Coronavirus self isolation – Day 11

Got up and have to get back into a routine on day 11 of my cornonavirus Self isolation.

Got up, and immediately went out for a walk and have to start walking a bit more as well.

Since August I’ve lost 2 stone 11 pounds and I want to keep this off. I’ve worked hard with my diet and with my exercise over the past 6 months and I’ve lapsed in the past two week.

Today I walked down and round the village and then back over the rear of the castle and over to the Old Man of Mow. Bloody lovely scenery but chuffing cold out there.

Spent the morning holding a 40ft ladder while my mate, Chris, jumped about on the chimney again. Nutter!

Made Corned Beef hash for tea tonight. Was delicious but it usually is when I make it. lol.

Watched this new hospital built at the Excel centre in London and thinking wow, what an amazing effort. Big round of applause to all those involved in building this.

I am however, sad, that the new beds in these hospitals means that the government don’t think this is over by a long way. I think this self isolation will be going on for months.

Stay at Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives.

I’m looking at other countries statistics and can see it escalating before it gets better.

And are these rushed clinical trials going to lead to the zombie apocalypse in 28 days later.

Who knows, do we even care?

I cared so little I took my dog for a walk, before the zombie apocalypse.

Oh, look chocolate. Nom nom, night!


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