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A Guide to Digital Cameras/Photography
Since I originally wrote this I have updated it several times as new things have arrived on the market and old things have become obsolete. If you have any information which you think I should look at and add to this then please contact me at

First of all a little bit about why I like photography.

I became interested in photography about 5 years ago on a trip to the Cumbria. I was watching the Japanese tourists on the ferry from Lakeside to Bowness.

I was intrigued as to why they took so many pictures in such a short time. My wife explained that the Japanese have a philosophy that a picture is a snap shot of time and it is very unlikely that you will see the same things in exactly the same situation again. Also, that most Japanese people take lots of pictures, as they are unlikely to visit the same place twice and it´s a bit of a kudos thing as well. Like “Oh! Here is a picture of wherever, I´ve been there”.

I really like this philosophy but have my own ideas as well. Photography is not only a snap shot of time but when viewed at a later time, helps you to remember your time there and will bring back memories and emotions from the time you where there. Photography is also an art to be shared with others.

I mainly use a digital camera, this is for lots of reasons.

The first is the cost.

When I first saw a digital camera in 1995, I though! “That´s an absolutely brilliant way of taking pictures”. You can take pictures, wherever, whenever and whatever (just like a real camera, I know), but you don´t have to wait for the images to be developed, or pay development costs. If I had taken as many images using a conventional camera as I have as with my Digital Cameras I would have spent almost £5000 on film and processing.

Instead you can just download the images to your PC!

Okay, the first digital camera I used wasn´t brilliant quality (a Kodak DC30) but it did produce images very quickly. This I feel is the biggest advantage to a digital camera. Being able to take a picture and do whatever you want almost immediately. i.e.: email to a friend/colleague, etc…

The flexibility of digital photography, being able to take pictures whenever and whereever I like without worrying about cost, being able to view and delete an image if its not right and not having to worry about if I ll run out of film. I have an 8, 32, 96mbyte and 1 Gigabyte memory card and can take about 600 images before having to empty these. That´s a lot of photography.

I do own a normal SLR Camera. I have a Nikon N80 but don´t find it a practical camera for everyday use, I also own a Canon IXUS which is an excellent everyday camera due to its size and the fact its an APS camera giving panorama shots as well. Most times my digital Camera and my APS go out with me as they are both quite small and easy to carry.

If you want to purchase a digital camera then here´s a quick overview of how a digital camera works and the terminology used. Please note I am not going to go into great detail about the technical bits of the camera, because after reading great chunks of information I still don´t understand enough to write anything that anyone would understand.

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