Mercedes Benz A-class, reset A-Class Service Indicator

Mercedes A-Class A210
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This page highlights how to reset A-Class service indicator, on a Mercedes Benz W168, A-class. 1998 to 2004.

This page is for information only, I am not Mercedes Benz so if this doesnt work or you have other problems go to Mercedes.

If you cant get it to work, you arent doing it right!

If you do decide to use this information then you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK.

PLUS, this only applies to the W168 Mk1 and Mk1 Facelifted A-Class only
IE: A140, A160, A190 & A210 Petrol and the A160CDI, A170CDI diesel engine models.

That is the model below

This will not work on a W169 model which is from late 2004 onwards!

So please stop emailing me complaining this doesnt work. If your motor is newer than late 2004! It wont work as its only for the earlier A-class (W168) model.

The how to reset A-class Service Assyst Procedure.

  1. Turn the key to position 2 in the ignition lock and immediately press button 000.0 twice within the space of one second.
  2. Turn the key to position 0 in the ignition lock.
  3. Pressand hold button 000.0 then turn the key to position 2 in the ignition lock, Keeping button 000.0 pressed, dont let go!!!! You will hear a beep.
  4. The service message with current remaining distance or remaining time appears. Keep button 000.0 pressed!!!
  5. After about 10 seconds, an acoustic signal will sound and the service display with the new starting distance or starting time appears for about 10 seconds.
  6. Now release button 000.0
  7. Thats it youve reset your service indicator.

If this procedure doesnt work first time its typically because you have let go of the 000.0 button at some point. Try the reset A-class service assyst procedure again.

Additional for Vaneo and maybe W169???

Rich Hall writes: My recently purchased 05 Vaneo requires me to press the “+” button instead of 000.0 to reset the trip.

The above original instructions failed for reset the service interval but when I tried the instructions but using the “+” button instead of 000.0, the service interval reset perfectly.

I hope this helps others.

Thanks Rich.

Ive also found this within about 10 seconds of searching.

Wasnt hard to find!

PLEASE NOTE: if your going to leave a comment below, please remember:

I AM NOT MERCEDES BENZ. If I was I wouldnt be telling you the procedure on how to reset A-Class service indicator!

I AM NOT A MERCEDES MECHANIC/DEALER! If I was I wouldnt be telling you this!

I DO NOT HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE TO FIX SPECIFIC PROBLEMS, if I did i´d be charging you £100 an hour labour!

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209 Commentsto Mercedes Benz A-class, reset A-Class Service Indicator

Mercedes Benz A-class, reset A-Class Service Indicator
  1. Graham Pay says:

    Many thanks,that worked .The only comment is that you need to wait for approx 2 secs for the current service interval to appear on the screen before pressing the 000.0 button twice.Brilliant.

  2. David Holland says:

    thanks, thats great saves me paying Mercedes.

  3. justin says:

    no way i cant beleave it, it works!!!!!!
    yeppee nice 1 dude

  4. Brian says:

    I have a 2003 A210 Evo just come up with service on computer 1 spanner the cars covered 20,000 miles called MB today and

  5. john slack says:

    how do you reset a 2006 a class (new shape )


    I have a 160 a class could tell me what fluid do i need for my auto gear box kind regards Elaine.

  7. Graeme Dixon says:

    Hi i have a 1999 a160 auto and i have tryed to reset as instructed i get the beep sound but it wont reset

    is pos 2 just before start or is it one back??? there are 4 buttons on dash 2 on left 2 on right ??

  8. Charles says:

    I have reset the service indicator

  9. philomena says:

    i have to say you are a wonderful man it worked you reallly know what your talking about cheers you just saved me bringing it to mercedes as im a single parent with

  10. gm says:

    I have a mercedes a140 and when i switch on the ignition i see on my display

  11. sonila says:

    hi there i have 2005

  12. Sunny says:

    It did not work for my 2006 Reg56 A class, any comments.

  13. Andre says:

    I have reset the ASSYST on my a 140, but my problem still continue. If i drove my car above 60 km/h, the BAS ESP lights on, after 15 or 30 minutes of driving, the car tremble and shutdown. I can only restart the engine after 30 minutes.

  14. RICHARD ALAKA says:

    I ride a Benz A160, on my dashboard is now a spanner symbol with a reading which is now at -3900. This symbol wt the reading only shows when i just ignite the engine. It will beep for some seconds and off

  15. Tony says:

    What does the button with a hook and seemingly towed vehicle on it actually do?

  16. Wilson says:

    I just bought a second hand A160, w168. i hope i can get some help from here. there are 4 push buttons beside the dashboard. it seems the one under 000.0 is for switching between displaying temp and time. the others are making no sence to me, tried to play with it, nothing happened. any one please help!

  17. Andy Wilson says:

    My A 170 suffers from nuisance oil level warnings (oil level ok) when driving. Can you please tell me where the sensor is so that I immobilise it or replace it.

  18. roger stacey says:

    hi just had the same problem with my A60, the battery was almost flat, it just started, and the Engine management light came on, recharged the battery, gave it a good run, but it,s still on, please can you give me some advise on how to remove the warning light? it would be helpfull, as i use the the car regulary to take my dissabled wife to Hospital. many thanks Roger.

