Blackpool #2

I just thought I’d write something about my visits to Blackpool in 2017 and how much the resort has changed since I wrote another blog post many years ago.

I was in Blackpool on the 5th of November and I am genuinely shocked at how much is the resort has changed even since I was there in March 2017. Much work is going on in the town to clean things up and the promenade now is absolutely amazing and trust me I know as I’ve walked the full length of it several times.

I visited Blackpool tower on both occasions this year and it really does make me feel proud to be a Lancastrian. That we have such an amazing landmark in this part of the country. In the past when i’ve visited Blackpool Tower everything’s been rush, rush, rush, as you’re pushed along. Get you in and out as quickly as possible, but this year it’s been more relaxed I’ve actually had time to stop and watch the short films as you pass through the attraction and read the information about the Tower or even the other notice boards about events in Blackpool.

The video in the 4D cinema just brings a lump to my throat. A lump of Pride!

I’m walking the promenade from South shore to Fleetwood and it’s clean and tidy and dare I say it it looks really good. A walk today from Bispham all the way to South Pier and back really was a pleasure. I even spent an hour looking at and reading the Comedy Carpet just in front of Blackpool tower. Again amazing to look at.

Even the car parks which I stayed on near the tower was clean, tidy, well lit and obviously well maintained. However the price of them did leave me with a sore bottom!

However much better than last time I parked my car there as I actually thought it would be safer to park in downtown Beirut. However that was over 10 years ago.

Keep up the good work whoever is pulling the strings.

Its looking good Blackpool.

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