Colin McRae Gathering Convoy

Colin McRae Gathering convoy video

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This video of the colin mcrae gathering convoy was filmed on the 30th August 2008 as the Colin McRae gathering as it passed down the M6 past the Sandbach turn off. As you can see on the bridge in the distance there was a lot of people on most of the bridges down the M6. With 30 minutes to go before the convoy was due there was nobody stood with me on the bridge – by the time the convoy arrived I was one of about 30 people.

The cars came down the M6 in two groups, hence the jump at 9:50ish with around 350 cars in the two groups.

If anyone wants the full resolution video then please email me and we ll sort out a copy, its 140mbytes so not out of the realms of downloading.

The images here are about 90% of the vehicles attending the convoy, I was unable to take pictures of all cars due to the speed, and also the lanes the cars where in.

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