    • Phil says:

      Hi Roget,

      I have the exact same problem as you! Just happen to left one reading light on for two day, battery end flat, gave the A140 Classic 2003 a push, run it for one hour, engine yellow light is still one! Any help? I am taking it to the garage but I know this came up only after batery went flat as the car is fine otherwise! Help plead! Great website, many thanks!

  19. David says:

    Just in case anyone else out there has a sore finger from trying this over and over again, I found that the timing was important in my case.

    As one poster stated wait for the current service indicator to appear (in my case 2 spanners) and then press the 000.0 button twice quickly.

    Immediately turn back to position 0 (the service indicator should still be on the display), then press and hold and move to position 2 as described.

    Tried a number of times but the time that worked was when the spanners were on the display the whole time.

    • Mike says:

      My 2006 170 A class shows one spanner and says service car exceeded 63 days yet it was serviced already 10 days ago. how do i remove this message?

      Please help

      • mykp says:

        Follow the procedure on this page and it should reset the service indicator. I am betting you didn’t have your a170 serviced at Mercedes?

      • dennis crocker says:

        anybody know how to reset service indacater on a180 cdi sports nov 2013 just bought it from a lexus garage 3 months ago who gave me a full service but could not reset the service indacater took it to a mercedes dealer who wanted to charge me £400 for another sevice then they would reset service indacater i refused to pay it if anybody know please please contact me

  20. George says:

    Hi i need help i have a problem with my revers gear on my A160 auto itjolts quit vicious and the secongear takes time 2 change what could be the problem pls Help !! a also need help where can i get aservice manul , many thx G

  21. agius says:

    I have an aclass 160 and I am receiving startup error when I try to start my engine and the led is lighting for empty petrol.

    • Mick says:

      A160 1998 Model W168: I have a Start error on the dashboard display when trying to start.
      Has anyone had this problem and if so how did you rectify the fault.

  22. Willem says:

    Have you got a sketch I can not get it rite. What button must be pressed and where is it on the dach. Thanks for a great page sure you save a lot of us a lot of money. Thanks.

  23. Huw Morris says:

    I appreciate your advice. Once I realized which position position 2 is (my problem) the instructions worked perfectly.

  24. mrs beverley smith says:

    hi i have a t reg a140 and when i switched the car off and take the key out the clock light in the middle of the dash stays on but it has allways gone off in the passed can anyone help thank you

  25. me says:

    really works. thank you

  26. adam says:

    worked first time ,Igave the details to my 14 year old son and he reset it before I could copy ,paste & print the instrutions.

  27. DARREN JOLLEY says:

    engine management light come on again .This was after

  28. jeffers257 says:

    2002 A140 starts great 9 out of ten times but occasionally the starter will not operate. any ideas ?

  29. cembicak says:

    Thank you so much, that beeping at the start was a real pain and the issue got solved in a few minutes time.

  30. elizabeth says:

    hi i dont know if u could help but i have a problem with my 98 a160 elegance. i replaced batteries in key fob as when i pressed lock

  31. stern richard says:

    how do you do this in a honda accord 2006 end of discussion model?

    pls, help

  32. peter says:

    Thanks for your instructions- worked a treat

    Not getting much sex from wife- any instructions for resetting her!!!

  33. leanne says:

    I doubt this is anything you can help with but you seem to know your a classes.

    I have a y reg a140.

  34. Hassan says:

    in my A Class 140 (1999 model) I can t find where is the temperature engine indicator?

  35. ross redican says:

    Brillient thanks for this just done it easy Merc wanted to charge me full cost of sevive to do this as

  36. G says:

    Way to go, man – most helpful. Mine was showing one spanner with -28900, i e: I am very happy to get rid of this c**p. I have an A140/168, 1999-model. In my case it worked by doing exactly as stated on top here. In other words, in my case it did t work with waiting until the current service indicator shows before pressing the 0.000 twice. I pressed it directly after swiching the key the first time.

    For those who struggle. For me it was very important to press the 0.000 twice very fast. Before swiching off the key again, there was a change in the display. This showed me that I was on the right track.

    S**k Mercedes.

  37. steve mort says:

    many many thanks much apreciated,a friend at work told me about your site , now i will pass it on as well, once again thanks. would apreciate some help with my tick over, is it possible to turn it up ??? its idlingreally slow.

  38. lauren says:

    Hi there, please can you help me? I have had to leave my car outside work today as before i was about to get in i dropped the key on the floor and when i picked it up the buttons woulndt work

  39. Leandro says:

    Thanks mate it really works…

    ]Thanks a lot really helpfulll…

  40. lisa dempster says:

    Can anyone help my petrol light came on yesterday and I filled it up as normal put

  41. wayne says:

    hi when i indicate left it flashes right ive changed the indicator arm and am still gettin the same problem any idea s

    • Nigel says:

      I have the same problem. Changed the indicator stalk last night and it’s still doing it. I read on Bert Rowe’s site of someone else it happened to, and they changed the instrument cluster with immediate effect. You can pick them up for handy money on e-bay. Anyone else come across this?

