Chatterley Whitfield Colliery Heritage Day 16th September 2018

Once again I’ve had the pleasure of walking round the old Chatterley Whitfield Colliery at Chell near Stoke on Trent. This is the second time I’ve been round and this tour was part of the Heritage Open days which where ran throughout the area during September.

If you get the chance to go and walk round here then grab it as there are issues with the site and its owners which is making access increasingly difficult.

Pictures are in the order they were taken as shown around the site. Many thanks to our tour guides Nigel and Tony, great tour and really informative.

01.Coal Waggons Outside the Colliery
02.back of old baths house
03.Decayed Steam Pipe
04.Hesketh Power House
05.Hesketh Power House
06.Underground Coal Waggon
07.Front of Bath House
08.In we go, one by one
09.Inside the Map room
10.View through the Bath House door
11.Front of bath house
12.Entrance to underground
13.Turnstyle for Lamp house
14.Lamp House Office
15.The Lamp House Charging Room
16.The Chimney and Old Boiler house
17.The Chimney and Old Boiler house
18.The Chimney and Old Boiler house
19.The Chimney and Old Boiler house
20.Winstanley Shaft
21.Winstanley Shaft
22.Winstanley Shaft – Decay
23.Winstanley Shaft – Decay
24.Winstanley Shaft – Decay
25.Winding House
27.The Institute Shaft and Headgear
28.Platt Shaft and Headgear
29.The Old Fan House
30.The Old Fan House.
31.Hesketh Heapstead.
32.Hesketh Headgear.
33.Hesketh Winding engine house.
34.Hesketh Winding engine house.
35.Hesketh Winding engine house.
36.Platt Winding House.
37.Platt Winding House.
38.Door to a Store.
39.Upturned Mine Wagon.
40.Fitters Shop.
41.Fitters Shop Signage.
42.Hesketh Headgear.
43.Hesketh Winding House.
44.Hesketh Winding House.
45.Hesketh Winding House.
48.Overhead gantrys in decay.
49.Mechanical and Fitter workshop.
50.Railway cart.
51.Hesketh Winding House.
52.Hesketh Winding House.
53.Hesketh Winding House.
54.Hesketh Winding House.
55.Hesketh Winding House.
56.Hesketh Winding House.
57.Hesketh Winding headgear.
58.Pressure storage vessels.
59.Pressure storage vessels closeup.
60.Pressure storage vessels closeup.
61.Hesketh Winding Gear.
62.Hesketh Winding House and Heaptead.
63.Victorian Coal Miner.
64.Mine Signage.

Apologies if I have got the names of any of the buildings/locations wrong. Please contact me so I can correct them.

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