Coronavirus diary, Day 15

Woke this morning with constant pain in my neck again. I need to crack my neck! Coronadiary self isolation, whatever, day bloody 15. It was a shitty one.

Was up with the larks and out the door first thing over to Monks Heath. Nobody there as I’m there to get a VPN/ remote desktop working as it got broke yesterday. Well actually someone shut the PC’s down after they stopped using them!

Next is over to Macclesfield to run a few errands, but mainly to pickup my office post.


Fought with the Lloyds banking app trying to pay a cheque in for half an hour. Soul destroying when it fails over and over.

Drive to Middlewich and this is where my day went down hill.

Had a phone call from my friends carer this afternoon. My friend who’s 86 had a fall in the night, not expected to make it. 😭

Cried a bit. Can’t handle this today. Called it a day. Went home.

Spoke to friends carer after tea!

Oh my god. News, not good 😭 he’s died this afternoon.

Cried a fucking river this evening as I’m struggling to cope with this so soon after the death of my dad.

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