  42. Marinos says:

    The HI appears in the little screen on my A160 1999 model. Is it dangerous to drive it while it comes up and beeps from time to time? How can i get rid of it? Many thanks.

  43. kim john says:

    Hi i just wanted to know how often should

  44. eric says:

    can somebody help? there is a noise from the power steering(steering column). i tried removing a fuse labelled 60 from the fuse box and the noise stopped but the steer will not

  45. Coleen says:

    Thankyou so much ….. your instructions worked perfectly……took seconds to do….was really easy…..thanks again

  46. David says:

    Spot on imformation thankyou, worked first time

  47. Angelique says:


    Out of the blue my CDI 170 would not let me lock the doors when I pressed the key. I checked the key and battery and it s still not locking.

    Also the light that comes on inside when you open the doors and will not go off at all, even when the doors are all shut. I have to end up driving with the light inside on. The only time the light goes off eventually is if you continually leave a door open.

    Please help!

    Thank you

  48. Martin Hewitt says:

    Excellent Advice – worked 1st time. Reading your page sounds like you know your stuff!! Wondering if you can help with my problem? When starting the car there is a loud ticking noise for 10-15 seconds then it dispears? Any suggestions?? The car drives fine its only when starting up?? Thanks in advance. Marty

  49. sabbo says:

    read this and it worked first time many thanks .now could you please help with this .the engine management light came on late last night as my wife wqas driving back some 70-80 miles and in the service book it says fuel fault or exhaust fault car runs fine any thoughts thankyou

  50. mike says:

    hi. please help. i have problem with alarm on merc a 160 i just bought. it flashes hazard lights all the time and only going off when i get in car and start engine or shut the door. also my central locjing only works on inside button, but not with fob or key in driver door. any idea what i should look for? i change the batteries in fob, but still same. tried to disconnect battery, but didnt help.

  51. Ahmed says:

    Its really worked on A160. Thanks.

  52. Lord Saltwood says:

    Yep worked 1st time – reset to 10K now

  53. Cristian Moleveld says:

    Hi, i m Cristian from Argentina

    i haven t tried this trick yet, but i think you could help me..

    i ve been looking for some help in the web, but no one answered :(

    i ve got a 1999 A160 Elegance, and i m trying to reset the windows computer. it has electric windows (or whatever you call it :P) in front and back too. none works, not from the center console (between the front seats) and neither from the doors in the back. not even a little noise nor nothing.

    i ve cheked the fuses and they re all good. so i think that could be the problem.

    and more to say, it passed a long time (almost half a year) without a use… i wasn t able to use it cause i wasn t at home :S so in those months the battery died.. i think that turned off the computer and disprogrammed the entire system 😛

    i m in a little trouble right? :)

    hope you could help me, it s just the windows problem. nothing else :)

    thanks :)


  54. peter says:

    I after driving my a class 2004 for about 15 mins the warning light Bas Esp comes on brakes scweeck please help as mercedes charger a fortune for doing not much


  55. emma millward says:

    i have a 1.6 a class,, as i press the trottle my car is only hitting 1000 revs,, there s also a miss fire


  56. Andy says:

    Help please,

    I have recently had my early 1998 slk230 serviced at MB but they say they could not reset the service indicator. I have tried the method of switch ignition on press button 1, switch off, switch on hold for 10 seconds, it still states service is overdue by -730, although this no longer counts any more mileage & sticks at -730. can anyone shed any light please.

  57. walter buchanan says:

    hi sometimes my elec windows work then dont for a few days only when it suits them greatful for any ideas regards walterb

  58. simon smith says:

    hi i would like to leave a dog in the car without it setting the alarm off is it poss to lock car with remote so motion sensor will not go off when dog jumps around??

  59. budiono says:

    many thanks to you… it works

  60. khalid says:

    2001 A140 Classic Alarm fob works sometimes have checked batteries they are fine and cannot lock with keys as only driver door locks whilst others remain open help !!! do not want to go to MB

  61. sonali says:

    hi, i need your advice, i hv a

  62. roy says:

    thanks it worked first time.great bit of info..

    next thing got a bad fuel smell and brought a new filter but cant find it.. help

    w reg a 190 avantgaurd.

    thanks again


  63. mo says:

    Hi my wife has a year 2000 model A170 cdi Auto when you start the car there is a faint bleep which is constantly there which is driving her mad, sometimes the bleep remains upto 5 minutes even when switched off with keys out. I have managed to locate that the bleep is coming from the gear lever area.

  64. andy says:

    could you help please,just got a140 semi auto won,t go into fifth gear and if you go over 40 (f) shows on dash then you have to stop switch off engine and goes agian any ideas please.

  65. mrs frances wright says:

    Sir my car runs well but when i park anywere and go back to it some time it starts and other time it wont there dosent seem to be any power its dead had it taken to a garage and the bloody thing starts its like its having me on

  66. Steve Green says:

    I bought a 2001 E Class 200 Classic the day before snow hit Scotland. I m now finding that I have ice on the inside of the windows. I think this might be due to vents being blocked while it has been standing outside. I ve owned a C Class previously but never had this problem before.

    Is it just due to -12 degrees or do I have a serious problem?

