Coronavirus self isolation – Day 4

Day 4 of our coronavirus self isolation and after seeing last nights self employment package I’d say I’m pretty much screwed as the owner of the business. Any staff will be taken care of by the state but after reading between the lines one of the criteria for approval I don’t meet! I will be applying for universal credit later and a coronavirus business loan.

Let’s not dwell on the negative, a positive today. I have to go to one of my favourite customers, which is Capesthorne Hall. I know there will be no staff there today day as I’m going to set up remote access on their office computers but I just like going there just a nice place to go and work and I understand fully why the people who do work there love working there. So I get to spend a few hours in the grounds of Capesthorne Hall.

Capesthorne Hall

Can’t believe how quiet it is on the roads today especially the back roads and even on the A34 I can I keep a steady speed. Perhaps it’s just as well as will I need every mile per gallon out of my fuel for the foreseeable future and as most of my friends will know I’m a bit of a miles per gallon bore. For those who are interested I managed 56 miles to the gallon today driving round on mainly flat roads.

56 miles per gallon

No money in the cash machine at scholar green, no money in the cash machine at Tesco in Kidsgrove! Went home with no money!

Home, tea, beer, bed!

Worrying times ahead.

Found a photo today which made me cry, from Blackpool in April!

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