Honshu, main island of Japan, Home to Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Mt Fuji

Honshu is the main island of Japan and is home to the majority of the population of Japan.

Honshu is also home to the main cities of Japan, these being Tokyo, Osaka, HiroshimaKyoto, Nagoya and Yokohama.

Honshu island is separated into several regions; these are Tohuku, of which Sendai is the main city, Kanto, home to Tokyo and Yokohama. Chubu region is home to Mt Fuji, Nagoya and Kanazawa. Kinki region contains Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe and the final Honshu region is Chugoku, which is home to Okayama and Hiroshima.

Map of Honshu

Also on the island of Honshu is Mt Fuji, who´s beauty has to be seen to be believed. Its fairly difficult to get to the mountain itself but the views from there are superb. The surrounding area is also stunningly beautiful as it is a very undeveloped region of Japan. If you have to walk to the top I would recommend a sturdy but comfortable pair of shoes or boots and lots of layers of clothing which you can add one by one on the way up as it is cold at the top. Even in summer there is snow on top as its 3,776 meters high, Japan´s highest point. Also take one of the guided tours as well as its a mountain and easy to get lost.

If you visit the Mt Fuji area then you must go to the Itchiku Kubota Art Museum. I can heartly recommend this. Itchiku Kubota is an artist and he puts his art on to Kimonos. In a kind of tie dye called “Itchiku Tsujigahana” Truly amazing. Have a look at his web site, its in Japanese but you don´t need to read Japanese to look at the pictures! If you want to visit, take the bus route which passes round Lake Kawaguchi.

Tokyo Tokyo is the capital of Japan and perhaps the most western city in Japan. For me Tokyo is not a true representation of Japan, more like a big neon sign lit playground. This city doesn´t seem to sleep and there is always something going on and the shops never seem to shut.

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Osaka Osaka is perhaps Japanese second largest city. If viewed from the top of Roku Mountain the view of the city is immence, especially at night. As with Tokyo, Osaka is a modern city but unlike Toyko is not as westernised.

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Kyoto Another place to visit on Honshu is Kyoto which was the old capital of Japan and is the cultural home land of the Japanese temple, many of which are centuries old, having escaped the bombing of Japan during the war.

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Hiroshima Yet another place of note to visit on Honshu is Hiroshima, the place where the Americans dropped the first Atomic Bomb at the end of the second world war. Although completely rebuilt now the city does still bare some scars of this event and if you´re visiting Hiroshima you must visit the peace museum which is close to the center of the A-Bomb site. Just follow the signs for Peace memorial and the museum is close by.

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