Got unwanted visitors in your garden such as cats, try the animal away

Have you ever had a neighbours pet, be it cat or dog, running through or around your garden, doing what come natural or setting off your security lights at all hours of the day?

Have you confronted your neighbours over this only to have the situation turn nasty as your neighbours get upset at you calling their precious little animals?

I have, and it drives me crazy.

Short of throwing your neighbours animals crap back into their garden or turning off your security lights (not an option in my back garden as its pitch black at night), there isn’t anything you can do. If you hurt their little intruders then you’re in trouble with the law. So what can you do?

Well, there is actually. they’re called land mines, (just kidding, or am I?) the product I am really talking about is the Animal Away. Priced around the £30 mark from B&Q or if you want a money back guarantee, (if you wanted to give them a go first), then you can buy them off one of the shopping channels.

Okay, so what do they do and how do they work.

Well there designed to keep other peoples or your own pets off your garden or away from certain areas of your property by emitting a high pitched, high frequency noise that only animals can hear.

And do they work?

Oh! yes, to test one of them I pointed it at next doors, dog as it stood there growling and barking at me. It ran off yelping so fast, I have to admit I was more than impressed. They don´t however work as well in the garden, this is not due to some problem with the device but it is down to trial and error. You have to experiment with where it is best to place these devices for the maximum effect.

It took me about 2 weeks to find this out. 2 weeks of occasionally moving the animal away to see what effect it had.

The device itself comes in three pieces, the actual noise box, a cradle which holds it and a planting stick to put it in the ground with.

When you get your Animal Away, you put the battery (a 9 volt, square type) into the main unit and then push the main unit into the cradle. It will only go in one way so its no real problem. You then attach the stick to the cradle with a bolt, which is supplied. (You don´t have to attach the stick though)

You then take your Animal Away into the garden, Plant it in a suitable area, switch it on and then retreat back. After 30 seconds the device will arm itself and if you walk closer to the device the infra red sensor will detect movement and activate the high pitched noise.

The instructions on the device say that the Animal Away will only work for 30ft in front of the device and at a 70 degree angle. So if you have a large garden you may need several, although I would recommend just getting one to try first.

Once you have found the ideal location then the device can be left where it is or can be secured to a fence or such like as the device has two screw holes. I would recommend this, as you don´t want some little ignoramus walking off with your garden protection system. The device does not have to be placed at ground level also, Indeed in our garden we have found the best place to be about waist high. This stops next doors cats jumping over our fence also.

In short, I think this is an excellent little device, as it saves me cleaning up cat and dog crap from my garden. It is however time consuming to find the right location for the device at first. Over all I give this a big thumbs up and my neighbours pets a big thumbs down. All I need now is something to stop them barking at all hours!

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One thought on “Got unwanted visitors in your garden such as cats, try the animal away

  1. In response to the article, Cat Poop in my garden, I think it is time that cat owners are held responsible for picking up cat feaces in their neighbours yard. Dog owners are accountable to carry poop bags with them, yet, we have 0 laws in place for the neighbour who habitually lets their cat outside and comes in my yard and uses it as his litter box…Last summer I wrote the next door neighbour a letter asking to please keep their cat from using my yard as its litter box, but to no avail, the neighbour does not exhibit respect for others property and this year the problem is on-going, I literally saw the cat going poop in my flower bed. last year it urinated on my plants killing them, it vomited on my outdoor mat, and the owner helped me lift the large mat and throw it away not even an apology! I think we need the same laws for cat owners as for dog owners or maybe a fine that the city can charge if this habit continues. In fact, my neighbour does not speak to me since my letter last summer, and damaged my property.

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