stop calling everyone Guys!

Please Stop calling everyone Guys! What is it with the service industry calling people “Guys”? When did it become in our common language to call everybody “Guys”?

What the hell am I talking about you’re asking?

I’m talking about whenever you go anywhere and the staff or door man call everyone “guys”even groups of women!

“What can I get you guys?”, “You okay guys?”, “Thanks for visiting guys”, “See you again guys”

Stop it!

Does my missus look like a guy? Does my mum look like a guy? Do my female friends look like guys?


guy noun (MAN)

​A2 [ C ] informal a man:

He’s a really nice guy.

guys B1 [ plural ] mainly us

used to address a group of people of either sex:

Come on, you guys, let’s go.


Where does this come from? Is this another americanism that’s crossed the Atlantic and is about to force itself into the English language?

Must say I’m not a big fan of being called “guys” as it just seems questionably wrong. If it’s an americanism stop it, last time I checked in the UK we’re not American.

What’s wrong with saying “Thanks for visiting”, “Thank you for your custom” or just even “See you again”?

I know I’m not on my own on this as quite a few people I was out with at weekend so hate being called guys, especially my women friends. I know some staff aren’t happy calling folk “Guys” either but have to as its in their job description or are forced to by management.

Personally, I think its not right! Eapecially when it comes to groups of ladies but what do i know? What do you all think?

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One thought on “stop calling everyone Guys!

  1. Its repetition and the fact you can’t control it is causing you to get annoyed.

    I think you should listen, ignore it and move on in life. As is the case for most things in this world.

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