup the cost of cleaning up all the sh!t their owners leave behind in public areas and to educate cat & dog owners on the significant health risks posed by letting their animals crap everywhere. This might make owners think twice about letting their cats sh!t all over the place. It would also deter those who aren t responsible or not that interested in pets from buying cats or dogs in the first place. And it fits the ""polluter pays"" principle. Just a thought.

Good cat deterrents:

CDs - these can work, but need to be positioned very carefully so that glare etc doesn t bother neighbours. Also they do look a bit odd scattered all over the garden.

Bayer Catapult spray - effective if you remove all previous fouling BUT it dissolves in water (a bit of a problem given how much it rains in the UK) and has to be continually re-applied, so works out to be expensive in my experience.

Chilli flakes - sprinkle these round the base of favoutite plants and in flower beds - cats won t foul there and if they try to they ll get a shock. Again, frequent re-application is needed after rain.

Water/hoses/high-power water pistols - all work, but you ve really got to soak the cat(s) and you ve also got to watch the garden all day and all night - not feasible for most people unless you want to start living outside like Ray Mears.

Lillies - these may work but I guess you would need to put them all the way around the garden - there were quite a few in my garden when I moved in and they don t seem to bother the local cats one bit.

In 90% of cases a combination of sprays, chilli flakes and water should work - but if you are overrun you might need to be a lot more inventive, as cats are devious animals. And no, a dog won t work as the cats will just find a fence post or shed roof to sit on while they torment the dog, which will result in your neighbours complaining about the noise (I know because it happened to me when I had a dog).

At all costs avoid putting fine gravel or tree bark down in your garden - the cats love it, and by putting it down you are turning your garden into a cat sh!tting heaven.

Good luck people.

mykp says:
cheers for that kris

Posted by: kristofferson on 27 January 2010

Shooting Gallery!
I landscaped my garden especially for my 18 month old girl to enjoy, not for my neighbours cats to dump on.

Being the person I am, (Ex forces, 6 4"", 20 stone, bad temper), I chose to cut out the time & expence wasted on scaring them off & go for a more direct approach.

The upside of this is the exercise I get running up the stairs, the precision of quietly loading my rifle in the dark & the satisfaction of becoming one hell of a marksman!

There s not so much to shoot at these days & the garden looks fine.


Posted by: Nathan on 27 January 2010

mulch with rocks!
I had a similar problem -- a colony of feral cats living just outside my window, and intruding onto my terrace to use the potted plants as litter.     This may be too expensive a solution for a larger garden, but I put rocks (round ""river rocks"", small marble chips from the local nursery, and shells I d found) as mulch.   This keeps the plants hydrated (prevents drying out, while letting water in) but more to the point, cats simply will not poop on rocks.  They need to scratch first - it s instinctual.

Saved me a lot of grief! 

Posted by: Samantha Corral on 27 December 2009

chinese takeaway
great web just an ordinary hard and have a nice house.i did have a nice garden until it was turned into a sh!thouse.i have lost some expensive plants due to cat front garden stinks of fat neighbours cat(who also is fat)sh!ts all over the place.there are two other cats that are having sh!tting contests in my garden but so far havent tracked down their homes.

my air rifle isnt powerfull enough to despatch them so befriending them is the best way and then going for a drive.

i love animals.i work on a farm, so animal welfare is top of the list. but when normal people cant go into their gardens or let their kids play without going on a cat sh!t recce first.we are forced to take action.the other night i was awoke by some demonic noise coming from the front garden,only to find out it was woody taking a sh!t on some other cats patch.they had a good old punch up and left after sh!tting and pissing everwhere.

cat owners can lick my spuds....

ps.woody will shortly be going awol.

Posted by: dave on 14 December 2009

nooooooooooooooo more cat poo in my carport and adjoining outbuilding
I stumbled on your site whilst looking for a cat deterant

im going out of my mind ,i have a glass what suppose to be a sun room at the end of my carport so it has no door

i keep my sewing machines in there

i put some carpet down and made it cosy but now when i go out there i just want to vomit

the carpets covered in piles of poo must pluck up courage and go and move it yuk

i think the 5 cats from next door are just laughing at me

they started using my porch so i covered the floor in holly ha ha that kept them out but now they are punishing me and doing it every where else

every day we have to clear the mess up we throw it back but i suppose we will get in trouble for fouling the stupid cat lovers path

Posted by: julie on 08 December 2009

...and I thought the cat shit was bad enough...
I now have one of the many, and I do mean many, local cats killing and dismembering will animals: birds, rats, voles, etc, in my front garden. Is there no end to the madness, or is it laziness, that grips the country s cat owners? They are selfish beyond reason and clearly give not a jot as long as little pussy-wussums is allowed to just as it damn well pleases. This is a highly-populated country and our cities, towns and villages are no longer places for free-roaming domestic animals. And for all you ""cat-lovers"", and I use the term very loosely, out there I want it to be very clear that despite your irresponsible behaviour I would still not harm one of your pesky pets. I, unlike you, take my civic responsibility seriously. The current domestic cat situation is complete and utter nonsense and the law should be changed NOW!

Posted by: Valerie on 19 November 2009

Verminous Creatures AKA Cats.
I stumbled on this site while looking round the net to see if there is any protection under UK law for householders subjected to this horrible problem of cat crap all over their gardens.

It appears there is none,

It literaly makes me vomit every time I have to clear up after them from the terrible smell , which gets worse as it is disturbed in order to clear it up.

Never yet heard any suggestion from cat owners to help resolve this problem other than their hapless victims spending their time and money to prevent a problem that is of the cat owners making , not the victims.

I read somewhere that if a sand pit is dug in the cat owners gareden and filled with soft sand , then the cats being such lazy useless animals will take the easiest option and crap there , but again , I have yet to see a cat owner ever do this.

I really am in despair over this ruining my enjoyment of my garden , that I have paid for .

If the law does not change then in my view it is reasonable to take whatever steps are required to keep the vermin out , all at my own expense of course.

Posted by: P Vanrod on 02 November 2009

Lilies, lilies, lilies!
We have a huge problem with cat sh!t too, because of neighbours who keep a dozen of the feckers.  They stink up the entire neighbourhood, and they fight, yowl, sh!t, and stink up everything!

Well, I thought that the person who suggested lilies was onto something good!  Especially for those dumbass bleeding-heart cat lovers who keep whinging about how the cats are doing only what s natural.

