C64 tunes which are rip offs of popular music

Following on from an interesting conversation on the Commodore 64 facebook group about Rob Hubbard ripping off Synergy – Ancestors for the Zoids game and this got me thinking about other C64 tunes which are rip offs of popular music from games during the 1980’s and early 90’s. Games I played in my youth and, cough, am still playing today.

So heres some titles along with Youtube videos of these tunes so you can hear the composition by the C64 composers beside the original composition.

If you know of anymore then let me know and I will add them here along with a credit, add your C64 tunes which are rip offs of popular music in the comments section below.

C64 tunes which are rip offs of popular music

Bomb Jack (in game by Mark Cooksey) – Magnetic fields 2 (Jean-Michel Jarre)

Daley Thompsons Decathlon (Loader by Martin Galway) – Rydeen (Yellow Magic Orchestra)

Zoids (Rob Hubbard) – Ancestors (Synergy)

Yie Ar Kung Fu (Martin Galway) – Magnetic Fields 4 (Jean-Michel Jarre)

Loco (Main Theme by Ben Daglish) – Equinoxe 5 (Jean-Michel Jarre)

Lazy Jones (David Whittaker) – 99 Red Balloons (Nena) & Fade to Grey (Visage)

Elite Loader (Rob Hubbard) – Living on Video (Trans-X)

Chain Reaction (Rob Hubbard) – Zoolook (Jean-Michel Jarre)

Android 2 (Ocean Software) – Oxygene IV (Jean-Michel Jarre)


If you know of anymore c64 tunes which are rip offs of popular music then please add them in the comments below and i’ll add them to the page with a acknowledgement.


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4 thoughts on “C64 tunes which are rip offs of popular music

  1. Always wondered if the music in Daley Thompsons Decathlon was a Martin Galway composition. I now know its not!

  2. excellent write up. I wonder what would have happened if Jarre had sued the first software studio to rip off one of his tunes?

  3. Rob Hubbard did not do Elite Loader, that was Mark Cooksey. In addition, the Lazy Jones music was licensed, so it wasn’t ripped off: they were authorised covers.

    Additional info on Rydeen: the reason Martin Galway covered Rydeen (unauthorised) was that it was featured in the Sega game Super Locomotive: and was the tune/game responsible for Martin becoming a game composer.

    Interestingly, when Super Locomotive was loosely ripped off for Loco by Tony Crowther, the Equinoxe cover by Ben Daglish (unauthorised) launched Ben’s career. So Super Locomotive was somewhat responsible for the careers of two major SID composers.

    I’d add here that some of Rob Hubbard’s covers (e.g. I-Ball, Chain Reaction) were done at the request of the software company. Rob had no problem doing this because he regarded the copyright as their problem. Such covers tended to be very close to the original. Things like Ancestors used the original as a jumping off point, but added entirely new sections and often changed the feel to the extent that less than 50% of the SID is attributable to the original. Same with Master of Magic/Shibbolet.

    People should google “SID Tune Information List”, since that text file contains more information like this than you could eat for breakfast.

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