The best carnauba car wax i’ve used

This article on best car wax was written in 2006 and is no longer relevant as I have since found better wax but have yet to write a review on this.

DT Concours Wax – Carnauba Wax.

DCF 1.0

I have always prided myself on a nice clean car and am always on the look out for a better wax to get a better shine. Plus I also like cleaning the car as it’s kind of therapeutic.

I attended a Concours show not to long ago and I got to talking to a chap with a fantastically clean and shiny Porsche 968 in the most stunning mirror finish red I have ever seen. I’ve had several red cars in the past and none of them have shone like this one did.

I asked him if he’d had a re-spray to which he looked kind of offended and he explained that this was the original paint work as from the factory. Not bad for a 14 year old car.

So I asked him how he got it so shiny. Carnauba Wax, more specifically a product called DT Concours Wax.

“Never heard of it!” says I. “I use Autoglym”

He then explained the difference between the wax he uses and Autoglym. Wow, I didn’t know half of the stuff he was telling me. One thing I found interesting was that apparently Autoglym contains Chalk, very fine, but chalk. “This is why it leaves white marks on your plastic” he said “And over time it actually scratches the paintwork” Whoooah! Is this true, apparently it is after doing a bit of research on the net. Mer and Turtle wax also contain chalk which is used as a fine abrasive.

DCF 1.0

However the bloke goes on to tell me about several other manufacturers who use petroleum products in their waxes which are also harmful to your paintwork, especially if you have a newer car as most new motors are sprayed with a water based paint and not Isocyanine based as was previously used. This means that the paintwork is more susceptible to chemicals and abrasion.

So I thought, nearly have no wax left so I’ll try some, off too the DT Concours website, and order the 1-2-3 kit, which I’m told is the best for reducing swirls and cleaning the paintwork before applying the wax. Total cost was £39.95 with carriage at £3.49.

The kit arrived within 2 days and contained 4 x 100% cotton towels (of a good size), a 30gm Clay Bar, 1 x bottle Clay lube (250ml), 1 x Paint Cleanser (250ml), 1 x Carnauba Wax (250ml) and instructions on how to use the kit.

Here’s how it works and what I did.

Wash the car in warm water, rinsing your sponge frequently and try to remove as much dirt and residue from the body work. Once done rinse any soap off the car.

Next its time to clean the paint with the Clay bar. Just a quick word about the clay bar though before you start using it. Keep it well lubricated with the Clay lube and for gods sake don’t drop it, if it gets grit on it its ruined and the easiest way to drop it is if you don’t have enough lube on the body work, it gets stuck, you loose your grip and it drops to the floor! Also on storage, the bar come in a plastic bag, when ever your not using it, put it in the bag with a few sprays of clay lube and it should last.

To use it spray the lube on your body work and then run the bar back and forward (not in a circular motion) on the area you have applied clay lube too. You should be able to feel any impurities in the paint work as you move the bar back and forth. If you need it, apply extra lube. The area is clean when there is no resistance on the bar as it’s moved or when you can feel nothing on the paintwork as you touch it. If you run the back of you hand over the area cleaned it shouldn´t make a noise. Uncleaned areas should feel rough on the back of your hand and make a slight noise when rubbed.

Wipe any excess lube off the paintwork and move onto the next area. Repeat until you´ve done all of the car. All of your bodywork should now be as smooth as glass but not perfectly clean.

Next step is to use the paint cleaner, but I washed the car first to make sure I had got all the Clay Lube off the paintwork and also to get any bits left behind off. I then started with the paint cleaner which is as simple as wipe it on, rub it about, and rub it off. You´ll know when its clean as it makes your paint work squeak! You don´t need to worry if the paint work is wet apparently as all the DT Concours products are water compatible!

Your paintwork should now be shiny and that’s before you put the wax on. The DT Concours site has a few diagrams on their site to explain this better than I ever could.

The wax is an absolute doddle to put on and get off. It seems to glide on to the bodywork and even though I left it for over 30 minutes, I did the entire body all in one go, was easy to get off as well. When rubbing off you need only need to apply light pressure in a back and forth movement to remove the wax as it doesn´t set hard like other waxes I´ve used.

best carnuba waxI am really impressed with this wax. My car is really shiny, the paintwork actually looks like glass, I did the A-class first and the Forester was done for a recent filming for the Used Car Roadshow. The small picture, right, does not do the car justice so I have included a larger version of this picture, which you can click to view.

For £40 this is the best wax I have ever used and will certainly buy this again. I wait to see how long the shine lasts but with the ease of application I don´t begrudge putting it on again.

For those on various forums who have commented on this reading like an advert, its not.

I have nothing to do with DT Concours apart from using their products and gain no monitory reward from them for this article. This was written as a review of something I found useful and still find useful, as with most of the stuff on my site. This is a good wax and gives me a good shine on my motor. If your a manufacturer, importer or you just sell wax and think your wax is better then please feel free to get in touch and send me some to try! Use the contact button at the top of the page.

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