Well, let s run with the ""natural"" theme.  I m going to plant be an entire freaking garden full of lilies!  Lilies, lilies, lilies and more lilies  Of all kinds, types and I m going to put them EVERYWHERE in my yard.  You won t be able to swing a dead cat (oops!  Did I say that?  hehehe) without hitting a lily plant!  Some dafodils and deadly nightshade too -- just for a change.  And it s going to look beautiful!  We ll have the prettiest, but deadliest yard in the city!  Let the cats do what s natural... 

Just do a google search for toxic plants for cats and you can get a comprehensive list of them.  Then it s off to the garden supply to see how many from the list I can put in my yard. 

Now I can t wait till Spring.  It s going to be a glorious gardening season next year!

Posted by: Jim on 29 October 2009

Cats & Cars
We have 6 cats in the space of 4 houses, none are mine. Our 2 cars are covered every morning with cat paw marks and scratches where they have scrambled up onto the car. Every day my front garden has more sh!t in it, sometimes on the lawn, sometimes on the soil usually not burried.

I am now at the point where I will do anything I can to get rid of these dirty stinking vermin. I am not prepared to put out any more of my cash to keep someone elses  filth off my property.

All cat owners have the same attitude, their cats don t do that. Because their cats don t do that in their garden. I can t catch the cats because they run as soon as I open the door, so now I will try more subtle means.

I hope to be taking orders for Davy Crockett hats in the near future.

Posted by: mick on 26 October 2009

More inconsistencies of the legal system :/
Not only do I have problems with cats (which seems to be in the hundreds in my street) sh!tting in my garden and on my drive .... their piss also makes the concrete stink ... AND they are playing naughts and crosses on my cars! now this is criminal damage, they sit on bonnets for heat from the engine, but scratch the living sh!t out of it getting up there and back down! this is criminal damage, and if it was my dog, Id be liable .... but nooooooo not with cats! coz they have a natural tendancy to roam? now ... i believe dogs also have a natural tendancy to roam? but u dont let them, u keep them in, coz u have to, and its the whole point of having a pet? Its a joke! and the only advice i can give, is when cats start dissapearing, if they are nowhere to be found, nothing gets said, nothing can be prooven. (if ur careful about it) ;). More people are getting cats because they know they can just set them out and let them do what they want. If the laws were changed, people wouldnt be getting hundreds, maybe 1 or 2. Something needs to be done. :(

Posted by: Fran Curtis on 22 October 2009

Loathsome cats
I am sick to the back teeth of cats crapping in my recently dug boarders. More than this, I have had to stop feeding the birds over the summer because of the annihilation of young black birds whose parents have nested in my garden. I love the local birds and now want to start feeding them again, but after seeing a pigeon wing and not much else in my front garden this morning I don’t see how I can. Why should I be prevented from doing what I want because of the cretins who have these revolting creatures; I am so tempted to let my dogs into the offenders gardens & let them crap to their harts content. No doubt I would be prosecuted.

Posted by: Liona James on 21 October 2009

cat shit and kids
i  i had fu*king cat sh!tting in my back garden after so many hint and tips i can only say one thing works and that is mix antifreaze and milk place in a boul and put it out for the cats............... they will never come back ever again as they will die some where. away from your house. problem sorted

mykp says:
dont condone it but if it works for you, cest la vie!

Posted by: pete on 18 October 2009

Cats are PESTS!
I am not a cat love or even liker for that matter and, unfortunately, I live in a mobile home park where stray cats run rampant and it is common-place to see baby kittens stray and out in the cold.  Mind you, I do have a heart and I feel bad for the cats that are born without homes and their owners don t have enough sense to spay or neuter them to keep them from mulitplying.  I have also set out food for a stray pregnant cat that was severely malnourished and diseased looking.  It is very sad to see how irresponsible cat owners are!

HOWEVER, I am getting sooooo fed up with cat crap in my flower beds every time I go outside.  I ve tried EVERTHING! I ve put rocks in the garden, forks, knives, moth balls, orange peel, critter ridder from the hardware store, just about anything imaginable, but they STILL crap in my flowers.   

Does anyone have a fool-proof method of deterring cats from our precious gardens?  I really don t care if it harms the cats or not --- I think that if they got hurt a bit then it would be a great deterrant for them! Not severely hurt them or kill them but just give them a good scare.

Thanks alot!!

Posted by: Melissa on 03 October 2009

Neighbour s two ignore their own 180ft garden and the one the other side to come over and use mine, digging up flowerbeds and hiding to catch wildlife.  Over £200 worth of cat deterrents ineffective.  The poetic justice solution I read somewhere online was to leave out some food dosed with cat laxative which the greedy vermin consumes, goes home to sleep it off and then whoops can t make the catflap in time and the best shagpile cops it.  I haven t tried it but it does appeal.  Sorry neighbour I put the food out for the birds, if you can t control where your cat craps how can I control what he eats?

Posted by: Rufusgrey on 27 September 2009

Absolutly sick of it! Have two children & friends who can t play safely in their own garden because of cat sh!t! Many cats in the area. New neighbour has two cats & two dogs and I tossed cat poo back into his garden; he filmed me and threatended me with the police! Think I ll accidently spray them with liquid manure for my garden and see how their owner likes the smell!

mykp says:
let him threaten you with the police. they might come round and slap your wrists but there is nothing they can do. As for your neighbour this is just about typical of the response from cat owners.

Posted by: Agnes O´neil on 23 September 2009

Please can we have a petition?
if you havnt already done so, can you please set up a petition ... ask visitors to donate £1 towards your costs - i reckon youd get 10 s of thousands. cat owners simply cant be allowed to export their problem on other people. Its called ""The Polluter Pays Principal"" and is well established in environmental law. BTW if you know who owns the cat - if they live in a rented property you could contact the landlord & see if theyr in breach of the lease. Some local authority housing depts. put a limit on the no. of cats & dogs tenants may keep ... so you could call housing dept ... they may have a copy of the lease to view online. good luck - A petition please, apart from all the mess, domestic cats have decimated the domestic sparrow & other bird populations severly affecting migration of plant and animal species between habitats. In the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area, some planning authorities impose planning conditions restricting the keeping of cats to protect threatened bird populations. Roll-on - lets have a petition.

mykp says:
As far as I am aware, theres a link on the page, there is already a petition for 10 Downing Street. But I wouldnt hold out much hope as nearly if not all of these petitions have been ignored by the powers that be. With regards to leased housing and restrictions, the number most limit is quite high and is usually inline with the number allowed before a cattery license is required. Which if I remember rightly is in the high teens.

Posted by: matt the hat on 22 September 2009

If I could catch the neighbours cat I would dispatch it 10 miles away, but the moggy is very wise to me......I always throw the cat sh!t back, but the neighbours just dont get the hint. Even with a few well aimed shots it sticks very well to there windows the washing on the line, even the paintwork on their cars. Is there any law against me posting the cat sh!t throw their letter box. Please tell me why i even have to go to these extrems. The law should be changed.

