Coronavirus self isolation – Day 7

Monday, or i think it is on day 7 of the coronavirus self isolation saga. “Coming soon to a street near you…. Coronavirus!!! In virus vision”

Seriously folks, what is going on? What is happening? Where did this virus come from? Roll the dice, are you gonna get it? What happens if i get it? Will i die?

Its a lot of infornation to take in and I spent most of the night reading stuff and watching videos on Youtube.

Better informed and tired I have thought long and hard about those who i care about and spent the afternoon speaking to family and friends. A few folk I want to phone but cant.

Had a few hours work today in Macclesfield so went to my office to collect mail. A few ebay items and a bill! So much for posting me a check ya bastards. If i survive this coronavirus pandemic some folk are getting their arses kicked into touch.

Fixed my clients VPN as they’d run out of licenses. Settings changed in routing and remote access and ports. Changed pptp under ports from 5 users to 25. Now you know!

Spent this afternoon writing a quote and doing more pointing. I take credit for the left hand side of the wall. Right hand side is the finishing touch put together by Chris.

Tea was a full english and afterwards we just sat there making groaning noises and breathing heavily. Love a full english but sometimes it too much.

Delightful walk round the village just before sunset. Sunset was shit but the red sky afterwards was right behind the welsh mountains.



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