Blasé about beauty

I was with some friends the other day who live in an area of outstanding natural beauty and we were talking about how beautiful it was where they live. Unfortunately they’ve got blasé about the beauty of the area and they don’t think it’s beautiful and therefore have to go to other places of even greater beauty to appreciate the beauty that surrounds them.

My friends live close to Land’s End in Cornwall and it always strikes me when I go to visit them just how beautiful the area is, so much so that I never tire of walking the footpaths nearby. On a recent visit I was talking about this and he said “you know what boy. You don’t notice it when you live in it”. Struck a nerve with me especially as the sunset that night was magnificent in my opinion but was rated “alright” by my friends. On production of their “Wonderful” photos I have to say they were!

I ask the question though as how can someone who lives in such a beautiful place not realise how beautiful that place is? I suppose if you live in a shit hole (and where I live is far from that) you appreciate any beauty nature has to throw at you but when you live in a paradise you get blasé about the beauty and don’t see it. It’s a bit like the beautiful girl who looks at herself and says “I wish I was pretty”.

To summarize, I am aware there are beautiful place throughout the world and I am aware that those who live there only see themselves as lucky because others point out the beauty.

My friends holiday on the north west coast of Scotland to which they tell the locals, “it’s beautiful” I wonder if the locals think the same as they do about the area they live in?

Me, I stood in their back garden and looked over their house out to sea and watched the stunning sunset and it’s firmly logged in my head as a wonderful memory.

Here’s to more memories of beautiful things and not being blasé about beauty.

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