  67. maher says:

    i ve got a160 1999  write in the clock error start plz i need to know the fult


  68. Tim ireland says:

    Thanks for service light tip , turned off my service light within 3 minutes for reading your tip. also can you tell me how to turn of the orange engine management light please Thank you very much.

  69. grum says:

    Worked first time for me thanks my A140 sorted

  70. sonali says:

    hi,pls can u help, when i travel in a140 for longer distance say 10miles plus, H1 indicator comes up for few minutes and then disappears/pls can u advice what cud be the fault. tks

  71. amir says:

    Hi: this is 2nd time i have same fault on my windows!! last time just i tried to many garages & mechanics but nobody underestand whats the problem!! after 2 month just all widows start to work

  72. kevin marples says:

    Hi i have a mercades A140 and on the dash it has come up with a simble of two spanners and the number 30 do you know what this means please.

  73. Jane Williams says:

    Hi Mike

  74. jagdev bhatia says:

    My management light came on and showed faults of p0700 and other codes i managed to find out faults and replaced crank position and o2 bank 1 sensors it now shows p0700 p0600 it also revs more from ist gear to 2nd gear, revs go up but the car slowly moves off any idea?

  75. Bev Jones says:

    I have a A Class S reg and have two warning lights BAS ESP and ABS and has just failed the MOT because of this.  The lights go out for couple of weeks then comes back on again for couple of months.  I have had a diagnostic check done and no faults could be found, any ideas.

    Thanks Bev

  76. Gunter says:


    I have an A140 automatic. My

  77. Frank Bell says:

    Just would like to say a very big THANK YOU for providing such clear information, worked first time.

  78. Aamir says:

    hello sir, i have just changed the batteries of the remote of my car mercedes class160 and the remote is not working. i have put the old batteries again but it is again not working. can u please tell me why did this happen and what to do know. thanks.

  79. Amy says:

    hello, i was wondering if some one can help me ?? i changed the batteries of my fob ( A class 160 ) and press the button to open my car, it did nt work. after that i inserted the old batteries which were working but the fob again did not work. can u plz sort out this probleme please ???

  80. LAJPAT RAY says:

    hi sir,

    i have mercedes clk 500, moder 2004, american specifications.

    display showing A CLASS SERVICE EXCEEDED 100 KMS




  81. Abi Jones says:

    I am a total technophobe but your instructions were wonderfully clear and I managed to do this on my first attempt. Thank you so much for sharing this information.

  82. Dazzalar says:

    Can I just say a big thank you for your free information. It certainly worked on mine

  83. Lyndiva says:

    hi please my a140 1998 semi auto has a spanner sign and some figures coming up on the dash board. the first figure was 21 later that day it changed to 19 and today its 17. i would really appreciate your advise asap. thanks

  84. muzzy says:

    I can t say THANK YOU CUZ that s not enough either. my mech been tyring to RESET after the service without success and everytime I went back to him, he keeps giving appointment saying he s to busy to sort it out!!! How on earth this could have cost me if i could take car to MERC to sort it out? YOU VE JUST SAVE ME A FORTUNE and two spanners now showing 10k!!!! not too sure to have one spanner or two cuz i ve been playing with both several occassion since I knew how to RESET!!! you are Star. thank you

    • mykp says:

      Mercedes A-class service is £199 for an A service and £299 for a B service at my local dealers. Not cheap but if you service your car at Mercedes then you know you’ll get genuine merc parts plus access to Mobilife.

  85. Miranda Mosliin says:

    Fantastic, no more beeping! Also I didn t know about the car towing button being for turning the alarm off, that nugget will come in very handy. Many thanks.

  86. Iain says:

    I own a 1999 C class and it has the dash tow away switch on the dash, so I can leave my dog in the car. I have just bought an A class 140 which appears not to have the switch anywhere.

    The book does not seem to make sense how can I disable the motion sensor with the key fob?? Thanks

  87. Candida Horn says:

    Hi There,

    Please can you give me so advices on my A190, I have spent a fortune on it and now I am still having problems with it.

    I recently had the suspension fixed as my mechanic said that there was something wrong with it, and my steering was rattling so he said he needed to sort that out as well.  He also replaced the brake pads and break discs.  The BAS/ESP light kept coming on on the car, which they then had to replace the steering sensor.  The car was going fine.

    The one day I did a U turn and turned the sterring full lock, straight after that they BAS/ESP light came on.  Ever since then the light keeps coming on even if I am just driving on a straight road.

    I dont know what to do anymore, I have take the car else wehere and they keep replacing parts but the problem is still there.

    I would appriciate it, if you are able to help me here.



  88. Shane says:

    Thank you for the information on how to reset A-Class service indecator. It worked first time on my A160, Your help is much appreciated!!!

    Kind regards

  89. Cliff Calvert says:

    Could you please tell me if most or any instructions for repairs relate to My A Class A 150 07 plate, because i have got that model and I cannot seem to find any info about the w169 series, even Haynes do not make a book for that model.

    I am asking you in good faith for this info because I am retired now and I do like to do most of the minor maintenance on my car, and try not to go to Merc agents who are far too expensive for me all I want really is some basic info as to what goes where and be able to rcognise some of the parts .

