Why you need to backup your data

If your data is important to you, you need to backup your data.

Okay people, lets forget for a moment I own a business which owns a lot of hard drives, this is a bit of friendly advice on storing your files/photos and videos and why it’s important to backup your data.

Lets be honest Hard drives do not last forever! Like everything they break over time and some manufacturers/models are more prone to breakage. Inside ever Hard Disk Drive there is a disk plattern like the one in the image below which spins at at least 5400rpm and in some models up to 12000rpm.

Backup your dataThese disks have reading heads which read the information off the disk as it spins, yet these heads don’t actually touch the disk sitting microns off the surface of the disk as it spins.

These disks and heads are susceptible to shock and vibration and can be damaged by a knock or being dropped. The reading/writing heads touching the disk even for a millisecond can be catastrophic and cause damage to the disk surface and this can lead to loss of data. If you must store your life on your hard disk please make sure you have backups or multiple backups.

Either in the cloud with a reputable company or on a secondary device in your own home, either to a removable drive or Network attached storage (NAS).

If you’re a business user then you must ask yourself “Can I stand to lose vital company/customer data?” or “Would any data loss stop my business in its tracks?” If the answer to either of these questions is “Yes” then you need to be looking at some kind of backup for your business.

I’ve had 3 people come to me this week alone with family photos, videos and business documents on hard drives which have gone south and although data can sometimes be recovered, this data recovery is very expensive compared to a separate backup hard drive or online storage backup and unfortunately data recovery is sometimes not possible.

Typically an average hard drive can cost over £300 to recover data from and there is no guarantee you will get all your data back

Please think about your data storage and can you be without your files if your hard drive crashes especially as hard drive storage is now less than £50 per terabyte (Oct 2017).

Personally I’d recommend Western Digital Red Drives as a local backup and something like Clunk Click as an online backup solution.

Just a thought!

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