An Ode to Windows ME, an Operating system that broke my PC

This is my ode,
To Windows ME.
An Operating System,
That broke my PC.

I bought and installed it,
But it didn´t work.
Now it´s my opinion,
That bill bloke is a jerk.

My PC before, ran Win 98,
And Yes, I know its not so out of date.
I wanted ME though, installed it I did,
Now my machine don´t work, as it once did.

My Modem, My Soundcard,
My external Hard Disks.
No Drivers has ME,
So I cannie fix.

I know that I probably,
Should have downloaded the bits.
But until I´d installed it,
Don´t know what to fix.

Now it´s installed,
I´m in a dilemma.
How am I going,
To get everything, to work together.

I´m lucky that I,
Know a bit about the PC.
I´ve known other people,
Who´d be down on their knees

But even though, I have another PC.
I´ll get on the internet, Hmm drivers where could they be?
I´ll look on the Dell site, The machine is from there,
Oh, No, It says Win 98 everywhere.

It looks like my modems too ancient,
To be supported by Windows ME.
You know, before I´d upgraded,
I wish that someone had told me.

I guess theres a moral,
In all of this for me.
Find out first if your hardware,
Is supported by Windows ME.

If you can´t find the drivers,
To work, with Windows ME.
Don´t be an idiot and install it,
Otherwise you´ll end up like me.

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