Posted by: Mick on 20 September 2009

Revenge is best served.....................just around tea time
Get hold of the offending cat, smother it in it s own stinking sh!t, then watch it go back to it s owner, and give them a cheeky little wink as the thing stinks out their house.

Posted by: Deputy Dawg on 16 September 2009

Cat poo in my Garden
Ok i like many other s have problems of cleaning up cat poo in the Garden.Where i dont like cats i would not harm them either.However what with the recent e-coli issue i have children who i dont want picking up cat poo now would the owner of the cat feel comfortable if my child were to either die as a result of this or any other disease that cats carry.The law needs to be changed in regards to this and people need to be taught to take thier pets out on leads like other with dogs do.It is pure lazyness that people have cats and let them out to do what they want.

Posted by: Dean Phillips on 16 September 2009

cat litt-tteerr
it s so irratating when u just end up with a pile of cat dump in ur front yard or either back.. I am having a horrible day cos i hate yukky goowii stuff. i vomitted this morning finding it there and big flies are flying around it!!!

i would like to say and point out, if dog litter can cause a fine then why on earth cant a cat litter cause a fine. in that way the owner will be a little cautious about his or hers cat pet.

the way dog littter can cause and spread disease so can the cat litter. i beilieve if a cat is a free spirit so why cant the dog be?? ----- cats and dogs r kept as pets. 

Posted by: Aaliyah on 10 September 2009

Newly constructed front garden - Next day, 4 presents
How do you know its a CAT doing the business???

We finally finished off out front garden yesterday and spent alot of time/money and effort creating our prefect terrace garden.

This morning we left the house eager to admire our efforts only to be fronted with 4 peices of crap.   As you'd expect we were most angry which lead me to goggle vermin crap and see how/what other people use to stop it.

I like most of the ideas but didn't want to immediately assume our vistor was a CAT.   So, to be fair I am going to attempt to catch our friend red handed this evening.     

Its prefered sh!tting spot is right up against the front door.    We've done a big property refurb and have lots of conrete slabs in the back.   I will rig these up (Arine - Preditor style) so that any movement in the area will cause the slab (2ft sq) to release, thus capturing the animal (assumed a fox).

This seems the most logical method to see what animal were up against and once captured/crushed we can then decide the best deterant.

Need to run the plan past the wife first but will keep you updated.

Mother reckons crushed moth balls does the trick, but without identifying the culprit first.........



Posted by: Lee Richards on 03 September 2009

What to Do?
My neighbour has actually paved his back garden so his cats dont crap there and off course he doesnt have a litter tray either :-( Fecker!

I do own - sorry, no, I provide a home for a cat which uses the litter tray I provide, so get quite irate with my neighbours when their cats crap on my lawn.

When I think about getting a dog to keep the cats away, the kids song ""There was an old lady who swallowed a fly"" goes through my head and I quickly reject that Idea.

Hmm What next?

Lilies, lilies, lilies ;-)  Tough if my cat gets it too, its natural - if the free ranging, free spirited, free to eat my garden little Fecker Gets it! Thats its problem (and my neighbours off course :-).

Poison, hmm - What a kno* I am, I actually like the rest of my neighbours family so would be sad for the cat and them :-(

RR - Roadside Relocation (more specifically, the middle of the M4 between the two highways). If it makes it across either highway I hope it has read ""The Incredible journey"" ........ Dam! - same problem as the poison idea.

SR - Strategic relocation - half the karma - hmmm,  take the cat to a cat sanctuary too far away for the neighbors to get it back. This idea sucks too as far as I am concerned as I can just see myself distributing a continual stream of the neighbourhood cats around my county and I m sure the cat sanctuary owners will soon wonder - WTF, him again, where does he get them all from???

MSR - More Strategic Relocation. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find a restaurant that will take them all :-(

HTD - High Technology Deterrents. I personally don t like the high frequency devices as I can hear them.  I think that a movement sensor linked to a small computerised watering system that sprays water all over my garden whenever something moves in it sounds like the most sensible idea in all ways except for the cost. I have seen a single sprinkler-head that will cover my whole garden so I don t even need an elaborate set-up

*ollocks - Movement sensors and computerised watering systems - how elaborate can one get. Bah Humbug!

Hmm - I DO LIKE THIS ONE :-) You can now get small, High Power, pistol compound cross bows with laser sight and a couple of hunting bolts for less than £100. After the years of cat crap cleaning this idea REALLY appeals to me! But again I feel sorry for the rest of the family and would be in a spot of bother if any of them happened to look out of the window and notice their cat trying to get away limply dragging a crossbow bolt across my garden howling and frothing at the moth :-(

And So; after much deliberation I will take no action personally, directly against anyone or anything but will happily provide the means for nature to do her own thing and will actually warn my neighbour about the dangers that lilies pose to cats next time he mentions his cats crapping in my garden.

And I Do Love Lilies! Easter lilies, Tiger lilies, Rubrum lilies, Japanese show lilies and Day lilies to name a FEW!!!!!!! of my new favourite garden plants. With a row of Blue Flag along the back, like a little fence all the way along and several rows of shorter ones in front :-) No animal will be able to access my lawn without passing through a beautifully formidable bed of lilies. Feel free to have a nibble or rub against them as you pass through; Little Feckers :-)

Well - That s my Rant Over - I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

PS: I love your site - Nicely done.

Posted by: Grant on 22 August 2009

Pussy Galore...

Your "you could have some debiltating disease or something" comment..

You CAN get seriously ill if you come into contact with cat sh!t.  Think about that if you have kids and want to leave them playing in a garden that a cat has just sh!t in. 

Posted by: Medic on 09 August 2009

cat shit kill all cats
i am fed up of reading about these pathetic cat lovers saying there only doing what nature intended i have a major problem with cat poo as my neighbour as 3 of the filthy things i throw it all back on her garden i am totally racked off with it.i think all cats should be strangled at birth or poisioned see what you cat lovers make of that you bunch of morons

Posted by: samantha c on 25 July 2009

cat shit
i am fed up of reading about these pathetic cat lovers saying there only doing what nature intended i have a major problem with cat poo as my neighbour as 3 of the filthy things i throw it all back on her garden i am totally racked off with it.i think all cats should be strangled at birth or poisioned see what you cat lovers make of thet you bunch of morons

Posted by: samantha clark on 25 July 2009

Cat Lover comments again
As a cat lover reading these threats to poison or otherwise harm cats, I am as eager as anyone who posts here to see the government regulate cat ownership. The cats are not to blame - they are only behaving according to their instincts. It is the cat OWNERS who must be held responsible. Anyone who owns cats should be legally obligated to keep them at home, whatever that takes.

