Card Readers

With removable media cards you may wish to buy a card reader for your PC. This device which plugs in to the USB port of your computer allows you to insert the memory card from your camera and access the card as if it was a drive on your computer. This lets you empty the memory card quickly to your PC. Quicker in most cases then by USB cable directly to the camera as it is accessing the memory card directly and not through an interface inside your camera.

Another option is a docking station. Much like a mobile phone cradle in your car. The camera sits in the cradle and is then connected to your PC via a cable. This allows you to download images straight from the camera.

There are many options available and this is one of the most important decisions about the camera you choose, after the image resolution (Megapixels) and the Zoom of the lens. There is no point buying a camera with 3 Megapixels, which only has a 4Mbyte-memory card. After 6 to 10 images you will have to empty the card. Not much use if you織re 6000 miles from your PC. Example the Minolta Dimage 7 comes with a 16Meg Compact Flash card. One image at high resolution and its full!

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