Dunure Castle and Dunure Harbour

I came across Dunure Castle while walking the Ayrshire coastal path in 2016.

Dunure Castle is located on a cliff top close to the sea near the village of Dunure in South Ayrshire. The castle is but a mere shell of its former glory and is not much more than a pile of stones. Built by the Clan Kennedy in the 13th century and in use until the 17th century from where most of the remains are dated.

The castle itself looks out to sea and stands proud over the harbour which is closeby.

Dunure castle is located in Kennedy Park which also has parking for the castle and some visitor facilities.

The castle is well worth a visit if you are in the area as is the harbour which is close by and shown below.

The Labyrinth in the castle photos is called Dunure Labyrinth and was constructed by Andy Guthrie and with the help of the village and community council.

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