Why I dream the Cornish dream

The beach at Porthcurno on a glorious mid winters day - Cornish dreamI absolutely love Cornwall and I dream the Cornish Dream.

Over the past 25 years I’ve been going to Cornwall up to three times a year on holiday and have spent extended periods there both working and holidaying.

What really attracts me to Cornwall is not just the beauty of the place and by beauty I don’t just mean the ancient mining history or beautiful beaches but just the general Cornish way of life. The Cornish life really, for me, is something to strive to. Most of the towns in Cornwall still have village fetes, celebrate local events and the like where the village or town get involved and all comers are made to feel welcome. In 2014 and 2015 Penzance held “Pirates on the Prom” events where the whole town dressed up as pirates to try to beat the world record for most pirates in one place at a time and recently we have had the Man Engine touring Cornwall, a 10m high Cornish Miner puppet to celebrate the UNESCO heritage status of the county. The Cornish and I mean true Cornish people are amazing people. I have lived in quite a few places in this country and overseas and the only place I would say the only place that’s more friendly than Cornwall is my home county of Lancashire. As I’ve been down there so much over the past 25 years I have amassed some really true friends down in Cornwall, not holiday friends. Keep in touch, stay at each others houses, share you stuff. Friends.

Kynance Cove - Cornish dreamAlso on a number of occasions I have been on holiday to Cornwall in early June and didn’t returned to Cheshire until early November. I stayed in a tent for six months over one of the best summers I’ve ever had in 2011. Great weather, Great location, great company. Not just the people on the campsite where we were staying but also the locals and the towns folk of Pendeen, St Just and Penzance. Needless to say when it was time to come home I was not very happy. (With my job I can pretty much work anywhere and I do have to return to Macclesfield it’s only a short flights from Newquay to Manchester airport and short hire car drive back to my home.)

So, why do you want to live the Cornish Dream and what keeps attracting you to Cornwall?

First of all just let me say I love Great Britain, the British people and the stunningly beautiful places throughout the UK. The beautiful open moorlands of the Yorkshire Dales, The rugged Northumbrian coast, the stunning views over the Cheshire plains from the Derbyshire peaks. Even our beautiful cities full of heritage and stunning architecture; I just absolutely love the place and this is one of the reasons why i don’t go abroad much. However Cornwall pulls me back time and time again and when I’m not there I dream Cornish dreams.

Now some might say I go to Cornwall for the weather, well it rains in Cornwall but it is a warmer rain than we get up North. In Macclesfield a few years ago we had  -17C, which unless you live north of Aberdeen is very cold. I don’t particularly like very cold weather as you get older the likelihood of me wanting to be somewhere cold gets even less and – 17 C really is too much to handle.

St Michael Mount - Cornish dreamNot saying Cornwall’s a tropical paradise, well it does have palm trees, but a few years ago I was sat at the Lizard Point at the cafe there on New Year’s Day after a dog walk having a cream tea and I got sunburnt! on New Year’s Day!! The very same day I spoke to my mother who lives in North Manchester and she said it was snowing. No, I’ll take sunburn on New Year’s Day over snow on New Year’s Day anytime. So the weather for me is a big factor even when it rains its still warm enough to walk round in shorts even if you need a coat you can still get away with shorts pretty much 365 days of the year. One of my friends lives down there and the only time he actually wears trousers is when he goes to work, the rest of the year – shorts, even Christmas Day. They say that clothes maketh the man. This may be true in London but life’s too short to give a hoot about fancy trousers and jackets in Cornwall.

levant-mineThe Spanish have a saying, “mañana” which means tomorrow and I know we all joke about this famous Spanish saying. The Cornish have a similar word “Dreckly” as in “I’ll be there Dreckly“. Which means pretty much the same as mañana but Dreckly means when I get there, I get there. So if call a plumber in Cornwall and he says that he will be there Dreckly, he means he’ll be there when he gets there maybe tomorrow/maybe not tomorrow. He might be a week or month, two months, directly, when I get there!

One thing I can’t explain to anyone fully is the place makes me fizz inside, I feel great when I’m there, like my internal battery is at 100%. Maybe it’s the arsenic in the water or the radon in the air, I don’t know what it is but I crave it. Not crazy but I’m sure you know the feeling.

I took the decision to try to find a house and move to Cornwall. I sold the house in Macclesfield and attempted to buy a house in Newlyn but things fell through at the last minute. 🙁

I’m still visiting, I’m still looking and still want to move there. I still want the Cornish dream.

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4 thoughts on “Why I dream the Cornish dream

  1. I agree, we first visited cornwall 5 years ago when my beautiful daughter was eight months old {her first holiday/ short break} so 2011, couldn’t believe how relaxed it felt tumbling down the a30 heading to quintrell downs near newquay, stayed at hendra, wow lovely pristine site happy child, happy wife, so happy life. Travelled around area and found charming happy humble people in an amazingly beautiful unspoilt oasis even though the weather was poor what a great relaxing, happy,enjoyable time we had, we go to cornwall at least twice a year now when it’s affordable because kids summer holiday time prices scandalous, but how can you fault packing wet weather gear for a 5 day break at end of september and you wear t-shirt, shorts and slides and get sunburnt. I would love to live there as i work in a hostile enviroment where folk are driven by power, lying meglamaniacs, how i long for the honest humble cornish dream!!!!!, help please!.

  2. Great article mike. Stumbled across your site while researching a move to Cornwall myself and I agree with pretty much everything you said. Personally looking to move to around St Austell.

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