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After having a nightmare recently with my Broadband provider and the speed I was supposed to be getting. Here is a list of Broadband Speed Checkers which you should find useful testing your broadband speed.

Virgin Media CABLE Specific
Virgin Media UK Broadband Speed Test – Downloads a file from within the Virgin Media network which supposedly give better results than other broadband speed checkers for Virgin Cable network users. However it doesnt. If you test your speed with the other testers listed below then you ll find that the results given by this are generally slower than others. Whether this is indicative of the Virgin Media system I am unsure, but the results given here appear to be slower than others on some occassions.

Other Broadband Speed Checkers
Broadband Speed – reports itself as the Uk織s number 1 Broadband speed checker, its certainly the easiest and quickest to use. You click the Click here to start speed test button and it does the test, to test again, click the button again. Speed is displayed in a speedo type dial setting. Very Good!

Think Broadband: Broadband Speed test, A bit more difficult to use but the options on this checker could give some users more accurate results as it can connect on port 80 directly and the detailed output option gives more details of the final test. Results are displayed in a bar chart with comparisons of other broadband speeds.

ZDNet broadband speed test, very quick to use, and results presented in a bar chart. Click the button and the results are presented. Broadband Speed Checker, Again another quick tester, a number of tests can be done quickly with this one, results presented in a speedo type graphic. Progress is shown in a highlighted bar across the bottom of the page. Very Good.

Namesco BroadbandMax Speed Checker, very similair to the test and again is very easy to use. Results are provided in boxes at the side of the test dials once complete, with a nice test again button underneath., I personally dont like this one. Its flash based with flashy graphics and to use you have to click the server you wish to use for this test, preferably one close to youre location. The test then starts with a nice animation of the supposed data flowing from your estimated location to your selected server along with a nice speedo at the bottom of the screen which speed and shows progress, the results and the name of the server. It then takes you to a results page where you can rate your isp and see others results. Nice but not the quickest.

Broadband Genie an over looked speed test, using Java instead of Flash as a lot of the others have above. The test is reliable and give accurate results. Very simple and very quick once its loaded. You might want to have a look at the rest of the site as well as theres some good information about broadband suppliers, reliability and other stuff.

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