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Firstly let me say, this is not and endorsement of as other broadband speed checkers are available but this is an article on how to get consistant resultson (Consistant results speedtest net)results using the Apple or Android app from Ookla.

First off, the standard speed test will pick what it terms as “the best server” which isn’t always the best server. I have been putting a quite complicated wifi access system into a large building over the past.couple of days and while using the speedtest app I have seen a massive fluctuation in reported speeds using this app. One minute I get 50 mbps and 10 minutes later 0.03 mbps. A massive difference and one which led us to believe, quite wrongly, that there was an equipment issue.

To get round this we set the server we were running the tests through to use the same server each time which gave consistency to our results.

Here’s how to lock the server to a preferred server.

First go to settings. The settings tab is highlighted below.


Once in the setting section you need to select a server, this is done by clicking on the change server button.


One in the change server page you can select from a list of servers, I recommend you pick the closest to the place your testing, especially if your running repeated tests (say to see if your broadband has issues)


That’s it your now ready to perform a test.



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One thought on “Get Consistant results speedtest net

  1. Good bit of information and makes the app work quicker, once i’ve selected a server the app still says “Selected best server” but then uses the one i’ve selected.

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