    Hoping you can help me.


  90. mark cotterill says:

    hi i have a mercedes A140, i tryed to reset service indicator as instructed,nothing worked.on the indicator appears 2 spanners, remaining time or remaining distance with a minus sign.PLEASE CAN YOU HELP ME????

  91. Niki Perry says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you could help?

    I have an A-class 140 2001 and last week

  92. Nicky says:

    Hi, Thanks in advance for your help/suggestions.

  93. NICE MAN says:

    Good day to you

    I have a A 160 elegance, and I bought it with the red light ESR appearing. I think that it means that the airbag system is desactivated. Could you please let me know how to activate it? and or how to turn of this alarm?

    Looking forward to hearing from you with my best regards

  94. John says:

    Cheers mate. Only bought my A140 yesterday and I already know how to reset the service counter!!

    Secon day of driving turned on rear wash wipe and engine light came on :-( Maybe because…..

    When I filled up, and removed petrol cap there was a big vacuum. Is there a breather pipe on the tank? Don t think they have a breather hole in the caps anymore.

  95. Rich Hall says:

    My recently purchased 05 Vaneo requires me to press the “”+”” button instead of 000.0 to reset the trip.

    The above original instructions failed for reset the service interval but when I tried the instructions but using the “”+”” button, the service interval reset perfectly.

    I hope this helps others,

  96. MICHAEL says:

    Hi there just tried the instructions 3 times and the spanner sign cleared. Thanks alot because the sign was doing my head in and i know if i had gone to merc dealer they would have ripped me off. Thanks once again.


  97. MICHAEL says:

    Hi there just tried the instructions 3 times and the spanner sign cleared. Thanks alot because the sign was doing my head in and i know if i had gone to merc dealer they would have ripped me off. Thanks once again.


  98. Jonathan Webster says:

    I have a A160 aand the front drivers electric window is stuck halfway. Was working intermittently and now not at all.. Any ideas how to get it closed with out resorting to taking it to Mercedes

    thanks Jonathan

  99. Dave says:

    Have replaced the battery and alternatorr and battery malfunction indicator light won t shut off.

  100. MIKE says:

    thanks,it works as you well know!!if only engine management light was as easy . cheers again

  101. joy says:

    Thankyou so much for instructions for reset on A 170. local garage couldn t fix it after servicing car.was really fed up with the excuses, but your fix worked a dream. keep up the good work and thankyou once again.x

  102. olive holland says:

    Please could you tell me how to switch off the service light in a Mercedes A150 2008 model?

    thank you

  103. kamal says:

    HI just bought A160 elegance night mare already it has had a thatcham alarm fitted on it which has srtopped me starting it up have managed to get round it but engine is firing but wont start any idea what it could be ??? is it easy to diconnect the alarm fitted ???


  104. claire says:

    just wanted to know if i can use a second hand air flow meter on my a class? some people say you can others say u cant and my garage had trouble re-coding it, help please x

  105. Charmaine says:


    I just got an A160 Elegance 1999 T reg. I have a few issues and any guidance would be a massive help! Firstly the steering wheel has the tendancy to

  106. susan says:

    hi,ihav an automatic mercedes benz avantgrade A class (2001) it is dislaying F when it should be on D while driving.and it is noisier and less smoother to drive when on F.would you be able to help me PLEASE regards from susan

  107. nello says:

    ………your procedure it s works…..thank you….. you are greet!

  108. Sam Mehani says:

    Following your instructions it took less than 2 minutes to get rid of the spanner and mileage notice that I have been getting for over a year. Thank you.

    Owner of 1998 A160 Avantgarde

  109. harry says:

    hi can you help me i moved my car out of the drive went back locked my house door when i got back in the car it would not turn over there is no dash board lights. every thing else works it just has no dash lights and wont turn over. i have checked all the fuses and they are all OK can you help

  110. Kenneth Booth says:


  111. mert says:

    Does anyone know how I can reset mercedes a180 2005 servise?

  112. Jai says:

    Hi I have A140 2001 model. the speedometer light works only partially

  113. Mark White says:

    hi Mike, any updates for service reset on the new shape A=Class



  114. nick moore says:

    i have an a class 150 2007 and its just had an mot and service..the mileage before it went in for the mot was approx 30.000

  115. Family Vacation Ideas says:


  116. Edwin says:

    I have a A160

  117. clemence neelankavil says:

    my mArc A class 190 diesel gives a f sign on the panel but the ca drives fine.ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE.

  118. Sem says:

    Hi i have Mercedes A170 -2002 and i don t know where is the

  119. OLA says:


    I was so happy when i find this website. please i just service my mercesdes A 160 2002 MODEL but a signal just keep appearing on the dash board which says HI. AND IT KEEPS MAKING A WARNING SIGN.

    Thanks so much.


    • mykp says:

      you have too much oil in your engine….. or you have water in your engine. The Hi on the dashboard is telling you, “too much oil”

  120. zia says:

    Hi there

    i ve got a 1999 A160 Elegance, I have following problems with it.

    1- Display light on the dash are not bright(lit),can see very dim in back ground

    2- Passenger side window not working

    3- Steering become very stiff when turning or reversing, after switching the car off and on its ok till nxt turn or reverse.

