Bus Wankers

Now I’ve used the title from the TV show, The Inbetweeners, If you have seen its at the bottom of the page, but I say Bus Wankers more for the experience I’ve had today.

Today my car has been in for an MOT and as I had to leave it there to attend to business so i’ve had to use the Bus to get around today. Not a problem in the way your thinking, but more about the service itself. Bus no.1 late, Bus no 2, late, Bus no 3 (where were you?) and Bus no 4, detour to nowhere!

Let me first say I do about 20,000 miles a year and I rarely use public transport, not because I don’t want to but because, it sucks arse! If I had to rely on public transport to do my business I very quickly wouldn’t have a business.

I moved recently into a rural location and even though we have a bus route close by the frequency of the service leaves a lot to be desired and coming home I actually had to take an alternative route which dropped me over a two miles from home. Not a problem I can walk but the bus service to my house stops just after 6pm! Is demand so low or is there another reason why it stops so early?

The cost for me was also a WTF moment. You want how much for that journey, 瞿7 return. The train is only 瞿8.40 return and that takes 1/3 of the time.

Next time I’m going to walk back as its only marginally slower than the bus!

I am sure the service in non rural areas is better but if you have to put up with rural bus services then you have my admiration as I honestly couldn’t bit my lip enough not to say something about the quality of the service and the price. I haven’t been on a bus for over 18 years and I can say the service hasn’t improved in all these years.

Anyway here’s the classic video from The Inbetweeners.


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