5 Things to Know Before Working on DIY Renovations

5 Things to Know Before Working on DIY Renovations

Not all renovations require a call to a professional. Many of them you can do by yourself, and it is an option that we highly recommend as it is a worthwhile activity that will unleash your creative juices, save you money, and help you establish a deeper appreciation of your home. But before you go about your DIY renovation, here are five things that you ought to know:

It’s Okay to Take Your Time

A renovation will take time, and you should take your time, because that’s one sure fire way for you to nail things correctly. As the saying goes, “Slow and steady wins the race.” So, plan carefully and tread cautiously. Give yourself time to study and consider everything before going full tilt. And once you start, do things carefully to avoid mistakes. Would you rather have a one-day renovation that is poorly executed or a one-week project that is perfectly done?

Set a Budget

No matter how big or small your budget is, determining it will help you allocate it accordingly. By setting a budget, you will also have a much better idea, as far as figuring out the scope of the renovation, and the things that you can realistically accomplish. Entrepreneur advise not overestimating your budget, and instead suggest you underestimate it and find ways to keep everything within that set budget.

Ask Around

Yes, it’s supposed to be “do it yourself,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t ask around for advice, suggestions, and other additional input. Feel free to ask your carpenter friend for tips on how to measure a room properly. Pick the brains of your DIY master neighbour. Get input from anyone you know whom you think knows something about the project you want to accomplish. Trust us, it’s okay to ask around, and you will be best served doing so.

Do Your Homework

Your preparation should also include a lot of research in terms of which fixtures and materials should be used. Bathroom renovations, in particular, are quite popular, yet they require careful planning to get everything right, especially when installing a shower or replacing an old one. But it is doable, though you will have to study in detail your home’s plumbing system, lest you waste money buying a power shower that is not a match for the water pressure system in your home. Screwfix features a variety of showers for different pressure systems, and it is up to you to make sure that the fit is correct. One reason that renovating bathrooms are a popular DIY project is due to the constant upgrades. Some of these showers make use of advanced technologies, like thermostatic temperature control and touch start-stop mechanisms. With The Spruce listing high-tech accessories that are increasingly making their way into bathrooms, installing an contemporary shower should be on your DIY to-do list.

Be Realistic

There are certain things that will be tough to accomplish on your own. You know yourself best, and you know what you can and can’t do; hence, you need to be as realistic as possible on the projects that you will be doing. That is unless you want the renovation to turn into a disaster, like this first hand experience that we recounted in our ‘DIY Is Not for Me and Whenever I Start DIY Its More Like DIWhy?’ post.

Knowing the five things on this list will help you nail not only your next DIY renovation, but all succeeding home improvement projects that you undertake. Just make sure you do everything in your power to keep all of them DIY rather than DIWhy.

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2 thoughts on “5 Things to Know Before Working on DIY Renovations

  1. DIY renovations can work but you definitely have to be careful! If you’re committed to carrying out everything on your own, I would always still recommend getting the advice of professionals – any plumbers, electricians etc. Make sure you get expertise because a botched job can mean bigger costs in the future!

    1. Sophie

      Yes, electrical and plumbing work has to be done by a certified tradesperson if you can find one in a timely manner. Most jobs around the house can be done by a competent DIYer with a little bit of skill and patience. I’ve just redecorated a 3 bedroom house in less than a week to a very good standard and saved myself 2 week’s worth of tradesman’s charges. Plumbing however won’t touch, same with electrics which I believe it is now illegal to do yourself?

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