    4-Cranked noise from passenger side wheel when turning left

    5- No warning lights at all

    6- Had engin power jet washed

    7- Indicator switch is faulty

    could you please help me out with these informations. Many thanks

  121. Joseph Tesoriero says:

    Strange one.

  122. Tinga Smith says:


    I wonder if you can help me. I have two problems.

    1) I have just purchased a mercedes A140, over the last few days it has had 3 warning bleeps on 4 occasions. There is no warning lights appearing, do you know why this is??

    2) The mileage is not displayed in any key position or when the car is running. Any ideas?


  123. Geo says:

    Hi there, glad I found your site.

    I have an A170 Avantgarde 1999 diesel semi-automatic. In the display section on the dashboard where it usually reads which gear I am in (1-5) it just displays an F I also have the ABS & ESP warning lights showing and it would only drive about a meter then not let me go any further as if in saftey mode.

    I saw a lady before had written about the F sign and you advised her to check her battery. I took mine out and left it to charge, it took 12 hours to get it fully charged and now it drives but is very jolty, however the F sign is still there whichever gear it s in. This did happen once when I was on the motorway when it suddenly lost power and displayed an F but hasn t happened before when going slower then 70 mph – until now!

    Do you have any idea what could be the problem? Any help would be so much appreciated :)

  124. matt stowe says:

    Hi i hope you can help me or even have any ideas about my problem. i drive a 1998 1.4 manual A class and recently the reverse lights stoped working so i found out that i should replace the switch. i changed the switch but now the lights are always on (even if i now put the old switch back in). ive looked into the hole and there seems to be a selector/mechanism that does not move and is off centre and this seems to be holding the switch in.

  125. tony bassett says:

    where is this unit located please and can this be repaired?

  126. patrick says:

    Hi, i hope you can help me .

  127. Rick Peake says:


    could you advise me on hopw to check and changethe 02 banks on the avant garde a160 s reg. Your service reset worked a treat. i would apprecate your comments. thanks

  128. h a mattan says:

    Hi there

    I need your help to sort out problem of F sing showing in dashboard.

    my car is vaneo automatic 2003.

    thanks for help.

  129. JAy says:

    Hi I dont know if u can help?? I have a clk230 and had a lambda sensor and lots of other work done in nov. My service is overdue on the car by 500 miles (broke till next pay day!!) and wondered would this triggrer the engine diagnostics lamp to come on??? as the car runs fine but dont want to cause any damage!!


  130. marc says:

    wondering if you could help my c class indecater lights wont stop flashing all night …ahhhhhhhhh ! PAIN

  131. Rob says:

    At 200,000 KM what kind of repairs can I expect when I bring my Mercedes-Benz A 160 for maintenance to the mechanic?

  132. Amy says:

    Hi, I own a 2001 Mercedes A160. It has low kms and has been cared for very well. On my last service I had the light bulbs replaced and on its return, the high beams don t work. Initially I thought the wrong bulbs had been replaced or something, but if I flicker my high beams, they work. So when I need to use them, I have to hold them on flicker , otherwise when pushed forward into high beam position, they do not work, just stay at the normal light range.

    Second problem – yesterday my dash board lights suddenly went dim. They are virtually impossible to see during the day, but at night time when the head lights are on, they appear faintly. The dashboard lights which are dim are the ones which display kms, trip meter, temperature, time and gear . I read a previous post which suggested to use the + and – buttons to adjust the brightness, however this does not work.

    Can anybody help me with my two problems?

  133. perm says:

    Help, took out battery and charged up and replaced it, fine. A week later display panel showed check coolant fault so i checked and coolant was fine ! and fault has stayed on .

    Today, whilst driving panel showed ABS fault and then ESP fault 5 seconds later and then accompanied by the fuel guage dropping dead and showing no fuel . Even the reserve light was off ! Upon applying the brakes i could feel the ABS working fine !

    I got home turned engine off and then turned ignition on and ABS and ESP faults were off and fuel guage sprang into life !

    Satisfied that it was my imagination ,i started the engine and behold faults returned and fuel guage died again !

    is my car haunted or have mercedes built these in to fleece customers of shed loads of cash !!

    Any advice , miracles appreciated

  134. Nigel England says:

    Am buying a second hand

  135. Woody says:

    After a lot of trying and surfing finally the right answer, delightfull. Thank you for ignoring Mercedeces arrogance 😉

  136. jab says:

    HI dear
    I have a mercedes a170 reg 2002 and when i switch on the ignition i see on my display a little spanner with the number -1 next to it? thanks a lot

  137. Camilla Jefferson says:

    I have a 1998

  138. samina says:

    Hi hoping you can help I own a a170 1999 Diesel a class bought it last year recently The Abs and Esp lights have come on in the display any idea what this could be and is it going to be expensive to repair. Also the interior lights come on and of as I am driving it seems that maybe one of the doors is loose or something however I have no idea how to find out its extremely annoying especailly at night. thanks

  139. Melissa Farrell says:

    Hi, i have got the aventgarde a140 52 plate. When i put car in reverse it just shuts down, it wont start in reverse gear, no matter how much i have driven it as soon as i put it in reverse all the dashlights go off and engine goes off? any advice, could it be transmission fluid? Thanks

    • Jackie says:

      I have the exact problem with my car – A140, semi-automatic 2003 model. Did you find out how it could be fixed.

