Coronavirus Self Isolation – Day 8

Yay, in to our second week of xx* weeks of self isolation and I’m going fucking nuts.

* – insert own guesstimate of how many weeks we’re going to be sat at home.

I think I’m going nuts because I’m snatching all the work I can get which is 10 minutes here and there while worrying about bills, for the house and my business, as well as stuff to do at the house.

I’ve kind of said “bollocks” today and decided enough and just moved all the “stuff I need, but don’t need” into the loft.

Thankfully Chris and I, boarded out the loft out a few weeks back. Well I’m passed the boards to Chris and he screwed them down.

I’ve put a load of racking shelves in the left but the loft isn’t high enough to put them full height, as their 8ft tall. So, I’ve filled the loft with shelves. All the crap has been moved up to the loft so I have a bedroom now, not a space in a cupboard. lol

After weeks of it pissing it down it’s not rained for nearly 2 weeks, so as Chris has been pointing the chimney and we need it to rain to see if it’s water tight.  Tommorow, we’re going to take a hosepipe to it and see if it leaks! Yep. Leaks.

If all is well and we don’t have any leaks then we can start plaster boarding the back bedroom and hopefully a bedroom for Helen.

I’ve been on one and couldn’t stop talking today, much to my self isolation mates annoyance.

Phones .y best mate this evening I’ve talked his head off but, as always I end up laughing with Warwick.

Dog walked, old dear phoned, had tea, thought about what else is going on in the world which seems so unimportant, while stood watching the lack of car lights in the landscape and listened to how quiet it is.

Spoke to Ade. It appears the socialite has had his wings clipped and I feel sorry for him in a way in that his social life line has been pulled from under his feet. In a way were all experiencing this.

My mum has just lost her husband and here she is dumped on her own. I can’t go there and she can’t come here. I’m also beginning to wonder what happens if this goes on longer than a few months.

It feels surreal now, but in a few months will everyone be as polite and happy? One hopes so!

Seems some places are already socially sectioning themselves with small villages putting up signs along the lines of “non locals go home” I saw some last week on my travels and a friend has mentioned they’d seen such signs today.

On a another note I can see all four walls of my bedroom.


Here’s a picture of my dog drooling.

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