Car sales SCAM

I am writing this article about a car sales scam for those selling a car via autotrader or ebay having had several emails from interested buyers for my car from buyers overseas, I received this email from a concerned well wisher.

If your selling your car on Autotrader or the like then be aware of this.

DO NOT sell or negotiate selling your car with anyone from overseas!

There is a big scam going around, with certain countries (mainly Nigeria & Africa) expressing an urgent need to buy your car. They only want to scam you of your money THEY DRIVE ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE, WITH LEFT HAND DRIVE CARS!!) Do not fall for a sense of urgency from someone you do not know! DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR MOBILE/HOME TELEPHONE NUMBER – until you are sure the enquiry is genuine. NEVER GIVE OUT BANK DETAILS.

As an extra security measure this link will show you what country this enquiry originates from >> ADDRESS)

You can get the IP address even if they have used Hotmail or Yahoo by looking at the properties of the email message.

as they like to tell fibs.

They want to send you a cheque, if you agree they send you a cheque for more than the amount and put pressure on you to wire them the difference. The emails have more emphasis on payment, shipping and you sending them your phone number. If the message above has **** amongst the text this is a
good clue that they are scammers, we filter out words we know they use!. Also the spelling/grammer is crap with a mixture of capitals & lowercase .


Instead forward the email to the company offering the email i.e would be yahoo so take the and prefix abuse –

In the USA they will express clear the cheque, you then wire the money over the price of the car to his shipping agent, who will supposedly come to pick the car up & ship back.

The cheque is fake & bounces you are then in debt to the bank. In the UK they are using stolen cheques that get bounced when the original owner discovers the loss – or they have used genuine cheques but cancel them when you have sent them the money.

Deal only with people in your country that actually come to see the car. Ask yourself the simple question – why when there are so many cars all over the world would someone want to buy your car and then add ££££s to ship it overseas? – crazy this may be but people are getting stung to the tune of a few grand!

Please be warned is all I can say, Consult the link below for more information

P.S If you do think someone is genuine but wants to pay by cheque make sure it clears, do not wire them money – send them a cheque!

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