Posted by: Cat Lover on 23 July 2009

we have a large number of cats next door as neighbors we no longer speak as our garden is their toilet my husband throws the cat sh!t back over the fence now at last count the neighbor admitted to 40 cats last year but i can,t find any laws on dealing with that ammount in one house!

mykp says:
I think the quote on the page says it all as far as the law is concerned

"The only exception where the local authority may take action would be if a single household kept a large number of cats (more than 12) whereby the premises could be considered to be a cattery or sanctuary or breeding establishment and would require planning consent. Under these circumstances, certain conditions may be applied in order to reduce the risk of the cats straying. "

Posted by: janet on 23 July 2009

Cats are evil and they are killing my quail - let alone pooping in my garden!
I would like to join the rest of the population who are sick and tired of cat poo in their gardens! I would also like to rant and rave about the fact that a new cat to the neighbourhood is killing my quail - one by one they are being taken. Recently the murdering bastard killed my hen who was sitting on 14 eggs - 13 of them - due to hatch only 2 days after she was murdered were fertile and just waiting to hatch! I have had quail in my garden for nearly 2 years - they roam free during the day and they get put away at night. This new bastard cat has been coming in during the day - lucky I didn`t catch the damn thing as I am sooo cross about the sh!t in my garden and now the death of 4 of my quail to date!

Cat owners wouldn`t like it if dogs came into their gardens and took a sh!t on their lawns and killed their bloody ginea pigs or such family pets! I have put thin wire now along the top of the fence to try and keep them out as I cannot put any chemicals in my garden as I have young children - only a matter of time before they bring some delightful cat sh!t into the house on their shoes. Cats should be kept indoors or be made to stay in their own gardens so they can take a crap in the cat owners gardens and not mine or my immediate neighbours - who do not have the hateful creatures either. I choose not to have a cat because they are crap machines who are full of fleas mostly - cat hair gets on everything and up peoples nose which makes them sneeze and eventually wheeze.

There should be a new law that states if you have a cat you should be responsible for its poop - even better keep them indoors and in your own gardens and give the rest of the population who love their gardens - free from sh!te!

Don`t get me wrong I wouldn`t want to murder all the cats in my neighbourhood but I would like them to go away and leave my garden and its contents alone.

Posted by: Lunaboona on 23 July 2009

Cat owners should pay
Hi,  I have exactly the same problem with cat sh!t.  I think cat owners should get fined when their cat sh!ts in other peoples gardens.  They should also pay a tax for allowing their cats to roam freely and people should get free cat repellent, etc from the funds made by the taxes. 

I have recently been thinking about the trap and release idea, but what are the legalities?  Can I get in trouble for trapping a cat on my land and releasing it int the wild, especially if it has a collar on.

My partner would be mad at me for saying this, but I would resort to poison if it was legal.

Posted by: Gary on 15 July 2009

I so totally agree with you ! If had wanted to clear up cat sh!t I would have my own cat. It stinks! Cat owners are lazy dog owners they want an animal but not the responsiblility of looking after them. It should be made law that they are taken for walks on leads like dogs and their owners must clean up after them too. However did you know that Lillies (eg Tiger) kill cats if they brush against or ingest them! Yes I know brilliant isnt it. I think we should all plant more lillies!!

failing that leave out milk laced with anti freeze that does the job! And if the cat owners dont like. Dont bloody let them out to sh!t in everyones gardens Thanks have a great cat sh!t free day!

Posted by: Tina Parkings on 03 July 2009

this page is horrible
some of the comments on this page are horrible

mykp says:
so don’t read it

Posted by: my cats are my life on 30 April 2009

cat crap solution
cats keep sh!tting on my doorstep! have read lots of mail here and it makes me smile, so after some research have a great solution.

The North American Marten.

Its free spirited & free roaming (cat lovers love to use this as an excuse)

- it also loves to eat cats!

(its only doing what nature intended - they love this excuse as well)

I want one! I will happily clean up after it!

Posted by: daz on 09 April 2009

Why should I put up with it?
One of you cat owners out there kindly tell me why I should put up with cat crap in my garden. Tell me why I shouldnt throw it back into my neighbours garden (who has 11 cats btw). and tell me why I shouldnt strangle the little sods when they sit outside at 3am, yowling to be let in?

Posted by: cat hater on 12 March 2009

Flagged Yard
I´ve got exactly the same problem as Emma and it´s driving me mad. Some local cat(s) seem to think it´s amusing to shit outside my back door. I´m beyond disgusted with them and just want it to stop. The bottle of water seemed to work for a while as did mothballs. The only problem with mothballs is the smell. I actually like to sit out in my back yard when it´s sunny so don´t want it smelling like my great aunt´s wardrobe! I´d LOVE to catch a cat in the act. It wouldn´t be coming back to shit in my yard in a hurry! Thanks for writing about this mykp. Much appreciated! All tips most welcome!

Posted by: Michael Fryer on 01 March 2009

aaaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh. We have just moved to a lovely little neighbourhood in our lovely little house with our (mostly) lovely little toddler. Now, this lovely little place is making my blood boil with the not so little, and f**king ginormous amount of cat shit I (well my partner) has to clean from our not so lovely little back garden.

I´ve chased the little feckers away whenever they come near my garden but obviously this is´nt as effective as taking shifts by the back door with a shotgun. (I havn´t tried this by the way).

I´ve since declared war on the cats of my neighbourhood after my 18 month old daughter landed face first in a stinking pile of cat mess that had been missed by our recent clean of the garden. Now this is completely unnacceptable. I´m all for owners taking complete responsibilty for this, it is utterly disgusting. If cats are so called "free spirits" then why are they kept as pets? I´m a free spirit but I would´nt shit in my neighbours garden (unless of course it was called for). Thats because from a young age my mother taught me that the toilet was the only acceptable place to relieve myself. She got off her arse and decided ""hey, better train this little mite that shitting in public places and leaving it behind is not a social skill she should learn"" And because she was a good mum and and knew it was her responsibilty to do so, she potty trained me. And besides, if it was the case that she was a lazy, selfish mother then i´m sure she´d have the police and angry neighbours banging on her door. But what could they do? I am a free spirit after all.

Something has to be done, I cant let my daughter out to play freely. Im always wondering if there is big cat shit lying in wait for her pretty little face.

