HI displayed on Mercedes A-class

What does HI mean on my Mercedes A-class dashboard? I am getting hi displayed on Mercedes a-class

I get a number of people ask me this question each week asking me the same thing so best to make a page and perhaps then you’ll stop asking me the same thing over and over again. What is hi displayed on my Mercedes a-class dashboard, why does my a-class display hi on the dash, what does hi mean on my Mercedes a-class display?

Hi displayed on Mercedes A-class dashboard?

The HI reading is there to tell you there is too much oil in the engine, if you open the engine bay and take out the dip stick then if the reading is HI then there is usually too much oil in the engine.

I am commonly asked this by people who have recently had their vehicles serviced or an oil change.

HOWEVER…… this is not always the case and can be a faulty sender unit, but this is very rare.

If you getting a HI reading then open the bonnet and check the oil levels and if there is too much in then return the car to the place of service.

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