Get me a job in Shropshire

You know I’ve lived near Whitchurch for a week now and I need to get me a job in Shropshire because I love it.

At first I couldn’t get my head around life in Shropshire as id taken my small town mentality to the countryside and it what happened here blew my mind. All the trivial stuff you carry in your head when you live in a town, the stuff you don’t even think about until there not there all come to the forefront and your brain rejects what it sees as difficult to understand. The trivial stuff I’m talking about are things like no footpaths, a 12 mile round trip for milk, no local pubs within walking distance and slow broadband, stuff we all take for granted in towns.

For me the thing I couldn’t get my head round was walking, or indeed cycling in a secure place at the side of the road as most of the country lanes round here are only just wide enough to get two vehicles side by side and some are single track lanes. So I go for a walk and all the time I am looking over my shoulder and my ears are on high alert. Now almost a week later my brain has coped with this and mercifully you don’t need footpaths on roads where you may only see a dozen vehicles all day long and because there so narrow most people slow down as they pass you anyway. Also I can let me dogs off their leads on these roads and not have to worry about them. The other good thing is that any vehicles coming down the road your in and you can hear them.

Cycling is also a joy round here and in a week I’ve racked up the miles, there lots of cycle lanes and also the side lanes off the A roads are usually nearly empty. I did 12 miles yesterday and passed 2 cars.

With regard to the pub, in Macclesfield I’d walk maybe 2 miles each way to the pub but could have gone in plenty within 200m of my house, round here the return trip to pub is 9 miles. Maybe best saved for a walk at weekend.

So someone give me a job in Whitchurch or Market Drayton or even Shrewsbury. I’m a talented ICT engineer with 25 years in the industry.

I want to live round here. Its a beautiful part of the country and if I cant have Cornwall I’d be perfectly happy to see out my days around here as I’ve never felt so good for years.

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