I do apologise for some of the language I have used today but need to vent my anger and frustration. We have woken up this morning to five fresh new piles lying just feckers wonderfully in our back fecking garden.

by a Cat Hater

Posted by: VICKY MCKENZIE on 28 February 2009

Cats are a lazy persons pet, they let them out all day and night then say "my cat dosent crap in anyones garden".how do they know? Friggin idiots.i think someones already said about lillies they are pretty good,also as a deterrent garden rue is good but be careful as it can bring you out in a rash.teabags sprayed with jayes fluid or deepheat are good also.but i reckon the best way to deal with cats is to outfox them.plant catnip by a canal or roadside then when they get attracted to it they meet a grisly end.the little gits will be out of it anyway so you could go pick them up yourself if your worried about an accident! They kill birds and i feed birds in my garden so i hate them.people say they dont kill that much but if a cat had been near my garden in the recent cold weather then it would have prevented the birds from feeding and they would have died.keep up the good work .

Posted by: ANTONY BARTRAM on 23 February 2009

A Desire to Kill...
I live in a terraced house with a long garden to the rear, which includes a flower patch, an area of gravel, and a grassed area.

Several neighbours are harbouring the verminous little filth we know as cats. I abhor them. I´ve never been a big fan if I´m honest. I hate their sly, nasty nature and I can´t help being put off people who like them. The wife likes them but I still love her; however, she will never, ever own such a thing whilst we live under the same roof.

Anyway, where was I? Yes, about 18 months ago I started to find absolutely disgusting evidence of these hateful little ****s in my garden, all over my flower bed. The smell of the shit is revolting, it looks grotesque, and it was killing my flowers. It is also sufficiently nasty stuff to mean we cannot allow our nieces to play in our garden. And to add insult to injury, it is I who must clean this up using a plastic bag over my hand. Every time I must get down and clean this stuff up I can only wish for the painful death of these creatures and their feckless owners.

I have tried everything. I went through a phase of throwing water at them every time they appeared in the garden, but the stupid ****ing things do not have the intelligence to learn to **** off. Lemon works for a few days until it is washed away. And why should I have to keep buying lemons and going to the trouble of putting them in the garden? I have tried chicken manure pellets, which seem to work for a time.

About 6 months ago I put spikey kebab sticks all over the flower bed at varying angles and that appears to have deterred them from crapping on there.

However, they have now simply moved on to the grassed area. I mowed the lawn today and found that in four different locations, my lawn mower had gone over piles of cat shit, spreading it everywhere and causing a ghastly smell. There was no way of cleaning this mess up and I have had to resort to putting soil over the fouled up areas. I have thrown manure pellets all over the garden in the hope of keeping them away for some time, but how long will it be?

There appear to be at least four cats passing through my garden on a daily basis. I have seen three today alone. It disgusts and enrages me to see these vile little bastards slithering all over my property, using it as a toilet. I go out to chase them off, but they will be back within two hours. Two of them are unbelievably ugly - some sort of horrid, foreign variant.

All I can think about is destroying the little ****s with poison. Believe me, were it not for the law (which is an ass) I would have no hesitation. Sometimes I think of taking them in, tempting them with food, and then throwing them in a box, ripping off their collars, and driving them out to a place far, far away. Where their witless and feckless owners will never see them again. See if I care.

I despise the people who own them, fill them with food, and then allow them to just run along to shit on MY garden. It is as though the owners are shitting on my garden by proxy. I´d love to shovel the shit through their letter boxes. But what´s the point? I´ll then be given the added insult of having to pay a fine, or having a criminal record.

I suppose I will have to try this bottled water strategy, but that means having ugly plastic bottles all over the place.

I weep for the future.

Posted by: Monty on 22 February 2009

Stop spam NOW!
If you want to stop spamming of your forum, send your URL here: stopforumspam(at) or post comment here: stopforumspam(dot)blogspot(dot)com Append your site to antispam black list of autosubmitter software. It´s FREE!

mykp says:
Useful but it wasnt just spam, at one point I get an email from my ISP saying the number of hits and the code being accessed was pushing the server farm processor usage to unacceptable levels. So I got rid.

Posted by: HibicornHoipt on 21 February 2009

First, I must say most cat-lovers are responsible and can relate to neighbors/friends/etc. who don´t like cat poo on their shoes or cat hair in their food. The few cat lovers I´ve known who (like some people who commented on this site) don´t understand why a person who chooses not to own a cat wouldn´t like cat excrement on their property fall into two categories.

Group one: they live in the midst of so much foul cat nastiness, their sense of smell has been dulled and the smell of cat waste is inseparable with the joy of cat cuddling.

Group two: similar to group one, however they strongly relate to the anti-social nature of cats thus don´t get out very much to experience the various types of people who are very normal and also don´t like cats.

Regardless, if you are plagued by stray cats or cats whose owners do not care for them properly, you are doing the whole neighborhood (including the neighborhood cats) a favor by catching said cats in a live trap and calling the animal control department of your city to pick them up. They will then be relocated to a place where someone who wants a pet cat can adopt them, or worst-case scenario: they may die in captivity...however, this also happens to humans who are homeless and it is unfortunate, but the best chance for rehabilitation as well.

Posted by: chris on 20 February 2009

Cat Lover´s Solution
I love my 9 cats passionately. I deliberately bought a house on a quiet street so that they could go outside. Most of my neighbors claim to enjoy watching my cats at play, but I have a couple of neighbors who hate cats for the usual reasons - the cats poop in their garden and kill birds. Neither the cats nor the neighbors are going to change. So I had to figure out what to do, in order to keep my cats both happy and safe. I decided to build an enormous, roofed-in cat pen in my backyard, against the house. It is 30 x 23 x 10 feet. It was designed by a professional carpenter to look good, not ramshackle. It has wooden rafters and poles for climbing and a couple of other wooden structures for the cats to play in and on. They can access the pen through various windows of the house. The pen was expensive, but it´s the best money I ever spent. Most of the year I leave the windows open so the cats can go into the pen whenever they want, even at night. Yes, the cats still would like to roam the neighborhood, but they enjoy the pen very much,especially at night. And I don´t spend all day worrying about what the neighbors might do to them.

mykp says:
How I wish my neighbours where as responsible, ney sensible as you Donna.

Posted by: Donna on 17 February 2009

how would you like it?
in response to pussy galore. my wife and i have a mobility scooter each and they are kept in a leanto(unable to fit a door because of space restrictions) and they have scooter covers of the neighbours cats frequently goes in for shelter. not only does he sleep there he shits on the seat and in the foot would pussy galore like to come and clean the shit off every time i want to use my scooter.

