Coronavirus self isolation – Day 14

Up with the larks today as have to go to work. Well that’s not strictly true, I could stay at home and go broke instead!

Lovely though, walking round the village at 7:30. I passed no one in the hour I was out this morning and saw no one driving either.

Breakfast and off to terminate about 200 cables in a clients new warehouse. It’s colder in here than it is outside but there is hardly anyone working here. That means the ability to self distance is great and I’ve spoken very fleetingly with the other trades in the building today.

Jobs been made easier by the electrician as he’s run all the cabling in, but alas, what makes my job easier with one hand, mystical powers take with the other. All the cables are in and they all lead back to a large server room but alas the electrician hasn’t labelled them so I have no idea which wire in the offices relates to the wire in the server room. Imagine one of those kids “which path” drawings with 200 cables. Oh well, thanks to Mr Electrician for the extra work.

Proper etiquette, Well, when I build networking racking that is. Is to have all the network point numbers in the office relate to sequentially numbered ports in the server room. So you can walk in to change a cable for port 21 in the office and know that port 21 in the server room in connected between ports 20 and 22 in the patch panel not between 38 and 40!

This is my form of OCD. It just makes life easier for whoever is looking after the cabinet once I’ve installed it and this rack will have about 400 ports on it by the end. So, even if that be yours truly or some other person,who probably won’t appreciate or understand my efforts.

This evening I sat on my newly repaired garden wall, out in the front garden and watched the sun go down tonight over Beeston Castle. Quite surreal as tonight there was a heavy red coloured (and yes, Americans you do spell it that way) mist and the silhouette of the mountains in the distance was awesome. Alas no photos as contrary to popular belief and constant ribbing from other, I do not have my phone with me 24/7 and I am not a selfie queen. Well, much.

Been pondering the Coronavirus figures today and with just over 400 deaths in the past 24 hours and nearly 4000 new confirmed cases and I really, really hope all my friends, past and present, and their families stay safe and nobody loses any loved ones. I can’t bare to think of loved ones passing because of Coronavirus. Stay safe folks! Please.

Stood outside for a little while, whilst my dog decided which bit of the garden she ultimately wanted to pee on. A process which some evenings takes a remarkably long time for such a little dog.

Sniff, sniff. Here?

No, sniff, sniff. Hmmm here?


The sky tonight is amazing. Loads of stars visible up here. WOW! Can’t wait for it to get a bit warmer so I can sit out all night and just look at the stars.

Night all.

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