Cant Sleep!

Its 5am and I’m wide awake
Went to bed, 1:30 am
Fell fast asleep
Since 3am, have been awake.

Can’t sleep now
my brain – it’s an ache
Eyes are tired
Want to close

My brain says no
So can’t even doze
Eyes so heavy
But they won’t close

It’s 5am now
I’m still wide awake
Turn over again
Thoughts keeping me awake

1 Million things
Going round in my head
Brains all an ache
Feel like i’m dead

Turn over once more
Clock now says it’s 6
But brain says no sleepies
And throws a million more thoughts, into the mix

Wake up you bastard
Screams my alarm clock
6:30 am its time to get up
Hammer the snooze button, Turn over once more

Brain says “sleep”
And 6:40, 6:50 and 7am go by
Turn off my alarm clock
Then try to arise

Turn over once more
Brains now quiet and calm
Only to wake up at 10:30
Like a shot in the arm

Overslept, I abruptly awake
Sleep bubble burst
Feeling so lazy
My brains now not awake

From counting sheep
Brain says turn over
Work says get up
May need a do over

I need an on/off switch
Or an endless alcohol cup
Today will be different
Tonight I’ll get tough

However brain thinks differently
At the end of the day
Let me sleep you bastard
I’m tired beyond belief

Even wrapped up in my bed sheets
Brings me no relief
3 am in the morning
And I’m wide awake

This day will be a long one
Damn my brains all an ache
It works at the wrong time
And I’m still awake

Can’t sleep in my own bed
Can’t sleep at my girls
Can’t sleep in a hotel room
Or even full of drugs

Thoughts in my head, a million more
Keep me awake all the time
Except when I should be
Then it’s silence, sleepy time.

Cant sleep, it’s making me ill
To the doctor’s did go
He gave me a pill
Side effects, bitter but they made me chill

Couple of days later
The cycle started again
First at 5, then earlier again
Can’t sleep

Hate not being able to sleep
Tried drugs, pills and alcohol
But nothing quite works
So now I get up

Write shitty poems
Like this
Saves having to get up
Can’t sleep and I hate it

I think I’ll give up!

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