Cookie Law

The EU has passed a “cookie law” which says websites must display a “Message” to its users warning them that the website they are viewing uses “Cookies” or small bits of text which are stored on your computers when you visit a website.

Basically most websites use cookies and this website is no different. As this website has adverts, the cookies stored on your computer from this website relate to the google advertisements displayed on this website. We also use Google analytics to track the hits on this website. If you send us messages from our website, leave comments or register as a user another cookie will be issued incase you decide to come back again.

If you don’t agree with our cookie policy then please leave now or put your comment below, but this will leave a cookie on your computer!

2 thoughts on “Cookie Law

    1. Privacy Invasion?

      Its a web page not a Body Cavity Search!

      Oh well. No sleep lost over you or your bad spelling and grammer. If you’re really that worried about privacy then might I suggest the library for your information not a web search?

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