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My Dyson DC39 review

This is my Dyson DC39 review and let me start by saying I don’t normally review household items as my forte is reviewing cars, but here goes.

On initially purchasing the Dyson DC39 and removing it from the box this vacuum cleaner looks a sporty little number with its sliver grey bodywork accentuated with purple and yellow plastics with a clear dirt compartment. However with its one big ball type wheel on the front end and two tiny little rear wheels this vacuum is definitely showing undertones of the Reliant Robin.

After self-assembly I now realise the smaller wheels are actually front wheels and the large ball is the rear wheel thus making it more like the Morgan three wheeler and funnily enough having driven the Dyson DC39 around my living room it falls over in the corners when pushed hard just like the real Reliant Robin and Morgan three wheeler. If you attempt to corner round the sofa at speed or use aggressive movements steering hose, the DC39 will jack knife at the drop of a hat and on my initial test drive mine spent more time on its side or roof than on its wheels. Only through careful driving can you safely corner without incident. I am sure this could be rectified by possibly fitting larger wheels and perhaps adjusting the camber a few degrees to give a more aggressive stance. It might also benefit with some sticky rubber to compliment those larger wheels.

The styling of the Dyson compared to the previous Dyson DC08 model I owned, is much more streamlined with the tool holder moving to the hose attachment, new more aerodynamic (and in my opinion harder to use) buttons, new hose attachment buttons and a redesigned collection bucket which now incorporates an easy to empty button and trap door. However the first time I used this it dumped the contents all over my trousers but that’s my own fault as I should have read the manual (I’m a man so I didn’t) but the test drive was far too exciting to warrant reading that.

The Dyson DC39 has much more power than my previous machine but power is nothing without control. The power to remove dirt and dog hairs on my carpet would be great but the vacuum head seems to lack grip and doesn’t seem to remove hair from my carpet and as you push on with your cleaning the ball of hair your trying to pick up gets bigger on the carpet and the vacuums inability to gain traction of the hair and other detritus gets increasingly frustrating and you have to use a little lift off oversteer to persuade the power to gain traction and clean up your carpet.

I personally found the lack of traction annoying after a while and had to remove the vacuum head and use the pipe on its own to collect the sweepings from the vacuum head irrespective of the settings used. These range from min to max on a red slider built into the vacuum head. In use on the deeper pile carpet in my living room the max power settings actually prevented me from gaining any momentum and progress round the front room was slowed to a crawl as the vacuum power was too great and the head ended up stuck in the shag pile.

However if you take the vacuum off piste on to a laminate or stone floor it behaves wonderfully and all that power suddenly makes sense as traction on particles is a plenty and dirt is removed from the floor quickly and with consummate ease.

Dyson DC39 review summary

To sum up I am disappointed with the Dyson DC39’s on carpet abilities and with its constant propensity to rollover when cornering hard. Its shortcomings however are redeemed off carpet with great power delivery and handling abilities on hard flooring or shallow pile carpets. The length of the device pole give good reach and are small enough to fit behind sofa’s or reach high up to dust cobwebs from ceilings. I wont be leaving it in my home as on my deep pile carpets its virtually unusable so have bought a new house for my aging DC08 and replaced the office vacuum with the DC39.

Competitively priced in the Low to Middle range of the vacuum market sector the Dyson DC39 will appeal to a wide range of home owners and self-conscious cleaners and is available in high street stores or online now for around £200.


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2 thoughts on “My Dyson DC39 review

  1. Does it really not pick up fluff off the carpet? I was looking at buying one of these but kinda put off now.

    1. The standard head is shit. Sorry no other word for it, so bought a replacement which has brushes in it and it works brilliantly but it cost me another £60!

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