Domain name renewal scams!

Do you own a .com domain name? Then you need to be aware of these domain name renewal scams.

If you get an email from the Domain SEO Service Registration Corp then this is more than likely a way to get you to part from your money, see the image below.

No one but your domain name registrant should be asking your for money relating to your domain name. Period!

In the past few weeks I have received several of these so called renewal notices for .com and .net domain names.

If you receive one of these you should contact your domain name host or at the very least check with when you domain name is due for renewal with Domain tools:

I have seen this type of scam before and with the Domain Registry of America also asking you to renew your domain name with them usually months before its actually due for renewal, again the link to domain tools will tell you when this actually is.

If you receive any emails asking to renew your domain names in dollars especially if your in the UK then be concerned and don’t pay them. Your domain will only expire when its due to expire.

Again contact who you purchased or who hosts your domain name and get the renewal date off them as they should email you 60 days before the domain is due for renewal with a 60 days notice, then a invoice 30 days before expiry.


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