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Computers not working!

This is a real “Computers not working” call to a real IT support desk.

Help Desk: Ring Ring, “Hello help desk, What’s the nature of the problem?”

Customer: Its not working

HD: “Sigh! let me get my magic wand out along with my wizards hat!”

Cust: What?

HD: “What is the problem with your computer?”


HD: “Okay, obviously my magic hat and wand aren’t going to be enough to solve this mystery, let me see if I can read your mind or perhaps I should grab my crystal ball. Ommmm, I see lights in the distance but no one appears to be home! What is the computer doing or not doing?”

Cust: I told you, ITS NOT WORKING!!!

HD: “Have you turned it on?”

Cust: Of course I have, do you think I’m stupid?

HD: “Debatable!”

Cust: You’re not being very helpful, can you help me?

HD: “Well you haven’t actually told me what’s wrong with it yet!”


HD: “Sigh! When you go to the Doctors do you just walk in and say “I’m ill” and let the Doctor guess what’s wrong?”

Cust: No, what, what are you talking about?

HD: “That’s exactly what your asking me to do, w h a t  e x a c t l y  i s  y o u r  PC  d o i n g  w h i c h  i s  w r o n g?”

Cust: Its not a PC it a Laptop!

HD: “FFS! What exactly, in as much details as humanly possible is wrong with your computer other than “its not working?” Particulars, details, information please!”

Cust: Er, the pointer thing on the screen isn’t moving when I move my mouse

HD: “Finally. *sigh!”

And people wonder why IT support people are sarcastic and have little or no patience for any PC user!

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