Drop out or carry on regardless

All my adult life I have thought there is something missing in my life and now as a 40 something year old I finally know what it is and need to make a decision whether to drop out or carry on regardless.

That thing I desire is not money, its not a big house, its not the desire for children, its not even that fancy car. I have all those but I still feel there is still something missing from my life.

I work hard for myself and business is okay, could be better but I don’t think this would make me more happy. I have a nice house, a nice car and great friends but I’d give it all up for one thing.

True happiness, happiness that you can only get by fulfilling you one desire in life and mines to travel the world, to walk the earth, Sail the sea, swim the rivers just be as free as a bird and not have to worry about money. The kind of happy you’d get from having no worries, no need to fulfill a daily task other than your basic functions and being able to do what you desire and not what your bank balance dictates.

I’ve never understood why people with lots of money want more money. Like having more millions more money makes life better. What difference does it make if you have 20 million in the bank or 30 million. Does amassing more and more money make you happier? I don’t feel happier if I have £100 or £1 so the point of this is? Someone please tell me! A difference between £5 and £500,000 is a life changer but after that I fail to see a difference as if someone gave me £500k tommorow it would last me the rest of my life. (Cheques or donations greatfully received)

Many years ago I had a long chat with my late uncle who had never married, never had kids, never changed job and never lived anywhere except the town he was born in and he said something I dismissed at the time but the older I get the more it resonates around in my head. “I’ve never found anything outside of what I have which makes me any happier than what I am”. Profound? RIP uncle Keith.

So, Drop out or carry on regardless in the rat race trying to achieve happiness by working myself to oblivion or do I change for a simpler life doing what I desire?

I suppose if you’re a celebrity or got on the money train you milk it for all its worth but me I’d rather be happy out walking my dogs or living in a camper van photographing the world.

Drop out or carry on regardless?

Alas though to live in this society takes cold hard cash and you can’t buy food with hopes and aspirations but if you know how tell me? Its back to the rat race and trying to earn more but work less.

Maybe I’ll revisit this post in the future, maybe I’ll find how to drop out of society. Maybe I’ll win the lottery and maybe if I’m lucky my head will turn into a money tree and I can be self sufficient for eternity.

Righto, off for a walk?

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2 thoughts on “Drop out or carry on regardless

  1. A great man once sung:
    “You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will be as one”
    Any chance I can come with you?

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