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Welcome to Mike Porter’s Here you will find information written by me, Mike Porter (aka mykp), some moans, some reviews, a lot of my photography (which you can buy if you like) and other miscellaneous items which somebody, someday might find useful!

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items on a variety of subjects, from acupuncture to what are KML files

My Photography, pictures ive taken over the past 10 years

Places to Visit, information of places ive been and whether there any good

Japan, from visiting to learning the language

Walking, local and national walking information with what to wear

My Cars, enough said

Computers, from zx81 to answers to problems

Links, to sites ive found interesting or add your site

Contact Me, drop me an email

The my thoughts section is a mix of various rants, reviews and information. Some maybe useful, some might be informative, some might not be to everyones taste. So, if after you’ve read a page and you have a comment you’d like to leave then add your comment in the form at the bottom of each page. My most popular pages are the Mercedes A class, How to modify a Subaru Forester and My Photography pages and links to new pages can be found on the right hand side menu.

I have also added a few tools on this page so you can see the most popular pages and also the pages which where updated last. If you’ve been redirected here looking for the forums, then please note there gone. I deleted them as it was proving so much hassle keeping them running its just not worth the effort.

Please note: This site, the text and images are subject to © copyright of Mike Porter! I have put a great deal of time and effort into this site and dont take kindly to having my work nicked and have and will take action against those stealing text and images from my site.

Anyway please enjoy the site and use the menu or search at the top of the page to view a page of your choice.

Cheers Mike.

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Sunset over the London Dome

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Blackpool Tower and Beach 28/10/2018

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Sunrise over Ball Green 26/10/2018

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Chatterley Whitfield Colliery and Country park in the mist 17/10/18

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Kevin and Perry Go Large in … Event Review

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What happens if you have blood in your pee?

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Antihistamine therapy dosage for wasp and bee stings in dogs

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Weeping Window at Middleport Pottery in Stoke, September 2018

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinThese photo were taken on the last day of the Weeping Window display at Middleport Pottery in Stoke on Trent. Truly awesome sight