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Welcome to Mike Porter’s Here you will find information written by me, Mike Porter (aka mykp), some moans, some reviews, a lot of my photography (which you can buy if you like) and other miscellaneous items which somebody, someday might find useful!

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The my thoughts section is a mix of various rants, reviews and information. Some maybe useful, some might be informative, some might not be to everyones taste. So, if after you’ve read a page and you have a comment you’d like to leave then add your comment in the form at the bottom of each page. My most popular pages are the Mercedes A class, How to modify a Subaru Forester and My Photography pages and links to new pages can be found on the right hand side menu.

I have also added a few tools on this page so you can see the most popular pages and also the pages which where updated last. If you’ve been redirected here looking for the forums, then please note there gone. I deleted them as it was proving so much hassle keeping them running its just not worth the effort.

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The Old Red Bus Station, Leeds

I was at a Psytrance night on 14th December for my mates stag night at the Old Red Bus Station. What a great venue.

Blackpool at night

7th December and I find myself in Blackpool at night, for a night out with a friend. She has never been to Blackpool before

Quick walk down the Leeds to Liverpool canal at Saltersforth near Burnley – Walkies with Chante

Apologies first as I forgot my gimball which keeps his camera steady, so its hand held and a bit fuzzy in places. We walked

Walk round Manchesters Gay Village

Right lets get this out there. I love going out in the village in Manchester and sometimes I visit and just have a walk

Photos of Venice, Italy

In February 2019 I went to Venice and these are the photos of Venice, Murano and Burano islands I took during my weekend away.

How to find a computers name using systeminfo

This is how to find a computers name using systeminfo/via the DOS command prompt. Whether it be Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows

Humber Bridge Photos

I've been over the Humber bridge a number of times in the past few years and heres a few of my Humber Bridge Photos

Restart a windows service from the command prompt

So, why would you want to restart a windows service from the command prompt I hear you ask? Well, for a number of reasons

Cant Sleep!

Its 5am and I’m wide awake Went to bed, 1:30 am Fell fast asleep Since 3am, have been awake. Can’t sleep now my brain

Walk along the Tinners coast from Botallack to Levant

Nice Saturday afternoon walk from Botallack mine area across to Levant Mine. We actually walked from Truthwall, along the coast to Geevor Mine and

Graffiti on the Caldon Canal, Stoke

Some of the Graffiti on the Caldon Canal in Stoke-on-Trent. Buildings, walls, bridges and even the floor all receive the graffiti treatment on the

A30 road time lapse from M5 Junction 31 to Penzance

This is a video of the A30 road time lapse from the Junction with the M5 at Exeter to the Town limits at Penzance.

Dog Swim Day at Jubilee Pool, Penzance

I was down in Penzance on 29th September and Jubilee Pool in Penzance has there annual Dog Swim Day at Jubilee Pool and here's

Swans on the Trent and Mersey Canal at Trentham

Sunset over Pendle hill – 13/09/19 & 14/09/19

Last nighs sunset over Pendle hill near Burnley in Lancashire. Friday 13th September 2019 Saturday 14th September 2019