Posted by: captainpugwash on 13 February 2009

I Loathe Cats!!!!!!!
I live in a terrace house and i think its the next door but one house that has this cat that has just recently in the last week started using my flagged yard as a toilet,but it does it right in front of our coal bin where we need to shovel for the coal,only to find the nice little deposit its left AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!! I tried sprinkiling Vinegar on the spot after i had to clean it up(not without gagging) but it still came back,im guessing it does it at night cos ive never seen it doing the buisiness,but i have seen the cat in the yard. My Mum tells me that Moth Ball´s do work so im gona try those and get back to you all to see if it does,its a highly annoying situation and i read that there are no law´s which is appauling. Dont no what else i can do with the yard being flagged i cant stick anything in the ground,such as plastic forks or CD´s,any one else got a flagged yard?

Posted by: Emma Packer on 12 February 2009

how dare you threaten to hurt cats
I think the comments posted on this page are horrible, how dare you say you will injure cats for pooing in your gardens when they are only doing what nature intended. If you did this to my cats I would get the police to come round as I am sure there is some criminal offense commited.

Posted by: sandra on 10 February 2009

f**king things
i over heard a guy in pub saying he made a trap that catches cats just like a fox trap once hes got one he drives it well out to the countryside and drops it off . that man needs an m.b.e . but he never said anything about stoping the car

Posted by: mr i hate cats on 31 January 2009

10:00 am just cought one shiting
everything thats been said is so true the little shits are recking my flower bed, I keep my dog locked at my end of the yard so he doesn´t shit in the grass and flowers and then i get cats shiting all over. If i could a nice lead injection would solve it but i can´t Jeyes fluid seems to work they don´t like the smell and i´v just found out it´s toxic for cats won´t kill them but make them ill

Posted by: claire varley on 30 January 2009

10:00 am just cought one shiting
everything thats been said is so true the little shits are recking my flower bed, I keep my dog locked at my end of the yard so he doesn´t shit in the grass and flowers and then i get cats shiting all over. If i could a nice lead injection would solve it but i can´t Jeyes fluid seems to work they don´t like the smell and i´v just found out it´s toxic for cats won´t kill them but make them ill

Posted by: claire varley on 30 January 2009

cats are ace
stop moaning you prick, it´s just a cat.. you could have some debiltating disease or something

mykp says:
hey thanks you for that insightful comment..

Posted by: pussy galore on 28 January 2009

cat shit
Well theres one other thing you can try, no, not that but similar. Befriend the cat owner to a point where you offer to look after tiddles whilst they go away on holiday preferably for a few weeks or more. Then, once sunning it in Florida you feed the cat at every opportunity. Plenty of fish, full fat milk, beef etc. Sounds stupid? Well heres the catch, you dont let the little bugger out of the house. If you are successful the cat will be so used to staying indoors and crapping everywhere it will be the norm and they will have to re train the cat to use the garden. Possibly if you are dedicated to the feeding program the cat will be so fat that leaving the house is physically impossible anyway. Leave them a note and keep a safe distance.

Posted by: gerry gallagher on 23 January 2009

Poor little kitties!
As a fellow cat hater, may I say just how much I have enjoyed reading your comments. I am a normally calm person, but on the subject of cats I can become quite incandescent with rage! I have had to clear cat shit from the garden of every house I have lived in and it bloody stinks! It´s not just cleaning up their poo I object to, but also their murderous intentions, which keep my garden quite clear of birds - which I love. I have asked cat owners why their cats can´t wear a bell and they say things like, ""Oh he doesn´t like it, it rubs his poor little neck."" and other equally pathetic reasons why the killer they harbour under their roofs should not be in anyway constrained. It makes me furious! Then they go on to tell me about dear kitty and how he killed a bird/vole etc: and how upsetting it was, or how cross they were with the pet etc: It´s all I can do, to keep from shouting ,""Well keep it inside then!"" I don´t object to people who have cats which wear collars with bells and use a litter tray, but how many do? Anything else is irresponsible pet ownership, causing a nuisance to their neighbours. There, that´s what I think! Thanks for the opportunity to have a rant!

mykp says:
a pleasure, rant away!

Posted by: Nicky on 18 January 2009

Poor little kitties!
As a fellow cat hater, may I say just how much I have enjoyed reading your comments. I am a normally calm person, but on the subject of cats I can become quite incandescent with rage! I have had to clear cat shit from the garden of every house I have lived in and it bloody stinks! It´s not just cleaning up their poo I object to, but also their murderous intentions, which keep my garden quite clear of birds - which I love. I have asked cat owners why their cats can´t wear a bell and they say things like,""Oh he doesn´t like it, it rubs his poor little neck."" and other equally pathetic reasons why the killer they harbour under their rooves should not be in anyway constrained. It makes me furious! Then they go on to tell me about dear kitty and how he killed a bird/vole etc: and how upsetting it was, or how cross they were with the pet etc: It´s all I can do, to keep from shouting ,""Well keep it inside then!"" I don´t object to people who have cats which wear collars with bells and use a litter tray, but how many do? Anything else is irresponsible pet ownership, causing a nuiscance to their neighbours. There, that´s what I think! Thanks for the opportunity to have a rant!

Posted by: Nicky on 18 January 2009

The Solution
Scoop it all up and lay it on their doorstep...

Posted by: Adam on 13 January 2009

Humans Do
Quote: June Staples on 29 August 2008 ""Also, what other animal kills for the fun of it? "" Humans do.

mykp says:
yeah! But when was the last time you saw a human crapping in you flower bed?

Posted by: dave on 09 January 2009

cat shit
I have cat shit all over my garden , you cant grow anything without the cats digging it up and shitting everywhere.I use the wooden skewers for kebabs and put them in my veg plot it does stop them. The other day one of the neighbours cats got run over and the poor soul chose my door to knock on looking for its owner, only to be met with a gleeful smile and a congratulations, well done and can you get the other one.................................

Posted by: ann spencer on 29 December 2008

a big dog helps
get a dog , make sure it doesn´t like cats!!. the other thing cat owners seem to miss is the fact that all these cat destroy the bird life in your gardens!!, before say no they don´t, THEY DO!!, you just don´t see it!!, in the wild there wouldn´t be so many in such a small area , the problem they create wouldn´t happen!. i think cat owners are lazy pet owners!! thats why they get one, theres no need to walk them or clear up behind them, i can´t see any problem with being able to destroy them on YOUR property, effectively classing them as vermen!! cats carry lots of disease , another thing cat owner should realise, !! then you go into cat owners house and dirty disease ridden pest in walking on the kitchen work top !!!!, they pull a face when you decline a brew or a biscuit, !!!! DOH baby´s and young kids in a house with vermen called cats, not a good idea!!!!

