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Creative writing has not been until recently, my thing. If you’d had said to me 12 months ago, how are your creative writing skills? I would have told you “None Existent!”

All through my life my English skills have been, er! Inadequate!

Yes, Inadequate. Would be a good word for it. At school I was a bit of a geek in all subjects apart from English. For me it was like torture every single lesson I attended. My spelling was appaulling, grammar was horrendous and punctuation desperately bad. Even my reading wasn´t the best and the humiliation of reading out loud didnt make me get any better.

As my English teacher, wasnt very good. This didnt help. English was the lowest score I got when I took my O levels.

I put this down to being gifted in Mathematics and the Sciences, you cant be good at everything! Oh! How wrong was I.

In 1999, I decided to start learning again and do a degree at the Open University; this is where I started writing again.

During the course I had to write several long essays and this is where my writing skills started to improve vastly. If you look at the page created date at the bottom of each page after youve read my stuff youll notice that my grammer, spelling and punctuation have got better over time.

During this course, myself and other members of the course where encouraged to swap bits of articles/essays we had written between us and you´ll be surprised at how fast you learn when the people your working with pick your mistakes up and correct you all the time. At first it was embarrassing but as time went on I improved and I was corrected less and less.

I since have a newfound passion for writing as I get feedback on what I write almost instantly. This for me is the most important thing about writing anything. Remember when you where at school and your teacher would mark your essays with a grade! Why didnt they put “F, This was very poor young man, it lacked content, the spelling was appaling, punctuation was non-existent and grammar was very poor indeed” At least I would have know what was wrong. But then again it would take the teachers a long time to mark all the kids books like this. Never mind!

I would like to say that my English has steadily improved, I would say however that I still have lapses in concentration and need to be told to ‘proof read´ my work. This is fine however, as at least my work is being read.

I do enjoy writing now, as I feel my work is sometimes appreciated and often criticized. This doesnt put me off but makes my next typing frenzy at the keyboard more productive. Hey, if youve read some of my work then youll know how carried away or how in depth I have gone on some of the subjects I have written about.

For me though its not only about the words I put down but the information I am passing onto others. I feel I have so much to give and that the information stored inside my head is best written and shared with others than kept to myself. I just hope that I can express this in a creative manner which everyone can understand.

Cheers for reading this and my other work, your comments are always read and appreciated.

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