Sat here, all alone, on my own
Thoughts in my head make me wish I was dead
The pain is unbearable, it hurts me to think
Maybe I need some drugs or a drink

Fucked up my life, yet once again
And me and my dog are homeless once more
Not for the first time, in the past 2 years
But this time I’m struggling to see through the tears

Never meant to hurt others, but have done so, so bad
But my own heart is heavy, its rather quite sad
I lied to my best mate, my lover, my friend
And metaphorically kicked her again and again

I’m bad to the core, I don’t know why
Excuse me a moment I need to cry
I look at my life and what I’ve become, its pretty pathetic
Don’t want to look at myself any more

I’m sat here all alone, not in a happy place
Fucked up things big time, my life, it stinks
Trying to find somewhere for me and my dog to live
But everywhere I run to, no room for my friend

Thank goodness for hotels, Air BNB and the like
Soulless boxes, somewhere to sleep the night
I’ve slept in my car, just me and my dog
Minus 1 outside so froze like a log

Alienated myself from all of my friends
to go be with women, I should have treated like queens
Life’s not like roses, but I gave them daisy’s
I’ve been lazy, and stupid and crazy.

So, I’m on my own, my life seems so hazy
Homeless for now, just me plus my dog
A home I must find before my sanity suffers
Hotel for the night, not the skids or the buffers

Angry at first, thought I’d just been wronged
But now I see clearly, they were right all along
Never again will I trust, anyone else
For now on its me, on my own, no one else


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