Car + Woman + Mobile = Crazy

Car + Woman + Mobile = Crazy!

Today I have seen one of the most irresponsible parents I have ever seen.

Driving down the Silk Road in Macclesfield there is a Nissan Terrano several cars in front of me weaving in and out of the near side lane. The Silk Road in Macclesfield is a dual carriage way which links close to the town centre with town of Bollington for those who dont know.

Plus this Nissan is doing about 25mph in a 60mph zone so as you can imagine the traffic behind is trying its best to stay out of this cars way but overtake it at the same time.

Anyway, as we come to a roundabout which is about half way down the Silk road I get a chance to overtake but no the Nissan takes the shortest route across the roundabout from inside lane to inside of the roundabout to inside lane. Basically straight across!

Back on the other side of the Silk Road, I boot it and overtake, glancing over my shoulder as I pass I see a middle aged woman with 6 kids in the car. Now what could possibly be distracting the driver? The kids? Nope.

The woman is using her phone to send a text message.

Now call me a killjoy but this is so bloody dangerous, not to mention all the other cars on the road and the danger to them as she weaves from lane to lane BUT she has six kids in the car and it doesn’t look like there all hers!

So if you leave one of your friends to pick up your kids from school in a light blue 02 registration Nissan Terrano then give her a slap from me!

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