Caravans and Caravanning

Caravans, hmm.

Amusing though it may seem, but it is every Englishmans right to drag his home round the countryside behind his car and cause countless traffic jams for every other motorist to sit behind and enjoy.

Seriously though, my parents own a caravan, snigger! And the money that they have spent on it I can honestly say, that for me I can think of better things to spend the money on. I could probably go to Japan twice a year for 10 years with the money.

Okay, so their caravan is nice inside. But its the same as all caravans, it is a box on wheels! It might have its own shower and toilet, cooker and fridge but its still a box on wheels.

For me going on holiday is a nice relaxing experience for a week or two, somewhere warm, sat by a pool or the sea, drinking a nice cocktail or glass of beer. Arrival is only done by air, and driving anywhere, having to fetch my own water or empty my own toilet is definitely out of the question. Call me snob if you will!

I know that those who do, do the caravan thing, think it is a lifestyle choice and I can see the appeal, albeit from several thousand miles away, sitting on a beach, etc. If you´re not in to making long flights or perhaps your afraid of flying, then caravanning might be for you.

A caravan is yours; it’s an extension of your home. Whereever you go there are familiar things around you and if you don´t like the place you have stopped at, you can up sticks and move somewhere else.

Most people see the caravanner as a flat cap wearing, whippet fanciers but the truth is that most caravanners are people like you and me who like nothing better than to get away whenever and to where ever they can. Imagine being able to get away from the house for the weekend whilst being in surrounding that are your own.

So the big question is “Would I buy one of these caravans then?”

In a word “No way!”

I have seen caravans for sale at around the £15,000 mark and higher and unless you bought a second hand one then its an expensive choice. Plus all the other sundries you would have to buy. Tow bar, mirror extensions and the like.

I did do this for a while when I was a kid but it was in a trailer tent and I didn´t have a choice. Nearly the same but a tent.

If your stuck behind one of these people then don´t be in too much of a rush to get past, a caravan and car are long, up to 38 feet, and if your driving a caravan and there is a long queue behind you then pull over and let people past.

I can think of better ways to enjoy a holiday, even from my large tent, but each and every one to their own.


Update October 2012

Okay hands up, Yes it was me in a field in Cornwall in a Caravan. Ive just been on a 2 week holiday in a caravan lent to us by some of our friends.

Now I didnt have the full on caravan experience as we didnt have to tow it too and from the campsite, perhaps it was for the best as my car wouldnt have pulled it anyway.

My overall impression of living in a box for 2 weeks. Well theres a number of pros and cons. The pros are that it was great at night especially when the temperature fell to 8 degrees. It was also nice to have a cooker, microwave, fridge and 4 ring hob. Not to mention the toilet. However the cons were: it wasnt as big as our tent, you have to empty the bloody toilet and grey water, and it took as long to put up the awning as it does to put up my 8 man tunnel tent.

So would I do it again. Well yes and no. Yes in winter, no in summer.

Would I buy one, hell no. On a 350 mile journey to Cornwall I would arrive 2 hours earlier without a caravan, thats 2 hours Id miss off my holiday.


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