BT took 18 months to install a leased line

Well today is the day one of my clients got their leased line installed by Virgin but its taken BT 18 months to install the line!

It initially took Virgin media 14 days for us to order it and 11 days to switch it all on but inbetween its taken BT and Openreach 18 months to install a line the 1.5kms to the exchange. We’ve had every excuse in the book, conduit collapse, asbestos in the exchange, contractors delayed work. The sooner BT and Openreach are split up is the day everyone should rejoice as it will make it so much easier to get truly fast internet for all.

Just for the record, there are companies out there on virgin with 500mb, 700mb connections both ways, up and download yet BT have the cheek to call 70mb/20mb superfast!

If your a business and want a fast internet connection don’t order from BT, order it from elsewhere then they have the headache of dealing with BT for the inevitable delays and disappointment.

In todays customer focused service industries BT really are snails but because they have a monopoly they know they can get away with treating customers badly and providing a poor service. I know this all to well as I’ve spent the past 14 years picking up the proverbial “dog poo” left behind when any of my clients deal with them.

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