  140. eduart says:

    I have a problem with the car classe a 140 to start an error deter

  141. peter says:

    Worked a treat on my 99 A170.

  142. steve benwell says:

    hi there , great site !!!

    i just purchached an a class , but im not sure what engine size it is … there are no badges on the back… is there a way of telling what size engine it has . it was manfctrd in 2000 and its petrol

  143. steve benwell says:

    duhhhhh . i just worked it out for myself ….  check the log book!!!!!!!

    still a great site tho

    i may try the service message reset !!!

  144. Anne Elibol says:

    I have an A190 that I m not yet amiliar with.I can t find the answer though in the manual..I switched on ignition and the hazard lights started flashing.I pressed hazard warning button to see if it had been on,it made no difference.As I drove along the only time I could stop them was when I indicated left or right.They d cease but come on again after a minute!! The only time they stopped was another minute after I turned off the engine. Any suggestions?

  145. Anne Elibol says:

    I have an A190 that I’m not yet familiar with.I can’t find the answer though in the manual..I switched on ignition and the hazard lights started flashing.I pressed hazard warning button to see if it had been on,it made no difference.As I drove along the only time I could stop them was when I indicated left or right.They’d cease but come on again after a minute!! The only time they stopped was another minute after I turned off the engine. Any suggestions?

  146. RustyClaret says:

    Worked a treat on my 05 Vaneo cheers

  147. Paul says:

    hi the engine sighn has just come up on my a class150 can you tell me what it is please

  148. Julie Caukwell says:

    Hi I have had an A190 for about a year. I have figured out most things in it without a manual, but what I want to know is: what does the switch marked S at the top and W at the bottom, beside the auto gear change column mean? Every now & then I switch from one to the other, but don t notice any difference.

  149. John Taylor says:

    Thank you for posting these instructions on how to re-set the sevice indicator on a Mercedes A-Class. I have just re-set the indicator on my 2001 A160 (W168) first time.

  150. Jennie Horner says:

    I have a V reg A160 and love it. Is there a way of disconnecting the imobillizer? I have a small red thing attached to the fob which I assume is what I use. But dont know where to disconnect?

    Thanks in advance.

  151. Landy Shumba says:

    It works! I just did on my wife’s car and it worked.

  152. Glenn says:

    Hi I have an a140 that when I press the service reset as above it resets to 0 no a determined mileage so as soon as I do one mile it says it requires a service again how do I fix this please

  153. Dan says:

    Hi, I have an A140 the central locking button inside the car locks and unlocks the car but when i try to lock my car with the key in the drivers door it only locks the drivers door and I have to push all the buttons down with my hand to lock the rest. Also the key thob wont lock or unlock the car. i have also changed the batteries. please help!

  154. David Smith says:

    Hi, I have a 2003 A140, my service was overdue, I have reset the service indicator to 10,000 miles successfully but the audible service signal is still there every time the ignition is turned on.  What is the procedure for turning off the audible service signal? Thanks.

  155. David Smith says:

    Hi, I have a 2003 A140, my service was overdue, I have reset the service indicator to 10,000 miles successfully but the audible service signal is still there every time the ignition is turned on. What is the procedure for turning off the audible service signal? Thanks.

  156. Tara says:

    I did my serviceing 2-3 month ago for my A140 2004 reg. But the garage forgot to reset the service indicator. Since the servicing, the car started bipping for while when i start the engine (for about 2 months). Now, the service indicator light is on. The car drives fine with no problem. Do you think, it is because of not resetting the service indicator light? Thank you in advance for your help.

  157. john says:

    hi there, i have a Mercedes A160 Avantgarde auto 1999 model petrol, i am seeing two problems in it since i have bought it.

    1: when the fuel tank is full with petrol the fuel guage does not work on the meeter, it does not come up, but when the petrol becomes a half of tank it shows the right level.

    2: i find a SRS sign on the meter every time and it does not goes off.

    can u please help me sorting out these problems??

  158. Sean Lakeside says:

    Thanks for a bunch of great advice. Here s my 5 cents worth .I found that the steering gets stiff as the revs fall and traced it to a blocked breather ( collapsed rubber oil contaminated jellyish) hose and it fixed the problem after replacing hose located on Rhs(facing knees against bumper)

  159. Bran says:

    Have a Mercedes A160 (1999) How do I reset the airbag light. (it went off when steering was dislocated)

  160. Angie says:

    Please can anyone help me, all of a sudden when I was driving the other week my alram activiated, i pulled over and manage to re-set using the key fob.

  161. dave the merc says:

    hi mate i have prob ,that my interior lights when bulb`s installed (x3) 2 front 1 rear, stay lit and won`t go out, i`v tried going at each door and boot switch, tried with doors locked and open but no joy..was wondering if theres a relay somewhere? as i read they are on timmer..or could it be light switch above head (reading light turns on an off ok) be at fault if so how could i test for this thanx in advance if you can help..

