Coronavirus self isolation – day 13

Awake at 2:33, can’t sleep.

Nothing in particular but the moon is bright tonight and I’ve sat for over an hour watching it from my bed.

Finally about 4 am I went downstairs watched telly for a little while. Don’t know why, but just felt really wired last night and couldn’t sleep.

Sleep again but I didn’t get up till 10 am which is the first time since the new year that I’ve actually laid in my own bed later than 8 a.m.

Now, day 13. I’ve self isolated and tommorow I’ll have done this for two weeks. That’s means I’m virus free right? Sadly, no. I’ve been in isolation for 14 days surely I can re-integrate with society? Sadly, no.

I could still have, still be carrying, still be infected, still spread Coronavirus to others. Or even catch the virus off others.

So, in isolation I stay. 😭

Spoke to Warwick this afternoon we had a good chinwag. I’m missing all of my Burnley buddies I’m really wanted to go and see everyone this weekend, but alas “Coronavirus!!!”. So, missed my event out on Friday in Leeds. cancelled! Which means no staying over, which means no socialising which I know ultimately leads to no Coronavirus for me. I’m sad in one respect but happy with the organisers decision. Still miss my mates though.

Called Kimmy today who was out walking her dog in central Manchester and the stuff she was showing me on WhatsApp has blown my mind. I’ve never seen it so quiet, even on Christmas day. Kim.says this past week the silence in her city centre apartment has been deafening! Be well Kim darling, I’ll see you soon. 😘

Walked the dog, that’s not a euphemism and bought milk again. I’m sure the bloke in the local store thinks I’ve got a milk addiction. Yes mate, it’s not milk I’m addicted to. It’s Tea!

I think this week I need to buy a fridge though, as I’m wasting milk everyday. Surprising how quick milk goes off when it’s not refrigerated.

Did a few admin task for work today day and moved a few email boxes for one of my clients. I was very surprised to find that one of my long-standing debtors has actually paid me so to celebrate I bought me and Helen a Chinese for tea.

Walked over to the old man of Mow this evening and let Chante off for a run for half an hour. I sat out of the way and watched the sun go down. Wasn’t that spectacular this evening as the sun disappeared behind the mist which was quite evident tonight.

Wrote quite a bit this evening about my dad’s death which I’m still coming to terms with. It’s just the speed it killed him. I still find the last few days haunting. Need a cry, bye!

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