Coronavirus self isolation – day 12

After waking up with a bit of a sore head from all the sanbuca we drank last night amongst other things.

Went down to Scholar Green to the convenience store but alas it’s closed now and the cash machine had no money in so ended up at Tesco in Kidsgrove. Second week I’ve struggled to get money out. Lets not talk about paying cheques or money into the bank.

Roads were empty today. I am hating to think what its going to be like in a few weeks when people who haven’t driven, get back in their cars.

Had a chilled out day today, tidied up the house a bit, did some washing and then sat and wrote a bit, not this, did a few bits of photo editing and added a few bits of info to a clients website.

After tea me and Helen went for a walk round to the Old Man of Mow and watched the sun go down.

Coronavirus figures are still going up, deaths and infections are increasing. I hope that this changes in the new week. Please.

Engaged in conversation as to who’d make a better wife. Julia Bradbury or Rachel Riley. Chris says Julia, I say Rachel. To be fair any contact would be welcome at the moment. I have hugs waiting for the all clear.

Spoke to my mum today and suffice to say she is lonely. She’s lost her life partner of 45 years and then she’s pushed into self isolation for weeks. I worry about her at the moment.

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