Posted by: 51st state on 16 November 2008

cats, .....
cats are shit, not only do they crap everywhere, they are spiteful, annoying, and think they own the place, every cat i meet, tries to scratch , hiss e.t.c at me, i read a comment in another post about cats, where someone claimed that cats are the most evolved species to roam the planet, c´mon, do cats know how to bild a supercomputer or an atomic bomb, every time i try to befiend a catr, it turns around and gets all shitty, i hate cats, really do. i especialy hate cats fighting at 2 AM.......

Posted by: James Cann on 29 October 2008

I am a cat owner myself, BUT
I have one cat (not by choice, we are dog people really, but animal lovers all round so she gets very well looked after). We inherited her years ago and supply her with fresh litter for her to do her business in, however we live in a cat hot spot ourselves, never seen so many cats in one area, and they all must come into my garden to take a dump (before you think it, it´s not our cat as we have kept her in overnight and still next day the garden is full and I mean FULL of cat shit, at least 5 seperate ones on the lawn in the back garden and some in the flower beds and also 4 or 5 on the front garden), so sick and tired of it, tried all the cat off and pepper dust stuff and none of it works, we had a very expensive sonic cat repeller but someone kindly jumped into our garden in the dead of night and stole it, ripped it clean from its mounting (which was nice). We have a 20 month old grandaughter and she loves to play in the garden and we have had to stop her playing on the grassed area due to cat crap, we of course clean it up on a daily basis but we are not willing to take any chances. I know for a fact that none of the cat owners around here supply there animals with litter trays, this would help alot in the reduction of cat crap in our gardens, but will they do it, I think not, even if it were made law to provide such things it would be unenforceable. I used to have 2 dogs who are sadly not with us anymore, never had this problem when they were around. My dogs were very friendly with our cat and regarded her as part of the pack, but would not tolerate any others on our propery. Time for an all night vigil with the hosepipe, Iv´e heard they are not too keen on a midnight cold shower :o) cat needs a crap, so cat jumps into our garden, dog´s see cat,,,dogs chase cat, cat norrow escapes with it´s life (or not), either way cat never comes back..... woof

Posted by: Niles on 25 October 2008

2 solutions
I´ve been down the route of lion dung, CDs, water bottles and crystals bla bla bla bla. I have found that the following works depending on your situation: cats don´t like s*****ing in enclosed spaces where they can´t see potential danger. My main problem area was a narrow gravelled get the picture. High fence each side, but at each end there was an ironwork gate. By blocking off the lower part of the gates with an old sheet it enclosed the path. Not had a problem since. The other thing that has worked is creosote. Not the new weak stuff the original stinky thick stuff - you´ll probably find some in your dad´s garage. remove all cat crap first or it won´t work so well. Create a ""ring of confidence"" by daubing tops of fences with it. No fence? soak a rag and tie it to something. About half metre intervals seems to work. As soon as the smell starts to fade - reapply. Some in the bottom of an old tin can for low entry points like the gap at the bottom of a gate.

Posted by: george on 25 October 2008

How can you say you hate cats. Cats are Gods greatest creatures and dont do such things in other people gardens.

mykp says:
Er, hello! Are you living on the same planet as everyone else. Or your trying to wind me up.

Posted by: you all suck on 22 October 2008

Mrs sent me to the pet shop to buy some hay for her Rabbit and they had a rolling video in store about do´s and don t´s, re: cats, turns out that Lilly´s and Lilly pollen can be harmful if not deadly to cats..guess what I´m planting loads of next year?

Posted by: steve on 19 October 2008

i hate em
the cat s*** problem,i cured in the back garden with a ultrasonic device from maplins(£25).however in the front it wasn´t so simple because the said device would most probably be stolen from my front garden.Access is to easy and it flashes every time someone walks past it. Has anybody got a suggestion that will work,i´ve tried everything.The smell makes me vomit.There are so many of them as well.Help

Posted by: paul on 19 October 2008

Aussie Cat Solutions.
disolve 2 asprin in water, just a littel bit of water... about 100ml. Mix the solution into 1/2 a cup of full cream milk. Place it outside for the cats. They drink it and it gives them the hickups. They associate your place with hickups which they hate. They never come back and shit there again.

mykp says:
Does that really work? Nah! Come on?

Posted by: Aussie cat solutions. on 16 October 2008

Cat Shit - what else!!
I am driving my kids mad with my recent rantings about ´cat shit´ in our garden. I used to adore cats but not any more..........I don´t see why i have to constantly fork out a small fortune for various things to deter cats which do not work. I am going to pen a letter to my MP suggesting that they do something about the amount of so called cat lovers, who seem to breeding them for profit. If you look in the local newspapers and see the increase in cats/kittens for sale, i think you will agree with me. These vermin are on the increase and something needs to be done. Yes cats are cute and cuddly but not so cute when you don´t own one and find yourself regularly having to clean their shit up from your garden. I thought cats covered there shit and was shocked when i first found some on my lawn. Shocked and annoyed as it was the day i was having several kids round for a garden party the celebrate my sons 7th birthday. I´m sure i don´t need to remind anyone of the dangers posed to expectant mothers and young children who come into contact with cat shit. Anyway - that´s enough ranting from me and i do feel i lot better for it. I´m now going to rant on to my MP and suggest that you all do the same :)J

mykp says:
Jackie, Good luck with your letter to your MP. I fear after reading emails from others who have gone down the same path you will not succeed. My MP wrote me a nice letter explaining the niceties of the law and politely told me to bog off. Perhaps if cats where crapping on the pavements outside schools it might be different, however if this where to happen I would wager money on cats not being blamed but dogs. Let me know if you get any further.

Posted by: Jackie on 15 October 2008

Well done for taking a brave stand against the selfishness of cat owners. It may be natural for cats to hunt but it is not natural for them to be fed out of tins and given somewhere warm to sleep. There are no thrushes (and therefore a plague of snails) in our area because of cats. When a sole pair of robins tried to nest this year a gang of cats sat under the nest until it was abandoned. Cats routinely defecate in our garden creating a serious health menace. How can anyone possibly defend this? I have posted another petition, entitled ""against cats"", on the Downing Street website. Thank you very much, Stephen

mykp says:
As much as applaud you actions in my experience any petition posted on the number 10 downing street website is a waste of time. They don’t listen to anything put up there just look at the fuel tax protest, over 1/2 million signatures and nothing.

Posted by: Stephen Moriarty on 14 October 2008

I love kitties
I have 4 cats and they are very obidient and sweet. they don´t sh!t around the house and I keep them inside. cats are the ****ing best. Sorry about your allergy. If an animal was shitting in my yard, I´d beat it up.

