Coronavirus self isolation – Day 10

Day 10, who’d have thought being at home for 10 days would be so uneventful, unappealing, unpleasant, etc..

It’s day 10. Yay! What we celebrating? Oh yeah! 

Spent all morning trying to deal with universal credit and speak to my business bank. Soul destroying at the best of times but got to be done. Outcome unknown at present. Business bank was as much use as a chocolate fire guard. “You are at queue position 56!”

Finished the wall. Well one side of it and it’s substancially stronger now with Me and Chris pushing 3 bags of sand and cement into the wall. No way we were pulling the wall apart as some of the stones in it must weigh 70-100kgs and before we’ve filled it with mortar the only thing holding it together was gravity.

Had a cracking walk today down to scholar green today and along the canal then back up the killer mile. How folk run up here I know not, took me about 35 minutes to walk up it.

Chris nearly got run over today by the DPD lady who drives the electric Nissan van round here. He had his ear phones in and was zoned out and she tried to slowly squeeze back. Chris gets a glimpse of the van and nearly jumped out of his skin. He laughed, the DPD lady laughed, we all laughed.

Spent the evening discussing addiction and how folk get off it. 


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