  162. dave the merc says:

    hi mate i have prob ,that my interior lights when bulb`s installed (x3) 2 front 1 rear, stay lit and won`t go out, i`v tried going at each door and boot switch, tried with doors locked and open but no joy..was wondering if theres a relay somewhere? as i read they are on timmer..or could it be light switch above head (reading light turns on an off ok) be at fault if so how could i test for this thanx in advance if you can help..

  163. Brendan says:

    My A170CDI makes a series of warning beeps when I’m driving on the motorway. No lights are illuminated. It repeats every 10 minutes or so. What could this be?

  164. Gramos says:

    Hi, i have an A Class 170 CDI produced in in October 2003. Every morning at happen that when i start the engenie it shows in the dashboar “”F”” and it does not take the gears. Then i try to open and close the doors many times and after the car is ready and ok. Recently it has hppened many times and i need your opinion and advice for this type of problem , why it happens?



  165. steve bishop says:

    Please can someone assist me

    I have an A- Class 160 (2000) elegance

    I would like to know how to programme the automatic door locking system or where I can get the info..
    also has anyone had the problem of the interior lights coming on while driving and or the car unlocking at about 2-3 mph then relocking

    many thanks

  166. Stephanie Lawrence says:

    I have just reset the service indicator on my 2001 A160 Elegance & it worked, many thanks.

    I also have an SRS light on, any ideas about how to turn this off? I m sure there isn t an issue.

    Many thanks

  167. Simon Jack says:

    Hi. I recently bought a 2004 A160 automatic (which is overdue a service by 11400kms), and im hoping you can help with my issue. Whenever I start off, the car vibrates and revs when i give it gas, but it barely moves. It then runs smoothly and properly once it changes to 2nd gear. I ve tried starting off in a higher gear with the tiptronic, but this didnt help.

    • David says:

      It’s a problem that MB have with the W168 auto gearbox. The electronic command unit which dictated when to change gear fails over time as the terminals get dirty and corrode underneath the gearbox. The shift becomes cluncky and bangs into second or first and eventually smashes up the gearbox first or second gear components. You will have to have the gearbox repaired and also a new command unit. Total bill will be 2,500 / 3,000 pounds. Or scrap the car.

  168. Jenniferlaura says:

    Hi :) I was wondering if you knew

  169. Lara says:

    a140 gear problem
    could you help please,just got a140 semi auto won,t go into fifth gear and if you go over 40 (f) shows on dash. Please help


  170. Mango says:

    I ve just bought a 2000 (w reg) A140 and I have a problem with the lights. I don t have any rear lights, side lights or full beam. I do still have indicators, brake and reverse lights. The dash is not lighting up either. They were all working when I bought the car but stopped the day after. I have taken it to a garage and they can t find the problem. I would be very grateful for any help as I can t currently drive at nigt and need it for work.

  171. Mango says:

    I have the unlock code for the radio and that works fine but when I put a CD in all I get is “”error”” and it rejects te CD. I have tried several CD s but still get the error message. Any advise please?

  172. Sarah says:

    Can you help? SRS light is permanently on unless someone is sitting in front passenger seat! Is there any way of disconnecting light to get it through MOT? Also, do you know how to reset the service counter?

    Thank you

  173. Alan says:


    My 2002 A170 cdi has heavyish steering and is very reluctant to centre. If on full lock, it stays fully on lock and doesnt return to centre. Tyres are all ok and inflated correctly.

    Any ideas please?

  174. Chan Makan says:

    Hi. I have a 2000 M-B A160 automatic transmission. Suddenly, there is no information in the “”display”” in the instrument cluster. Have checked fuses & all ok. Any suggestions on how to resolve this? Cheers

  175. Mark says:

    Hi all

    Can anyone help,i know this is a problem with the A class but the ecu light is on in the dash and the car is running great,iv had it reset at a garage but it still comes back on after a day or its running ok which is the fuse i can take out so it will go out.



  176. s jaques says:

    have merc soon as you open door alarm goes off took battery off left it of for hour put back on alarm and lights come on still how do you turn it off remote dosnt do it putting it ignition dosnt do it havnt got a red key cheers simon the alarm is doing my head in

  177. Mr G COLLINS says:

    Recently replaced battery and front driver side window will not go back up only went down. Do not wish to try other windows yet. Any ideas how I can fix? It is almost as though I need to find a way to reset the window motor.

    Reading through the posted articles has been informative.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Many Thanks


  178. Stan says:

    i ve reset my service indicator, it works!

  179. Alan says:

    Many thanks for the tip. the service noise was driving me crazy.

    Do you know why the service indicator comes up when I havent done 12,000 miles yet?

  180. Conor Devlin says:


    Ive got the Brake Wear light coming on, on the dash, but I only recently had the brakes replaced. Is there any way to reset the Brake Wear indicator?

    • mykp says:

      no but there is a sensor and it sounds to me like it either hasn’t been refitted properly or its damaged. The new brake pads SHOULD have come with new sensors. Should!

  181. Stephen Thornton says:

    Thanks worked just as you said saved a small fortune.

  182. Farooq says:

    Thank you STAR

  183. Pedro Sanchez says:

    muchas gracias por todo

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