Posted by: amber on 12 October 2008

I agree with everything that is posted on your website. I dont like cats! Cant see the point in having them as pets, all they do is leave cat hairs everywhere and shit in other people´s gardens. When I catch the littel sods doing it a hosing down is very satisfactory, but I think they´ve got wise to that and come back and shit even more when I´m not at home.

Posted by: Carole Prince on 12 October 2008

charge the cat owners
I have a sh*tty neighbor who has about 6 or 7 cats. I do not believe that this neighbor knows where their cats take a dump. They take a dump in my garden and my yard. I am literally sick of this neigbor and ther cats as well. Here is my drastic solution: The cat owners should give us money because we are spending time taking care of their cat shit. $10 for each dump. (labor money) If the cat owner is not going to bother training their cats or taking responsibility for them, then, they need to pay somehow. Or else, I am carrying the cat dump back to their yard.

Posted by: dct on 11 October 2008

hi there i have a foolproof humane way of stopping cats crapping in your garden. I am a long distance lorry driver and when someones cat keeps coming into my garden i befriend it then catch it and release it about a thousand miles away or as far as my next journey permits they say that cats are free spirits and can wander wherever they wish so i just help them a bit. it works very well so far

mykp says:
Best method so far.

Posted by: chris catsorter on 09 October 2008

Oh lord!
I hate cats! I hate people who defend cats shitting in other peoples gardens.... private gardens! The law is totaly all wrong and should be changed. Is there a law refered to as the human rights act? where it states... ´the right to: respect and privacy for you family´

Posted by: poohater on 08 October 2008

Cat owners who allow their animals to defecate freely do not have the inteligence to train them. The best solution that I read elsewhere on the net is to leave out some food containing cat laxative. The persistant offender takes the food, goes home to sleep it off, wakes up with an urgent need and evacuates on the best shagpile. Poetic justice? I think it was a tongue in cheek suggestion but highly amusing nevertheless.

Posted by: Thorrun on 02 October 2008

I have the same problems with cats in my garden and the only effective deterrent I have found is to deny the little darlings access, spikey strips on flat surfaces and fern screening to heighten the fences. I have in the past tried other methods like coating the tops of fences and walls with grease (the dark stuff used on cars and M/cycles), I did find this most satisfying knowing that there was a good chance that the offending owner was spending the same amount of time cleaning carpet as I was cleaning up cat crap. I have tried darker methods but realise that it is not really the cats fault, the responsibility for control lies with the owner and frankly I would probably prefer to shoot them than the cat. It would be a good wheeze if all dog owners trained them to jump over garden fences and crap in cat owners gardens (in the dead of night of course), additionally pooing in a bag in the comfort of your own home and then chucking it over a cat owners fence (latex gloves recommended!) would take some of the frustration away, after all its all about how you feel at the end of the day and when something frustrates and stresses you out you need to seek some balance!!

Posted by: SWats on 01 October 2008

Oh please: this is twaddle. Cats are not like dogs and ""do"" what they want. Get over it you anally retentive dog owners.

mykp says:
Thanks for the comment, at least you didnt use abuse language like the majority of emails I get from cat owners, however alas the typical cat owner response!

Posted by: Suffice on 28 September 2008

Shitty end of the stick
There is an easy answer. Cat lovers will tell you that cats are free roaming animals. Well I do allow them the roam freely, 15 miles away on our local moors. They even get a free ride in a cosy box. May be this is where the ""beast of Bodmin"" has come from.

Posted by: Rob on 15 September 2008

cats mess
Hi, I must admit I quite like cats, and was thinking of getting one. But I am in two minds now! I do have a number of cats which are shitting in my garden and Im in the process of buying some equipment to deter them. I think its all about education1 For years we have just let our cats foul in other peoples gardens, and taken that couldnt care less attitude. But I think its about time the law was changed and if I do get cat I will make sure it is trained to do its business in the litter tray. Is it true that if you have a cat it will not shit in your garden, but will go off into someone esles ? Also if you have a cat, its keeps other cats from coming into your garden, so no shit all around!!! So if I buy a cat, I will not have to buy any cat repellants, because having a cat will solve all this, and then I will train my cat to do his business in the tray. The law has got to change to make cat owners more responsable. most cat owners must know that when their cat goes outside its going to shit in the neighbours garden!!! I was thinking of installing a device which takes a snapshot of the cat invaders, then posting them on the net, or local magazine to shame the owners into doing something about thier cats. Maybe a few posters on the Telegraph poles in the street, more shame. I think a name and shame of the owners sounds like a good idea, because its not the cats fault that they have not been trained to do their business at home. I am going to do a survey of all the cat owners in my area, and and try to find out what their thoughts are on this issue.

mykp says:
The law should definately change as cats can be trained to crap in a tray, thousands of owners have managed this successfully. However there is a majority of cat owners who are too stupid, too lazy or they lack the skills to train their animals therefore they just let them crap anywhere. I dont know about the, if you have a cat other cats wont come in your garden as ive never owned a cat!

Posted by: jozef on 15 September 2008

mrs j.jefferson
i totally agree i dont let my dog shit in other peoples property just the other day i was harvesting our carrots which have took months to grow and not mention hard work only to find the whole veg patch coverd in cat shit they should be classed as vermon

Posted by: j.jefferson on 09 September 2008

mrs j.jefferson
i totally agree i dont let my dog shit in other peoples property just the other day i was harvesting our carrots which have took months to grow and not mention hard work only to find the whole veg patch coverd in cat shit they should be classed as vermon

Posted by: j.jefferson on 09 September 2008

i dont like cat anymore they keep shitting on my lawn and my fat neighbours has 3 f**king cats

Posted by: david carroll on 08 September 2008

There should be a law!
Fully agree as I have just picked up yet another load! There should be a law. After all we are plagued with blue bottles and we all know where they have just been. Why do we allow this in such a civilized country. Surely owners can train the animals to do their business in a tray in their homes!!! Also, what other animal kills for the fun of it? How can anyone like these creatures?

Posted by: June Staples on 29 August 2008

Make the cat owner resposible
Hi,im a garden contractor and cut lawns on a daily basis. Before we can cut 75% of the lawns we have to go round with the shovel to get the cat mess off. Not only is this unpleasant and hazardous its also costing me time and money. Its got worse over the years as almost every house has a cat as a pet.Im no blaming the cats but surely its time to change the law so to make the cat owner resposible. Andy Fisher Garden contracter

Posted by: Andy Fisher on 23 August 2008

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