A57 Snake Pass, Sheffield to Glossop Time Lapse

Time Lapse of the A57 Snake Pass which goes from Sheffield to Manchester but this video only shows as far as Glossop.

Recorded on the 2nd April 2018 after a light snow fall in the low lands. Going to Sheffield just 2 hours earlier the A57 Snake Pass was closed, hence the lack of traffic.

The two BMW “Ultimate driving machines” I passed were obviously driven by your typical owner who really shouldn’t have been up there. First 3 series I passed was doing 20mph and the X5 was going slower at some points. Worst part ofthe roadscondition wasn’t the snow but the standing water and the massive pot holes.

Music is:
Track #1 : Kotovsky – Overspeed

Track #2 : Waveshaper – Escape to Eternity (Sir Ridley remix)

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